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    Weapons Specialist
    By Ryan

    Lore: The Weapon Specialist has undergone years of studying the weapons, learning how to mount each one, how to take each one apart, how to fix one. He also has the ability to create standard magazines and his own, un-approved magazines. He is a worthy foe on the battlefield, supplying himself and his allies with modifications to their weapons and ammunition to destroy any foe that dares stand in his way; Apollo is his next mission.

    "War is delightful to those who have had no experience of it"
    Life: 175
    Shields: 25
    Shields Regen: .3
    Energy: 250
    Energy Regen: Same as Medic's
    Armor: 1

    Replaces Engineer in Alpha Company?

    Innate Ability:
    Technical: Has the power to activate the auto turrets in Apollo.
    Create Magazine: Uses a stack of items to create 1 stack of magazines.
    Energy Cost: 90
    Cool down: 120 Seconds

    Skill Tree 1: Ammunition

    Tier 1:

    Skill 1: Clip on Ammunition

    Adds 10/15/20 rounds to the target marine's current magazine; cannot exceed 50 rounds.
    Energy Cost: 30
    Cooldown: 20
    Level 1: Adds 10 rounds, 5 second cast time
    Level 2: Adds 15 rounds, 4 second cast time
    Level 3: Adds 20 rounds, 3 seconds cast time

    Skill 2: Improved Magazines

    Allows the target marine to reload faster.
    Energy Cost: 40
    Cooldown: 30
    Level 1: 10% faster
    Level 2: 20% faster
    Level 3: 30% faster, Perfect and Manual Reloads are 10% faster

    Tier 2

    Skill 1: Cryto Rounds

    Creates 3/6 Cryto Magazines that slow the enemies by 15%/30% and will freeze enemies that have below 10%/15% life. Freeze effect does not affect heroics.
    Energy Cost: 40
    Cooldown: 10
    Level 1: Cryto Rounds slow enemies down by 15% freezes enemies that have below 10% life.
    Level 2: Cryto Rounds slow enemies down by 30%, freezes enemies that have below 15% life and increases base damage by 5% against armored.

    Skill 2: Incendiary Rounds

    Creates 3/6 Incendiary Rounds that deal 25%/50% more damage against light targets and burns target for 10/15 damage over 5 seconds.
    Energy Cost: 40
    Cooldown: 10
    Level 1: Incendiary Rounds deal 25% more damage against light targets and burn targets for 10 damage over 5 seconds.
    Level 2: Incendiary Rounds deal 50% more damage against light targets and burn targets for 15 damage over 5 seconds

    Tier 3

    Skill 1: Ammo Overload

    Energy Cost: Free (Drains 5 energy over time)
    Cooldown: None
    Level 1: Creates an aura around the Weapons Specialist that drains 5 energy per second but replaces used rounds to marines in this aura, this also increases the damage of his custom-made ammunition.

    Skill Tree 2: Weapon Modification

    Tier 1:

    Skill 1: Aim Assist
    Mounts a Aim Assist that increases the damage of a marine by 10%/20%/30% but reduces the attack speed by 5%/3%/2%. Lasts 180 Seconds.
    Energy Cost: 20
    Cooldown: 10
    Level 1: Increases damage of a marine by 10% but reduces the attack speed by 5%
    Level 2: Increases damage of a marine by 20% but reduces the attack speed by 3%
    Level 3: Increases damage of a marine by 30% but reduces the attack speed by 2%

    Skill 2: Bayonet Mount
    Mounts a bayonet on the target marine's weapon. This requires the marine and the Weapons Specialist to be out of combat for a certain time to successfully mount the bayonet. Lasts 30 Seconds.
    Energy Cost: 60
    Cooldown: 50
    Level 1: Increases damage of the combat knife by 2, requires the marine and the Weapons Specialist to be put out of combat for 7 seconds.
    Level 2: Increases damage of the combat knife by 4, requires the marine and the Weapons Specialist to be put of of combat for 5 seconds.
    Level 3: Increases damage of the combat knife by 6, increases range of the combat knife by 1, increases cooldown of the knife by 3%. Weapons Specialist and the marine must be out of combat for 3 seconds.

    Tier 2:

    Skill 1: Grenade Launcher Mount
    Mounts a grenade launcher on the target marine, the grenade launcher can only launch 3 grenades before being needed to be cleaned and reloaded by a Weapons Specialist. If mounted on a Rifleman that has skilled his under barrel grenade launcher, the Rifleman's grenade gains an additional 30 damage.
    Energy Cost: 50
    Cooldown: 120
    Level 1: Damage of grenade is 40, the range is 5, and the time required to mount it is 10 seconds.
    Level 2: Damage of grenade is 80, the range is 8 and the time required to mount it is 5 seconds.

    Skill 2: Silencer Mount
    Mounts a silencer on the target marine's weapon, reducing noise and flash from firing shots.
    Level 1: Reduces the marine's threat level by 5 when firing.
    Level 2: Reduces the marine's threat level by 10 when firing and nearby marines gain an 10% extra damage due to being able to focus with not as much gunfire.

    Tier 3: XM205 Tripod
    Mounts a XM205 Tripod to the marine's weapon.
    Energy Cost: 100
    Cooldown: 120
    Level 1: Increases the target marine's range by 3, damage by 50%, 10% increased sight range in a frontal cone, decreases reload speed by 20%, reduces movement speed by 80% and grants 30% increased attack rate.
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    You know me Ozy, I like to come up with new classes. And like seeing new class ideas. Need some durations on the Ammo tree. I don't know if it's just oversight or if all skills are intended to have Duration=Cooldown or what.

    I would drop the Increased Magazines myself, as I find messing with Reload Mechanics is generally a bad idea myself, particularly on anything that can be cast on anyone. Maybe give it another Special Ammo type. Like, I don't know, Fragmenting Rounds. Deals +15% damage, increases the Armor Penalty of the attacks by 1 (So Gauss Rounds would lose 2 damage per armor point, Laser Rifle would have 0 Armor Penalty, SMG would lose 2.5 damage per armor, etc). Particularly since this is for Alpha and Alpha doesn't have a ton of heavy armor (And a lot of armor melting available).

    Speaking of which, one thing to keep in mind is that since it's an Engineer Replacement you ideally should have some way to cure Short Circuit on it, and some form of Armor Melting (As either Engineer Tree can easily Armor Melt I consider this a key attribute of that class/role, and Alpha Company really does support and like to have lots of Armor Melting).

    And just a weird flavor side thing, would rather recast the Freeze Rounds so they're not "ice magic". Can give the thing kind of a sillier feel than necessary when you can also use some Less Than Lethal to explain similar effects.
  3. ImaDomo
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    Pretty cool class concept seems well though of, however I'm not sure the cryo or incendiary are a good skill. Firstly we got he weap mods, we also got skills that slow. Also for ammunition that skill would too op, in the sense you have an arms assault or say a mando with hcm. They would barely need to reload and could keep shooting for quite a duration. For improved magazines I think that just spits on the manual reload, with a skill like that new players wouldn't learn on using manual reloads which they should. For ammo overload we already have recon's ss which replenishes eng, hp and ammo. For Bayonet mount, bayonet isn't really that useful of a skill since knifing dmg increases along with your rank and I'm sure a better skill could be though of instead of a knife booster skill. For grenade mount do the grenades do ff, how are you going to fire them too? Also we have something call the L3 which is enough. A whole team firing frags might seem bit too much even given the frag # limitations and cd. Lastly for silencer mount, how that going to work how the marine threat lv going down, will zombies ignore said marine if his threat lv at a certain lv. How are we going to code/ implement that in?

    Well that just me picking your brain. :D
  4. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I do know you, ArcV! Apparently, you don't know me though!
  5. grandmarshal

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    just a side note though...

    in my country, every sergeants are supposed to know every single piece of weaponry from head to toe at company level. :)


    i not comfortable with the innate ability in the sense that it's pretty wasteful to use 90MP to create only 1 magazine. pound for pound, in alpha, a recon using SS and less MP gives 1 mag to everyone in AOE plus MP regen will effectively make that innate ability redundant.
  6. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    So are the mounted weapons permanent? I don't see a duration. What happens when the player switches weapons? Are the mounts discarded, or are they kept on that weapon? Will the silencer work on the Shotgun? How about the Flamethrower? The Stinger? The L3 Grenade Launcher?

    I don't see a limit on these mounts, either, meaning the player can use said mounts on themselves and the entire team, leading to a permanent 38% DPS increase on every single player (and potentially more depending on how the aura works). There's not a mention on if it works on minis or not, so I can't really say how fun balancing that would be. I also question why the tripod doesn't have a duration listed. Does this mean I cut my movespeed by 80% permanently? mite b cool for a Protection Assault, considering he can scoot along with Charge.

    There are a lot of design questions to be asked here. My overall reaction to this class is "unnecessary". The Engineer does not need replacing. He fits in perfectly with both Easy Company and Alpha Company.

    Edit: Oh, and, the concepts taken from Undead Assault 3? No bueno.
  7. LftHnddSczrs

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    I was thinking of a new class like this myself (scv and all), only sort of a combo of the damage support skills here as one tree, and then the other tree being like a muling tree that could create ammo, increase personal storage space, use flare and regen team's ammo and energy. it would replace recon in either alpha or apollo though. i think the lore of an scv in notd would lend itself more to being some kind of manned military maintenance bot stationed as part of the apollo security team. i really like your ideas and it would be interesting to test it out

    p.s. is it a giant scv?
  8. Arturia

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    K, so, feedback.

    The Innate Create Magazine: What items does it consume and how much? Seems neat, but consuming an item to create 1 magazine stack isn't that great of a trade-off. While this does work in NOTD:SO, it doesn't work here. There isn't a materials system to work with, and simply stated, just doesn't fit in well with how NOTD NA is, considering you're destroying an item for some ammunition. Maybe if you have a NC game going, it could see some use there, but otherwise, it doesn't look attractive.

    Clip on Ammunition: How would this work with Assault? It seems to be fine, but I dislike the numbers, and would rather see it as + 10 / 20 / 30, or in the case of assault, 10 / 20 / 40.

    Improved Magazines: How would this work? Would it stack with itself? How long does it last? Those need to be answered before anything else can be said.

    Crypto / Inced rounds: Make it so that instead of being just 3 / 6 mags, it applies a buff to the target hero that gets consumed on their next reload, that grants the bonus for their next 30/60 or 40/80 shots (Based on if its a 30 or 40 ammo clip base class). Because the problem with it being mags; It sounds like it could be very tricky to manage that.

    Ammo overload: Just how exactly does this work? Its too vague in that, does it automatically set their clip to full size? Or does it gradually replenish their ammo similar to supply station? Because if its the former, it could be abused, heavily, while if its the latter, its a real expensive and weak version of recon's supply station.

    Aim Assist: It looks like Rifleman's Focus Fire on targetable buff.

    Bayonet Mount: Absolutely, Useless. Its Duration, Cooldown, and channeling time are terrible. And its bonus's are hardly there. The only situation I see it being used, is if a person is Knifing Seth. And that is all. 1 minute CD, 30 seconds duration with 3 seconds Channeling at the maximum level, looks very weak and underwhelming. If its duration was longer, say 1, 2 or 3 minutes, It might see use, but 30 seconds is way too short for such a buff.

    Grenade Launcher: How would this work. Its kinda weak, and it would also consume a command card slot.

    Silencer Mount: If the aura stacks with itself, its a no go. It has no duration listed, so that could also be problematic. It would also make the tanks job a lot simpler, especially if everyone except the tank has it mounted, because everything would swarm towards him. And if the aura stacks... You're looking at a team-wide 100% damage boost assuming infantry FO.

    Tripod: Can't agree with it. Just doesn't sound like it fits, and really, the rewards don't outweigh the risk, or cost. If it lasts 30 seconds, its enough for a boss-fight, but its weak during hold-outs.

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