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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Ghost, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Based on the thread I posted a few days back: ... hp?tid=122

    We have continued to try it but we never made it past the Armory wave without losing at least 1 person in the process or slowing down that much to scout for every single item, farming random spawns and all infs and being extremely lucky on extra talents (i.e. lose speed)

    I feel that in its current state, Alpha Co NM is not winnable with speed and Medal of Honor and is a lot more difficult compared to how it used to be and the other 2 storylines.

    A few simple things that can be done at least in the early stages:
    Greatly reduce number of immortals until the post-Demeter waves. There should not be more than maybe 8 (1 per player alive) as the early waves prior to the recent changes were already anything but a cake walk. The current version is overwhelming to say the least.

    I feel that in the previous Alpha version, the during-Demeter wave was lacking and the post-Demeter wave could have used a few more creeps (after Sheng gives you the green light for all gates).

    Lab holdout was well balanced and just hard enough to keep you on your toes at all times and make you feel like a sitting duck and try new tactics, but not that hard that it would outright mean either Tanaka or a teammate is destined to die unless you had extreme luck.

    Gas sequence was fine, a bit heavy even on immortals, but just about manageable with a lot of teamwork and skill. The spawns during IVAX and perses were quite light, and generally chapter 3 spawns could have been increased.

    So those places where I just mentioned could use a small (yes, small) increase in creeps is what should have been looked at instead of upping spawns almost across the board and during already very difficult portions where players are limited in their options (inability to move/kite due to mission situations and next spawns) and XP-linked abilities.

    The sections that were already very hard in NM should have been left alone altogether or had other creeps reduced in quantity and quality if you add Titans/more immortals.
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    If immortals are to retain this "almost never die" status, ANY skill related kill should have an increased chance of permanent death. There needs to be far more permanent kill methods, such as Nuke, Gunship, Napalm, Inferno, ect ect ect. Actually, any "flame based" death should be itself be an extremely high chance to permanently kill Immortals. The revive mechanic should mainly be when they are killed by "conventional ballistics."
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    Mk-3 Flamethrowers, hell yeah!

    It's only really a problem in Alpha Company. Other storylines just don't have immortals until the players are decked out in full gear, tier three talents, etc. So it doesn't become that much of a problem.

    That said, there was nothing really WRONG about the Immortals back in the day, when they chased you halfway around the map. And I think that's what he's trying to go for here, to put us in a situation where we have to run them out. The difference is though that, unlike back in the day, you also got three tons of shit being thrown at you on top of the Immortals.

    Or maybe I'm wrong and you're not looking at it as something for force players to get off the Armory/Fort. I mean if you want it to induce kiting, then that's fine. I don't mind kite fights, and I feel like Alpha Company could use one more besides IVAX (And even he's not really kited anymore as much as Artillery FOed into oblivion before he gets 10 steps). But you just have to adjust the timings and mob composition to allow for the kite fest. Right now that's not really an option with how it cycles between fast movers, damage sponges, and hard hitters.
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    Because of the importance of Sec Team survivors, and the need to seek refuge on high ground, kiting a horde isnt viable currently. You will get cut down trying to flee, and in doing so all the sec team will likely perish. This means drastically reduced damage and far more ammo usage. I don't think the team could survive it tbh.

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