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Discussion in 'Archive' started by YetiSwarm, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Both of these criminals are getting permanently banned. I'm really tired of hearing complaints from various players and community members about these two constantly spewing inflammatory posts within chat channel and players getting VK'd by them and some other bank cheat/hacker when they are in game with them.

  2. grandmarshal

    grandmarshal New Member

    how about squizle? never see him often though...
  3. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me. cant accuse anyone of hacking/cheating if you dont "see" them on. That is something Mossy would do and he would accuse innocent players of hacking and outright tk them. Squizle is an active player and I see him on frequently.

    SALVIR New Member

  5. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Both Screen shots of the Two Salvir (different player id for each Screen shot) are provided as proof that both of that has an illegal bank file.

    Screen shots done lie. Sentence for you is DEATH.



    Also requesting on of the mods ban this retard from forums. I'm tired of dealing with this guy.

    SALVIR New Member

    Please tell me what I did to deserve a forum ban, assuming you actually need a valid reason and can't ban someone simply because you're tired of dealing with them.
  7. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    Yeah Im sure i did this wrong but there bank numbers thing is in there. Gl
  8. LordFond

    LordFond Well-Known Member

    Damn it! I'd like to report one person but i can't add images, it keeps telling me "The specified thread does not exist". Can anyone explain me where i am wrong and how to save images?
  9. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    click new reply, choose files, add attachment and you should be good.
  10. LordFond

    LordFond Well-Known Member

    Name: ERROR
    Server: EU
    ID: 2-S2-1-3285157

    This guy with 18k xp has BO insignia and 4 weapons mod althought he gained only 11k credits and has 0 medals.

    [attachment=2006] [attachment=2007]
  11. Devilish

    Devilish New Member

    More proof of Salvir advertising porn + Terran using the swastika

    p.s:I'm not sure if this is the thread for this otherwise just move it.
  12. grandmarshal

    grandmarshal New Member

    think we all have enough experience and proof of his...sheer stupidity (*** for lack of better description)

    just send this pictures to customer service as what Extifer mentioned here....this is real hard evidence though ... p?tid=1158
  13. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Gunnar says he was banned from the forum. Has he caused problems on the forum at some point or been disrespectfully raging about being put in the CW via posts on the forum?
  14. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    I don't know about him being banned from the forums.

    However, he is getting banned from playing NOTD for taking Recon's bank file. He was mentioning that he's not going to be banned cause he know's Ability and will email him to not get banned. It doesn't work that way around here.
  15. Thermidor

    Thermidor Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure he's not been banned from the forum. He hasn't even activated his account, nevermind posted. ... le&uid=706

    Edit: Assuming his forum account name is the same as his sc2 name.
  16. Harry B.C. Dresden

    Harry B.C. Dresden Well-Known Member


    Frequent tking on purpose, deliberately ending games with leavers and minis.

    this schmuck afked for first 10 ish minutes. i try to fight through waves at starport to get over there when i notice. he dies. throughout game he badmouths and attacks people with kitty.

    during black ops attacked me. i move away. using his goliath at end kills me when im shooting bo's. proceeds to kill the remaining people who lived through bo's when queen is arriving.

    he then says he doesnt care he rarely plays. upon questioning him on his rating of 1210. he says he doesnt care and will do it again.

    insults me telling my 1855 isnt worth shit. and its not far from 1210

    you cant get 1210 without tking a lot. ive personally seen him tk at least 4 times. he has 5 wins at 1850 ish exp.
  17. grandmarshal

    grandmarshal New Member

    gentle reminder that this is a CW rebuttal thread for hackers and cheaters, not a grieving thread...please try to stay on topic...

    thank you
  18. MissHumpz
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    MissHumpz NOTD Staff: Event Coordinator & Amazing Amazer

    I don't see any harm in posting this here for Extifer and the community to see.

    This Whitaker player has little regard for the game and may even resort to hacking to improve his stats that he is obnoxiously ruining for himself.
  19. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    So, yeah.. Can I at least be unbanned from the game to play it solo? o.-

  20. Mirage
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    Mirage ಠ_ಠ What are you looking at?

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