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    Original idea thread:

    ---------Replication Bot---------

    Lore: The difficulty in providing an sufficient amount of personnel for the Apollo mining project was alleviated by a brilliant piece of engineering. The Replication Bot, as its name states, uses renewable Nanites to meld metal scraps together and create functional drones that serve as additional security and utility units until a more permanent solution can be found. Incredibly efficient, the amount of Replication Bots in Apollo has increased tenfold since its original deployment. In the wake of the Infestation, Apollo technicians have modified some Replication bots for their own use.

    -----------Base stats------------
    HP: 150
    SHields: 50
    Energy: 200
    HP regen: 0.15
    Energy regen: 0.8
    Shield regen: 2
    Armor: 1
    Shield armor: 0
    Movespeed: 2.2
    Sight range: 10
    Weight class: Medium
    Inventory: 4
    Mod Slots: 2

    1. Build drone

    The Replication Bot contains modified Nanites that are able to assemble together a drone from scrap metal in the vicinity. Nanites communicate directly with the on-board AI from the Bot, allowing individual action from the drones. When needed, the Nanites may disconnect each drone and return to the Bot, but must be recycled for operational standards. Drones are able to become airborne, but the thrusters needed to sustain flight takes power away from shields and weapons.

    - 1s CD, 20NRG
    - Ability is greyed out (unusable, like the reload button) if a drone has been killed in the last 10 seconds
    - 2 drones allowed at innate
    HP: 50
    Shields: 25
    Energy: 50
    HP regen: 0.1
    Shield regen: 1
    Energy regen: 0.5
    Damage: 5
    Attack Spd: 1.5s
    Range: 8
    Armor reduction: 1
    Sight: 6
    Movespeed: 2
    - Abilities:
    - Become flying but lose all weapons and shields, add +1.0 movespeed

    2. Robotic

    Being a robot, the Bot is still able to have impaired mobility through damaged joints (Cripple) or contamination from foreign fluids (poison), though at a reduced rate. On the other hand, it is much more prone to being electrically damaged.

    - Less chance to get Cripple/poison (50%)
    - More chance to get SC (150% or 200%)

    ---------Tree 1: Network---------

    Focuses on the effectiveness of the drones rather than the Replication Bot.


    1. Remote Command: Increases number of drones that can be controlled

    The Bot upgrades its on-board computer (with nanites) to enable simultaneous communication with more nanite units and therefore more drones.

    lvl 1: +2 Max drones
    lvl 2: +4 Max drones
    lvl 3: +6 Max drones

    2. Upgraded Network: Drones get bonuses from other drones, utility upgrades

    Nanites are used to construct a small computer in each drone that allows them to communicate among themselves, improve their efficiency and lets the drones gain additional abilities.

    lvl 1: Drones gain +0.5 Damage for every drone alive
    lvl 2: In addition, drones gain +0.5 detection radius for every drone alive, gains [Discharge]:
    - Active, 30s CD, 20NRG, depletes all shields
    - Deals 25 damage to all units in radius (self aoe)
    - Slows nonheroics by 10%, heroics by 5% (stacks up to 5x)
    lvl 3: In addition, drones gain +0.5 sight radius (up to +3) for every drone alive, gains [Link]:
    - Channeling, 1NRG/s, drone does not regen NRG in channel
    - Can target an ally or enemy (single target)
    - Increase allied Damage & Attack Spd by 20% each (does not stack)
    - Decrease enemy AS by 10% nonheroic, 5% heroic (does not stack)
    - 10 range, if ally or enemy leaves range then channel is cancelled


    1. Heavy Artillery: Offensive upgrades

    Drones can be modified to to have an offensive addon that boosts their weapon power. Another package can be added on for the Artillery Mode.

    lvl 1: +1 drone Base Damage, +10% drone Attack Spd, +1 Max drone
    lvl 2: +2 drone Base Damage, +20% drone Attack Spd, +1 Max drone, gains [Artillery Mode]:
    - 5NRG to seige, no NRG to revert to mobile, no CD, 1s Seige time
    - +100% total Damage, -50% total Attack Spd, 0 armor reduction, +2 range
    - gains +100% bonus damage to Heroics

    2. Fortification: Defensive upgrades

    Drones are now fitted with improved shield capacitors that can overcharge themselves for a small period of time.

    lvl 1: +10 drone shield/HP, +1/1 shield armor/armor, +1 Max drone
    lvl 2: +20 drone shield/HP, +1/1 shield armor/armor, +1 Max drone, gains [Defensive Matrix]:
    - 30NRG, 25s CD, Self target
    - Fully recovers+strengthens shields
    - gives 50 and additional 8 shields for every drone alive, +1 shield armor
    - Lasts 10s



    Improves the no-board computers that each drone carries. Allows all drones to work as one, with the efficiency increasing as drones collectively do 1 task.

    - Activated from replication bot
    - 20s duration, 60s CD, 10NRG cost +5/drone

    - Attacking: The more drones focus a single target, the better they attack
    - +5% damage, +5% attack spd (stacks) on each drone for every drone attacking the same target

    - Defending: Damage taken are spread amongst the shields of all the drones, allowing more absorption
    - Damage is spread among every drone with Defensive matrix activated (like mind link)
    - Defensive matrix duration increased by 5s

    - Support: After 1 initial Link, additional drones may link with the same allied unit for +5% damage and attack spd each extra Link.

    ------Tree 2: Electrician--------

    Focuses on the abilities of the Replication Bot rather than the drones. The drones are still required for the replication bot to use most of its skills, they're used as markers for the Replication Bot's abilities.


    1. Heat Wave: Deals an AOE DOT centered on a drone. also marks enemies (gives vision, reveals stealth).

    A wave of Nanites is sent to orbit the targetted drone, dealing damage and sticking onto enemies to provide vision. After the duration ends or the drone fails, the Nanites are returned to the Bot.

    - 10NRG, 5s CD, 20 casting range, 2 DOT radius
    - Single target (drone)
    - Can be used on aerial drones
    - Enemies are marked for 15s
    lvl 1: 10DPS, 5s duration
    lvl 2: 13DPS, 10s duration
    lvl 3: 15DPS, 15s duration, +0.5 radius

    2. Robotic Efficiency: Passive, improves energy use

    An upgraded frame gives the Replication Bot the ability to charge itself from ions around it, as well as increases the effectiveness of the Nanites so that less of them are needed to build a drone. Also improves the structure of the drone.

    lvl 1: -5NRG required to create drone, +0.1NRG regen/s
    lvl 2: -10NRG required to create drone, +0.2NRG regen/s
    lvl 3: -10NRG required to create drone, +0.3NRG regen/s, increases drone hp by 20


    1. Meltdown: AOE nuke. Requires drones to use.

    A surge of Nanites causes drone to overheat, exploding and dealing damage + burning enemies. The more explosions are triggered, the stronger the burns are, in addition to weakening enemy armor for each explosion to do more damage.

    - 5s CD, 5NRG, 20 casting range, 5 targetting radius, 2 explosion radius
    - Depletes all shields and deals 50 damage to all drones in targetting radius
    - AOE targetting: can cause multiple drones to explode at once for extra damage
    - Can be used on aerial drones
    lvl 1: 100 damage per drone, 5DPS flame for 5s per drone, +5% damage per drone (5 stacks max), reduce death cooldown by 2.5s
    lvl 2: 200 damage per drone, 10DPS flame for 5s per drone, +8% damage per drone (5 stacks max), reduce death cooldown by 5s

    2. Voltage: causes allied character to be charged with electricity

    - 25NRG, 10s CD, 15s duration, 12 casting range
    - Electrically charged bullets have chance to shock enemies, increasing damage taken by 1% (stacks up to 50x). Lasts 30 seconds. New stacks refresh the cooldown
    - Shocking on attack increases attack speed by 1% (stacks up to 50x)
    - Enemies attacking have a chance to be shocked as well
    - Shocking in defense increases movement speed by 1% (stacks up to 50x)
    - Stacks last for 5s (new stacks refresh duration)
    lvl 1: 5% to shock on attack, 40% to shock in defense, shocks for 5 damage
    lvl 2: 10% to shock on attack, 70% to shock in defense, shocks for 8 damage, chains to 2 other enemies (no extra increase in speed stacks)


    Power Surge: AOE buff/debuff/DOT centered on a drone.

    A drone is enveloped in a electrical surge around it, empowering allies and crippling enemies.

    - Single target (drone)
    - Can be used on aerial drones
    - Targetted drone becomes invulnerable
    - 20s duration, 45s CD, 50NRG, 4 radius, 12 casting range
    - Allies have 20% increased damage, attack speed and movespeed
    - Enemies take 20DPS inside the surge, with 1 stack of shock per second.


    - Not sure if the numbers are OP or UP, so feel free to tell me what they are
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    Hey thanks for posting this man I didn't even realize there was a form for this.
  3. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    So basically you have (at level 3) a meatshield with 800 hitpoints that can regen life at 50 hp/sec for 10 energy/sec.
  4. DLINK

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    wait where did those numbers come from? I must have done a typo and not see it.
  5. Arturia

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    The +8 drones, and Defensive Matrix and Synchronize is where it probably is coming from.
  6. DLINK

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    I changed a few words to better reflect what I was trying to say, please tell me if it's still unclear. I still don't know where I said they regenerated at 50hp/s though.
  7. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    8 drones * (50 shields+50 health) = 800 total health
    2 second cd on making a new one as one dies, 1 sec per 50 health, 50 hp/sec
    20 energy to make a new drone, 2 sec cd on making a new drone, 10 energy/sec

    If I send my drones to tank something and then as soon as one of them dies I make another one and send it in, I basically have the best tank in the game (at least for bosses, armortanks are better for mobs).
  8. DLINK

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    So, how should I fix this? Make it 10s to create a drone, increase the energy cost for making a drone to 30 (or even 40), or lower their hp to half of what they are now? Because march tech can achieve a similar effect with his drones as well, if microed well enough.
  9. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Make it so that if a drone dies, you can't make another one for 10 seconds.

    (The nanites/whatever from the drone has to be recycled by the replication bot before it can be reused)
  10. DLINK

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    I put the death timer to 10 seconds. Also, since meltdown (T2 in the electrician tree) requires drones to die (at least 1/2 the time) to deal damage, I put a death timer reduction on the skill. I also reduced the cooldown for making drones to 1s, I mean if you can keep your drones alive for 5 seconds then you're entitled to make as much as you want. If players really wanted to tank by sacrificing drones, they would be able to do so by hybriding (it would take 9 points, same as getting a t3), and even get defensive matrix after (a bit redundant though, since the whole point of defense matrix is to make you micro your drones in and out of aggro in relation to the shield cooldown to keep them all healthy)
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    I suggest a very good in depth study about game balance before any new class be introduced.

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