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  1. DarthCaedus

    DarthCaedus Member

    Researcher Log: Dr. Jesse Arrins, Monday September 23.

    Today we have been examining the corpses of several mutations recovered from the recent Apollo incident, today's subject, the mutated marine known only as Deimos.

    The subject appears to be made up of the collected biomass of several local fauna and fellow marines, this allowed him to dispense miniature copies of himself to help destroy his enemies, as well as provide additional mass with which to absorb enemy gunfire. His weapon appears to be a turret ripped from an ATV, and then assimilated into the left arm.

    Researcher Log: Dr. Jesse Arrins, Tuesday September 24.

    We recently dissected Deimos' head, and found a functional brain, human, but mutated by the infestation. It received heavy damage from the Security teams gunfire, but we hope to be able to salvage something from it.

    Researcher Log: Dr. Jesse Arrins, Wednesday September 25.

    I've accessed the brains memories, and may have found the original soldier who was infested.

    T-minus 12 hours to infestation: Wake up, so tired, must wake up, on duty in an hour, ugh, shut off that damn alarm.

    T-minus 11.5 hours to infestation: Much better. Honey, I'm off to work. Yeah, love you do. Ok, see you when i get home.

    This is amazing, I have to report this to my superiors.

    Researcher Log: Dr. Jesse Arrins, Thursday September 26.
    Everyone was ecstatic to hear about my discovery, however, no one else was able to make a connection to his brain, some psychiatric like-minded bullshit.

    T-minus 11 hours to infestation: Name: Lawrence, Rank: Sergeant, Serial Number: 165234853. I see Sheng finally got that pool table he wanted, good to know the boys have some recreation.

    T-minus 10 hours to infestation: These compliance nexus' need too many updates, oh well, as long as it keeps us safer. Update seems to have made them quieter, good.

    T-minus 9 hours to infestation: James seems a little irritable today, and Eiríkur threatened violence, the complilance nexuses are supposed to stop this.

    T-minus 8 hours to infestation: Something is wrong here, Kulap showed up leading a group of coworkers demanding more rights, saying how unfair it was living there on nothing but stale food, I explained to them how difficult it was to ship food, but even so, I almost had to pull out my pistol.

    Supervisor note: Dr. Arrins has been relieved of his position for suspected terrorist activities, Dr. Yves was found to be a suitable replacement for him, and will continue investigating the memories of the Deimos creature.

    Researcher Log: Dr. Gerald Yves Saturday September 27

    They brought me in to observe the memories of one of the mutations from Apollo, such a tragedy. I heard it drove the last researcher insane, I hope I survive.

    T-Minus 7 hours to infestation: Doctor Tanaka seems worried. He keeps asking how i feel, any pain, stuff falling off/out. Is there some illness I should be think about.

    T-minus 6 hours to infestation: Several of the boys appear to be getting sick, complaining about "bulging pain". I sent them to the medic, I hope we don't have a pandemic.

    T-minus 5 hours to infestation: More people are getting sick, my wife called, said Billy got pulled out of school. Tried going to the local M.D. but he was being overwhelmed with patients.

    T-minus 4 hours to infestation: The sick security members are starting to show weird bone growths, as if something was causing them to form claws. They are getting very aggressive and one tried to bite the doctor, they are restrained, but this isn't looking good.

    T-Minus 3 hours to infestation: My wife told me everyone was starting to feel sick, I suggested she head to the containment facility, perhaps there is hope for her there. Ugh, my head hurts, but the medic says I should be fine.

    T-minus 2 hours to infestation: Several of the infected soldiers broke free of their restraints, I have no idea how. They killed the medic using some sort of claws protruding from their back, we had to shoot them, funerals tomorrow.

    T-minus 1 hour to infestation: More infected are attacking, half of our troops are also infected as well, but we are being sent to the Starport to help evacuate civilians before it is too late.

    T-minus 45 minutes to infestation: One of the Starport guards was severely mutated, he killed Jenkins before we could react. Close examination appears to indicate his armor and gun were fused to his body somehow.

    T-minus 30 minutes to infestation: I lost contact with my wife, the civilians are panicking, and there is a hoard of infected heading towards us. Lt. Sheng said something about needing help in the main complex, but the radio got hit by another infected soldier. My squad isn't doing well, and a couple are showing those weird bone growths. We agreed to shoot each other if anyone turned.

    T-minus 15 minutes to infestation: ARRRGHHH, MUST MAINTAIN CONTROL. HELP. Dear Patricia, help me, stay in my mind and keep me sane.

    INFESTATION: The power, I can't fight it, my former squad mates have turned for a while, and are running towards me, I hope my death is swift. Patricia, stay with me Patricia, must not kill anyone, must ... kill ... anyone ...

    Researcher Log: Dr. Gerald Ives Sunday September 28

    The images from the previous day are still burned in my mind, this man was subjected to intense suffering as the virus mutated him, but some part of consciousness apparently remained in the creature Deimos until his euthanization at the hand of the remaining security team.

    15 minutes after infestation: Find Sheng, he can help, he has always helped, a civilian, Noo, don't absorb, hrrrg, ASSIMILATION COMPLETE.

    20 minutes after infestation: Go my minions, find the security team, let them join us in this harmony.

    30 minutes: Lt Sheng, its me, please don't shoot, I seek only to bring you into nirvana, like our families before you.

    Researcher Log: Dr. Gerald Ives, Monday September 29

    Final Log on Deimos, the infestation appears to affect the mind of victims, degrading normal human behavior and supplanting a desire to infect others. Upon conversion, infested personnel will seek out any uninfected and attempt to convert them. Only possible cure: Death.

    Side-note: We managed to recover a healthy cell, its growing, and our overseers want us to weaponize it. Its a cruel weapon, but surely we would not use it against minor enemies and only when the need is absolutely complete.

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    Well done so far. I was hooked.
  3. Grevious

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    great reading man....was on the edge of my seat for most of it
  4. DarthCaedus

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    If you people want, I can try to do the same thing with Gunjan.
  5. Grevious

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    Gunjan = chronus right?
  6. DarthCaedus

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  7. Grevious

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    Hmm....that would be interesting

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