Damage Comparison: Mando vs. Assault vs. CRofl

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by David, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. David

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    Fighting Eos (20 armor) using a laser for a 60s time period


    Regular damage = (10+(1x20))x 1.2 = 36 (1.2 is modifier from weapon's expertise)
    Surgical strike damage = 36 x 2.6 = 93.6
    Refractory period damage = 36 x .70 = 25.2

    -Maxed Surgical strike, Adrenaline, Weapon's Expertise
    -Perfectly executed combo, with surgical strike being activated 5 seconds after adrenaline
    -Reloads during combo occur at 4 bullets left, utilizing manual reload and combo reload bonuses
    -Reloads during refractory period occur at 2 bullets left, utilizing gold reload bonus
    -Cooldowns taken into consideration


    Combo damage = (30 x 1.3) x 1.75 + (30 x 1.3) x 0.6 = 91.6 (Assault combo refers to Concentrated Fire, Blood Frenzy and Harvester of Sorrow)
    Combo - Blood Frenzy = (30 x 1.3) x 1.75 = 68.25

    -Maxed DPS tree
    -All reloads occur at 2 bullets left, utilizing gold reloads
    -Blood Frenzy oscillates on and off every 10 seconds


    Blood lust damage = (30 x 1.5) x 1.3 = 58.5

    -Maxed crit., weapon speed and Bloodlust
    -All reloads occur at 2 bullets left, utilizing gold reloads
    -Bloodlust is permanently on


    Graph depicts damage done by Commando, Assault and Rifleman on Eos over 60s.

    Assault damage: 47.8k
    Mando damage : 36.0k
    CRofl damage : 20.8k

    In these scenarios, energy isn't taken into consideration. It's pretty scary that the CRofl can keep up this kind of damage without running out of mana (if CRofl tree gets rapid reload skill...well you get the point).
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  3. Archangel

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    your axis aren't labeled. how did u pass a math/physics/chem class?
  4. QuantumMech

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    Actually, having played a lot of crofl recently, bloodlust can only be infinitely maintained (or near infinitely) WITHOUT using focus fire, and considering that the crofl should be using ff, it would be slightly higher. If ff is used, it can be maintained for about.... 6 cycles. With field engi, probably 8, with ss a lot. with both, what is energy, is that a limiting thing?
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    Your sentances aren't capitalized. How did you ever pass an English/writing class?
  6. Ryan III

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    Simple, HE DIDN'T
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    Your words aren't spelled properly and aren't in the correct tense. "Sentences", not "sentances", and "aren't", not "are".

    I will Grammar Nazi the fuck out of you, so don't even start picking apart other people's stuff.
  8. David

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    I tried to figre out how to label the axes but excel isn't the easiest program to use for making graphs.

    From a longevity point of view focus fire should never be used on CRofl once you get bloodlust:

    Riflemen have a 1.38 regen/s.

    Blood lust cost 15 energy and lasts for 10 seconds. In this 10 seconds you will get 13.8 energy (rounded up to 14) netting you -1 energy.

    A rifleman with 100 energy will be able to use 100 cycles of boodlust before running out. The damage increase from focus fire versus the mana used to activate it is detrimental to total DPS when considering the mana you're using up should be used for bloodlust (of course there are situations where u need the slow effect).
  9. Kith
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    You forget that NOTD is about burst damage. In bossfights and horde situations, being able to get the maximum bonus damage as quickly as possible is much more important than having a sustained DPS bonus. It's better for ammo conservation and it's better for team survivability (because the quicker you kill the enemies, the sooner they are no longer a threat). The Commando is the King of DPS because he can drop that crazy damage bonus right away with the highest attack speed in the game by a very wide margin. Over a long period of time? Yeah, he'll get beat out by the Assault, because the Assault's job is to sit in one place and shoot forever. In a ten second window? 474% increased attack rate and 180% damage bonus, and the other classes simply cannot compete with that.
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    Fuck liberal arts! (no offense to anyone who is)
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    Don't get me started being a Grammar Nazi :)
  12. ArcanePariah
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    Each of them has their own brand of power. The opcomm is King Burst DPS. He is perfect for boss fights and for short encounters. For any extended battle however, his direct skills come up lacking, usually compensated with nukes. Also his skills are VERY lacking if you are ever forced to kite much.

    Arms is the siege unit. He has very large sustainable dps, but due to his low move speed = he is poor for kiting, although his skill duration and flexability are helpful.

    Rifleman is the kite king, LARGE sustainablity, faster moving then the other 2 and also has direct damage + late game self healing. And as mentioned by David, in his current form, if Rifleman reaches weapon prof, he becomes borderline arms asaault dps/sustainability without energy problems or speed issues, which is indeed scary.
  13. QuantumMech

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    Yes, with weapons proficiency roflman is a sight to behold. Until the queen screams and engi doesn't overdrive to kill off everything coming at you.

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