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    Squad Leader

    Lore: A veteran of both the Cuba Incident and the Apollo Incident, the Squad Leader has extensive experience in playing major roles leading special ops squads on dangerous missions through unknown territory. Throughout his campaigns, the one mantra that has stuck with him is to hold up his brothers, trusting in them to get the job done, and done well. He has a tremendous record of bringing his entire squad through tremendous odds with minimal losses. His arm, which he lost during the Cuba Incident, has been replaced with a utility arm-cannon with numerous interesting capabilities.

    Base Stats
    Soundset: Probably stuff cobbled from Warfield if he has a soundset or a battlecruiser.
    Hitpoints: 130
    Hitpoint regen: very low
    Shields: 25
    Shield regen: medium
    Energy: 200
    Energy regen: high
    Armor: 0
    Shield Armor: 0
    Movespeed: 2.25
    Weight Class: Medium
    Inventory Slots: 4
    Modification Slots: 2

    Innate Ability
    Inspiring Presence - The Squad Leader is well-known and respected by his comrades and inspires them to be the best that they can be. His focus on leading others is taxing on his own abilities, however. Each heroic unit within 4 range of the Squad Leader gets +10% damage. The Squad Leader gets -5x% damage where x = number of affected units.

    Peerless - The squad leader is not used to taking orders or help from others. He will gain no benefits provided by another squad leader.

    Left Tree – Combat Leadership
    The combat leadership tree is focused on increasing the dps of allies.

    Tier 1

    Fire With Me!Active (W), 10 energy cost, 10 second duration, 10 second cooldown
    The squad leader's targeting computer causes his weapons to disorient his foes, making them more vulnerable to supporting fire. The unit the leader is attacking has a 3 second damage vulnerability debuff, not stackable.

    Level 1 – +10% damage vulnerability
    Level 2 – +20% damage vulnerability
    Level 3 – +30% damage vulnerability

    On My MarkActive (Q to cast), 20 energy to cast, 12 second cooldown
    The leader's targeting computer forces nearby weapons to hold fire until the right moment, at which a furious hail of lead pours forth. Allied heroic units close to the leader are put on hold fire for 2 seconds, after which their attack speed is increased for 10 seconds.

    Level 1 – 50% bonus attack speed, 1 radius aura
    Level 2 – 75% bonus attack speed, 2 radius aura
    Level 3 – 100% bonus attack speed, 3 radius aura

    Tier 2

    Target Fire - Active (E to cast), 25 energy to cast, 10 second duration, 10 second cooldown
    The squad leader's targeting computer goes into overdrive, pinpointing spots of weakness to even further damage his foes, drawing energy to do so from nearby combat suits. Units within range get +5% damage per nearby heroic unit.

    Level 1 - 2 radius
    Level 2 - 4 radius

    Weapons CarePassive, Global
    The squad leader knows the value of a manual reload, and impresses it onto those in his firing squad.

    Level 1 – 33% faster manual reload if <=5 mags
    Level 2 – 67% reload time during if <=10

    Tier 3

    Hail of LeadActive (R to cast), 50 energy to cast, 10 second duration, 10 second cooldown
    The squad leader pours his suit's power into his targeting computer, causing the sheer power of the bullets from nearby units to build on each other into a relentless hail of lead.

    Level 1 – +100% damage in 1 radius aura

    It Ends HereActive (R to cast), 20 energy to cast, 15 second duration, 15 second cooldown
    The squad leader takes great risk in making his team put it all on the line to take down one specific target, with devastating consequences should they fail.

    Level 1 – +25% damage vulnerability, if target is not dead after 15 seconds, Squad Leader gets -100 health and -80% movespeed for 5 seconds.

    Right Tree: Field Command
    The field command tree is focused on buffing allies with everything except for dps.

    Tier 1

    MK-IV Helmet CamsActive (F to cast), 20 energy cost, 10 second duration, 10 second cooldown
    The squad leader is known for being prepared, and has equipped the helmets of his men with advanced camera systems powered by his utility-arm and feeding to each others’ visors, granting shared vision. These can also be attached to drones, bots, and civilians.

    Level 1 – shared vision in 3 radius of all allied units.
    Level 2 – shared vision in 6 radius of all allied units.
    Level 3 – full shared vision.

    Fly, You Fools! - Active (V to cast), 30 energy to cast, 10 second duration, 10 second cooldown, 8 radius
    The squad leader forces energy into his allies' suits, increasing their movement circuits. The toll on his own energy reserves keeps his utility-arm fully occupied, however (all abilities are disabled).

    Level 1 - +15% movespeed
    Level 2 - +30% movespeed
    Level 3 - +45% movespeed

    Tier 2

    Sonar FiltersPseudopassive, Improves MK-IV Helmet Cams, toggle (C)
    The squad leader dispenses an upgrade to the camera systems with an additional program that improves their ability to read terrain, allowing them to safely move at a faster rate.

    Level 1 – +10% movespeed for all allied heroic units, +5 energy cost to Helmet Cams
    Level 2 – +20% movespeed for all allied heroic units, +10 energy cost to Helmet Cams

    Energy Feed - Active (G to cast), 3 energy per second
    The squad leader recognizes his soldiers' greater need of energy and uses his utility-arm to dispense some of his own reserves to refuel their tanks.

    Level 1 - Target unit gets +3 energy per second
    Level 2 - Target unit gets +6 energy per second

    Tier 3

    Gamma FiltersPseudopassive, Improves MK-IV Helmet Cams, toggle (R)
    The squad leader dispenses a final upgrade to the camera systems, increasing their spatial awareness when the helmet cams are active, allowing them to deflect blows

    Level 1 - Helmet Cams reduce damage up to 100 to 25 per source. +30 energy cost to helmet cams.

    Dissipation FieldIf it needs a hotkey it's R
    The squad leader's utility arm emits a dissipation field, causing all sound and light emitting from weaponry and flares to dissipate.

    Level 1 – Does something with sound/acts a a silencer for weapons. I dunno how the sound stuff works yet, I'm a bit behind on my reading...
  2. Kith
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    I always liked this guy, honestly. If we were of the opinion that we really needed another class, this is the one that I would choose. The lore reasoning is good, the skills are well-designed and useful, and the character is just all-around plausible.

    Not so sure about the Old Age speed reduction, or the skill durations being so low, but that's just me.
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    I recommend penalty to reload buff: Because Veteran expects high standards from his squad; he scolds them when they fail to reload properly.

    +33% reload time if automatic.
  4. Akuma

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    wasnt the squad Leader available once? It was Gabriel Tosh.. to be honest yes bring him in.. but what about his voice? and by that.. if it changes to toshs real voice.. what bout the voice of the Commando?
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    It was thought about being put in, but Chem Expert was the one that made the cut instead because it was decided that it was the Demo that was to be replaced. Shortly thereafter, IIRC, it was also condensed into a single tree for the Submando replacement.

    Squad Leader has come so close to being implemented so many times, I kinda feel bad for Ozy.
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    Thanks kith. My reasoning behind the old age is in part because a lot of his skills are pretty powerful when used correctly and I think it would be a way to balance this. It also more importantly helps to keep this from being a class that can be used for "pubstomping" as it is very clearly a support class that needs help from other classes to function at a high level. I put the short skill durations on the two T3s because they are extremely powerful, so much so that they would be OP to last any longer. For the dps tree, it occurred to me that everything else in that tree is either sustainable dps support or burst dps support, but there was no spike damage support. It's generally accepted that as skill increases, the value of burst and spike damage becomes more effective than sustainable dps, as seen by the value of commando and marksman over combat rifleman.

    That's not a bad idea, although it might destroy games that someone randoms squad leader in a pub. However, I don't like balancing a class for randoming out of storyline and also as a tier 2 it can be skipped. I'd like to get another opinion on this change though to see if I'm overlooking something.

    Squad leader was used as a placeholder for the 14th class position in the re-vamping of survival mode. At the moment the plan is not to use tosh for either the model or the voice. The model will probably be a spectre with a ghost skin (basically a white spectre), the portrait will be the battlecruiser person, and the voice would also be the battlecruiser (at least the quotes that don't have to do with flying). I'm not sure about that though and if you have any suggestions for models or voices I'd love to hear them.
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I can't say that I'm a fan. Every skill doesn't have to have pros and cons to it; it's okay to have a skill that's just a straight buff.
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    I hate to be a necro since the last post was Sep 13th, 2012, but I seriously love this class idea. Support classes in general I find a lot of fun, but this is really cool because of how much more involved it is. With Surveillance Recon I find its throw down SS when off cooldown, flare, and the occasional LD when big units pop up, but that's really all.

    But with this class you have to make active choices depending on the situation. For Field Command do my teammates need speed or energy, if they need energy who needs it the most? As well as needing to keep an active eye out for people needing that brief moment of immunity which could be the difference between victory or wipe. As well as the cool passive talents like shared vision and item pinging.

    And for the Combat Leadership his abilities are a multiplying for teamwork and sticking together with the talents On my mark, Fire with me!, Shoulder to Shoulder, and One Shining Moment. On My Mark I find cool because you have to choose who to use it on, when, and how often due to the energy drain, and just like with the Arms Assault abilities they synergy between them is so good you can run out of energy really fast if you use them all together. So the choice becomes, do I use them all together for burst, or do I spread them out for sustain DPS? Yet at the same time this tree doesn't just offer abilities, but also has the reload passive which is unique and global.

    A good team is made even better through the coordination of the Squad Leaders abilities, while a bad team gains little. A good Squad Leader can provide a lot, while a bad Squad Leader provides little more then passives.

    Just my 2 cents, take it for what you will. :)

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    Bumpity-bump-bump-bump. I edited it again.
  10. Triumph

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    Have to say i like the idea.

    But i dont think the skills are very well balanced in comparison to other classes.

    Fire With Me! is a single target debuff for 30% damage.

    Heightened Senses (Delta Commando) is a AOE debuff for 25% damage on level 1!

    Target Fire and Inspiring Presence have a really bad synergy, dont see this being usefull at all.

    Weapons Care is really bad too, a perfect or golden manual reload is alrdy really fast, except for 3 weapons.
    Stinger doesnt need quick reload (if you use stinger as smm you wont be around this dude anyway and HCm helps), HMG goes to assa or commando, they can deal with slow reloads, Barret is the only weapon which would actually benefit from this.

    Getting Level 2 in this skill seems pretty bad, because if you manually reload at >10 mags, there are usually no enemies around, so you wouldnt care about faster reloads.
    And it doesnt help stinger (Stinger reloads at = 10)

    But the most imbalanced thing is tier 3.

    Hail of Lead > It Ends Here

    Why would i skill "It ends here" by any means?
    At what points is +25% damage vulnerability better than +100% damage for the entire team (if stacked well)?

    And not to mention again, delta commando gets the same debuff on tier 1 without any negative side-effects.

    The whole Right Tree: Field Command is really bad in general.

    So this dude gets Mindlink and thats it?
    The other skills are movement speed buffs.
    I only see this being usefull in some -nm speed attempts, but other than that?
    No DPS skill, No debuffs, no DPS buffs or anything.
    Looks like a really nerfed Recon with mindlink to me.

    Considering how usefull a Psi Ops tier 3 skill is, or tier 1 and tier 2 skills of a recon, or a OPcommando level 10 (getting HS Level 1), i say this guy needs a rework on tier 3 and a huge buff in general.

    I like the idea and it really fits the lore, i would like to see a class like that in the game, but if definitely needs a rework skillwise.
  11. Ramses II
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    It's a hell of a lot more energy efficient and does better on nm where charging means individual baddies die stupid fast.

    The whole point of the combat tree is to buff his allies' dps, he doesn't give a fuck about his own. They actually synergize very well assuming you aren't trying to be the one to kill stuff. Inspiring presence is essentially a net 5% damage buff, assuming the characters involved had equivalent dps in the first place (which they don't because we have classes that increase their own dps).

    The medium machine gun, pump shotgun, flamethrower, laser rifle, chainsaw, plasma cutter, heavy machine gun, and anti-material rifle all have reload times of 3 seconds or more. That's at least a second shorter at level 1 and at least two seconds shorter at level 2 (not counting 30% shorter blue reloads and 50% shorter gold reloads). Special weapons work differently in NOTD2, using equip times rather than reload times.

    Energy efficiency and the way that damage works in NOTD. It ends here is 4/3 energy/second, hail of lead is 5 energy/second. Assuming you have all or most of your other talents going, you're gonna have a really hard time using hail of lead more than one time in a row. Second, damage vulnerability is a hell of a lot better than damage buffs. All of your damage buffs are added and applied at the same time and then multiplied by any target debuffs. Considering the multitude of damage buffs in the game (especially in talents) and the slim number of target rebuffs, it ends here should sometimes outpace hail of lead (depending on team composition) while being much easier to use and for a lot less energy.

    That's shared vision for everybody, not just 4 people, and the tank and a recon drone and a rifle K9 unit and whatever the fuck else you have. Movespeed is huge in this game, especially with the emphasis on kiting we're getting in NOTD2. It's not supposed to be a dps tree, just like half the trees in the game. He can also dump his massive energy reserves with his high energy regen onto someone and make double the energy in the process. Oh yeah, and he can give the entire team RA.
  12. Blaqk
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    If you know what you're doing, instead of wasting 1/3 of a magazine you can golden reload a stinger at 0.
  13. Arturia

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    Fundamentally, Hail of Lead, if applied to your team, will have a greater damage bonus overall, especially if many parts of your team lack % Damage increases.

    Spoiler inside that shits on It Ends Here.
    Show Spoiler

    The 25% vulnerability is actually crap compared to that. Sorry to break the news.

    For example, a commando with Surgical Strike 3, Weapon Expertise 2, and 2x HP ammunitions will benefit from It Ends here less than it would benefit from Hail of Lead.

    Commando with Surgical Strike and Weapons Expertise 2 and Hail of Lead and 2x HP ammunitions and It Ends Here:

    (1 + 1.6 + .2 + .24) * 1.25 --> 3.8

    Compared to a Commando with Surgical Strike and Weapons Expertise 2 and Hail of Lead and 2x HP ammunitions and Hail of Lead:

    (1 + 1.6 + .2 + .24 + 1) --> 4.04

    Furthermore, you have Fire With Me which is 30% vulnerability, thus making Hail of Lead a better synergy than an additional 25% vulnerability would be.

    Using the previous commando,

    It Ends Here: (1 + 1.6 + .2 + .24) * 1.55 --> 4.712

    Hail of Lead: (1 + 1.6 + .2 + .24 + 1) * 1.3 --> 5.252

    It Ends Here is also critically flawed in that the ideal situation to use it would be in a boss fight, but unless you mystically nuke a boss down in 15 seconds, your put to the verge of fucked, and nobody likes to be on the door of death without a good fucking reason.

    If we say that you could at best squeeze 3 allies into the Hail of Lead, it would still have greater benefits than It Ends here with your entire team shooting at the target.

    It Ends Here: 8 * 1.25 --> 10

    Hail of Lead: 3 * 2 + 5 --> 11

    In the event that 3/8 of your team has 75% increased damage here is a compare:

    It Ends Here: 3 * 1.75 * 1.25 + 5 * 1.25 --> 12.8125

    Hail of Lead: 3 * 2.75 + 5 --> 13.25

    Now, arguably, It Ends Here is actually superior due to the reduced concentration of fire power - you're not relying upon 3 members of your team to shit DPS onto enemies, thus, reloads affect it less. That doesn't change the fact that the net effect is inferior in terms of increasing DPS output for a period of time.

    Regarding Target Fire & Inspiring Presence - Not Synergy my ass, its fucking good, provided the Squad Leader can be included in it - still good even if he isn't.

    Lets say you have 3 pals in your 4 radius - that is a 45% increased damage for each person there (and a 15% reduced for Squad Leader). If you had 8 friends huddled all together, that means 105% increased damage for 7 players and -35% damage for the Squad Leader. Which, if I may add, is roughly equivalent to having Hail of Lead active.

    If you managed this with It Ends Here:
    (7 * 2.05 + .65) * 1.25 --> 18.75

    For Hail of Lead to be superior, 6 out of 8 players would have to be affected by Hail of Lead. You're sure as hell not going to squeeze 6 out of 8 people into that 1 radius.

    (6 * 3.05) + 1 + .65 --> 19.95

    However, It Ends Here is still shit - its a single target Heightened Senses that penalizes you for not killing something. A T3 Single being outclassed by a T1 AoE is laughable regardless of what is said. Even the Tier 1 Fire With Me is superior, because not only is it a Tier 1, it doesn't nearly kill you.

    If you have the Target Fire + Inspiring Presence with Fire With Me +

    It Ends Here: (7 * 2.05 + .65) * 1.55 --> 23.25

    Hail of Lead: (3* 3.05 + 3 * 2.05 + .65) * 1.3 --> 23.4

    It takes 3 people affected by Hail of Lead to match up. Of course, the relationship of energy consumption is vastly different. It Ends Here consumes 5.5 a second, Hail of Lead consumes 8.5 a second. The difference however, is roughly 40 seconds vs 30 seconds of fire power. If you happen to have a commando kind enough to realize that 1 point into Heightened Senses makes a huge difference in DPS and isn't hard-pressed to get Nuke, then Hail of Lead will undoubtedly be more worthwhile for the 30 seconds of absolute carnage unleashed upon the poor boss without the Squad Leader consuming med supplies or draining the medic.

    On a side note, Helmets seem like shit. You can only possibly keep one active at any given time due to the duration and cooldown.

    The fact that Squad Leader is the only class in which two of them of different trees will not have any fucking benefits from the presence of the other, appears very retarded. Thus, nothing is going to provide a reasonable argument for why you should not do two Squad Leaders down Combat Leadership at any given time because their bonuses will stack together and make the remaining 6 members absolute destroyers of motherfucking worlds by having the two Squad Leaders alternate and cycle their active skills for maximized carnage.

    Here's a sample food for thought: Inspiring Presence + Target Firing + Fire With Me 2 & 3 + It Ends Here + Hail of Lead.

    (6 * 3.05) * 1.75 + .65 * 2 --> 33.325

    If you only manage 3 people into Hail of Lead:

    (3 * 3.05 + 3 * 2.05) * 1.75 + .65 * 2 --> 28.075

    Now, those numbers I've put out for no apparent reason are there to provide a measure of increased damage.

    Those Numbers are effectively your summed team damage.
    Divide it by 8 to get the average increased damage for your team.
    If we said 8 people dealt 1 damage, then the summed damage dealt would be 8.

    If that 8 damage become 24, that means that on average, every player is dealing 200% increased damage.

    The damage dealt by the team is, on average, 3x greater than what it originally was.
  14. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Kith doesn't like powerful vulnerability debuffs, I have no problem with him having weaker T3s (either from energy consumption or just general weakness) considering he has pretty damn powerful lower tier abilities, I designed assuming boss fights would take a shit-ton of moving (making Hail harder to use) and the possibility of gravity gun usage (reducing the threat of It Ends Here), and helmet cams is a global effect, not a single target.
  15. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    There's a difference between a Weak T3 and a Weak skill. A weak T3 implies that it is worthy of being a T3 albeit at the lesser end of power in terms of T3's. A weak skill implies that the skill is on the lesser end compared to all other comparable skills.

    "It Ends Here" is a weak skill, thus is also a weak T3. The simple fact that it is outshined by a Tier 1 doing the exact same thing but BETTER, heavily shows that. The entire purpose of "It Ends Here" is to increase the vulnerability of a single target with a penalty for kill failure. The entire purpose of "Heightened Senses" is to increase the vulnerability and visibility of nearby targets with no penalties. The vulnerability for Heightened Senses is superior due to have a broader area of effect than "It Ends Here." Hell, Heightened Senses doesn't even have a penalty for anything. Even more, its energy drainage is LOWER.

    The Tier 3 skill, "It Ends Here" is the definition of anti-climatic and underwhelming. You may as well retitle it "Shitty Heightened Senses" because that is really all "It Ends Here" is. The simple fact that you lose 80% of your movement speed for a solid 5 seconds in a kite heavy environment means it will instantly be your death. So even if Hail was harder to use by virtue of moving plenty, It Ends Here is fundamentally worse because you won't be able to move the plenty you're supposed to, thus resulting in your death and the loss of a major damage asset for your team. Hail of Lead is at least useful outside of boss fights as well - It Ends Here is bad in boss fights and worse outside of them. Sure, you could use it on an Agron, or you could use your Tier 1 Skill (which has better effects), or just have a commando.

    There is no good risk vs Reward justification for using "It Ends Here." Its Risky to use, and its effects are meh at best when compared to other options.

    At least let it improve the rest of his skills or improve the damage output of his allies. Something like allied units gain additional benefits per Squad Leader buff present in damage, attack speed, or cooldowns. It doesn't take much to transform "It Ends Here" from being a shitty Heightened Senses with a counterproductive gimmick with more risk than reward to a unique skill that reinforces the nature of the Squad Leader and synergies with the rest of his skills.

    "It Ends Here" is far from the epitome or acme of the Squad Leader's Combat Leadership tree in its current state, a deep contrast to "Hail of Lead" which further strengths the idea of team unity and cohesion for massive benefits. "It Ends Here" is equivalent to a level 1 commando facetanking tartarus to cast Heightened Senses. Sure the team gets to deal a bit more damage, but you eat damage like an idiot for little apparent reason and that needs to be changed regarding "It Ends Here," because the only thing ending here will end up being the caster.
  16. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I entirely agree with you. However, in each new version of Squad Leader I've made It Ends Here less powerful and each time kith has vetoed it for being op. I'm not making it any more powerful until after I actually get a sense of how NOTD2 plays, because I'm assuming he sees something that neither of us do. Regardless, class concept discussions are not about balance. If something is too good or too bad it's a simple matter to change the numbers. All I care about at the moment is whether the concepts make sense.
  17. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    The concept would make sense for "It Ends Here" if it actually did something useful to justify the Risk v. Reward and the cause of risk wasn't something so mundane. Especially so that the Risk's cause wasn't so terribly mundane or senseless.

    In its current incarnation, it presents a high risk for relatively little reward, furthermore, it fails to do anything regarding team synergy. Its pretty much please kill it or I'll shoot my foot.

    It does nothing in regard to leading your team aside from a self-injury threat if something isn't done - its very much like a child saying he'll jump off the bookcase if you don't give him cookies.

    It wouldn't matter if its damage vulnerability has 0, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 or 500% - it leaves no impression upon the player, nor does it provide any sort of tactical options. Fire With Me provides the thought of focusing fire on the same targets. It just so happens that "It Ends Here" is trying to do the same exact thing, albeit in a worse fashion.

    The Flat bonus for casting needs to go. Instead, you should be providing an incentive for all players to focus fire into an area (or onto a target). As in, the more people who shoot at it, the faster it will die and not simply by virtue of more bullets flying at it.

    Something like enemies in the area take additional damage/suffer additional effects based upon the # of marines shooting into the area / dealing damage in the area. Perhaps a penalty per enemy that manages to pass through the area (like a buff to speed, damage, health, armor or what have you), giving a sense of urgency - if you don't kill it then, it'll be much worse (but not because you decided to jump off a bookcase). None of this silly Self-Cutting Laser Designator nonsense. Hell, if you kite, you could possibly keep a boss in the area and thus have a decent gain for your skill and cohesion, but if you let him out, bad for you.

    Simply put - a skill that will bring havoc upon your team if they do not come together but will be all the more powerful if your team can. Sure, troll potential of using it in retarded situations, but what skill doesn't have that.
  18. ozzy

    ozzy Member

    will notd 2 squad leader be similar to this
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  19. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Stop necroing months old topics.

    That said, maybe. I will keep Ramses' design in mind wile I work on the NOTD 2 Squad Leader, but there is little chance it will be a 1:1 conversion. There are many concepts that I want to put to use for the Squad Leader (some of them from the Infantry Unit Leader from Atermath) and this will probably result in some of Ramses' skills getting reworked or removed entirely.
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