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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by MSluiter, Jun 24, 2012.

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    What is the point of the Delta-2 Civ mission in Alpha Company? I could have sworn I saw something in the change log or somewhere a while back that you were supposed to be able to send them to Delta-1 and they counted as part of LOM.

    I tried this out and you can’t send them to Delta-1 or save them anywhere that I know of. What is the point of these civs? Shouldn’t you be able to escort them somewhere?
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    It used to be that you could trigger the mission whenever and 6 minutes later the civs wherever they were would count towards your Civs saved and disappear.

    It was changed so that you need to send them to Delta-1 now in order to save them. However, the problem with that is, that the hex for Delta-1 is only active for a specified amount of time, which is once route A/B submission has been completed and before IVAX spawns.

    In order to save them thus, you ideally should trigger it after Cerberus (you might find it impossible to keep them alive during gas otherwise) or after the submission if you send a smaller team to get them while the main team goes to Nagakawa Bay.

    Their primary purpose is to allow you LoM should you let more than 2 civs die from the Bay.
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    The civ rescue in Apollo Sec doesn’t seem to work either :-/
    It says: “Bring any survivors we find to Delta-1” I tried to bring my civs from Apollo to the hexes at Delta-1, but they would not “rescue.”

    Neither the Delta-2 civ rescue nor the Apollo sec civ rescue seems to be very well designed. Can we please get it so that they can be brought to Delta-1 and rescued at any point?

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