Community Watch Discussion and Rebuttal Thread

Discussion in 'Archive' started by YetiSwarm, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Miracle
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    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    I beg to differ, you had the chance to defend yourself a while ago while ban system was not yet implemented, why did you only appear after you receive the ban? Besides, you had many chances to contact Ability directly on the forum instead of hopelessly waiting for him to appear on the channel.

    No comment... Most likely because:
    1. You don't know how, or...
    2. You did it on purpose and trying to cover your crimes with an unconvincing defence, what are the chance that you retain just credit rewards and lose all the exp on a corrupted bank file?

    That's quite normal, I've seen a few people with just 1k experience that plays much better than so-called 'vets' with 20-50k experience.
  2. Reaper

    Reaper Moderator/The Crimsonrine

    Everyone, enough speculating about names and all that has happened in the past. The case with Viper is dragging out for too long. The guy wants to come clean now and no one is helping. If you don't want to help then save your commentary.

    @Viper: Although the game boots you there should be a window period at the start where it doesn't unless the Devs got mean and bumped that time to be near-instant. You will have to take your screenshot in that time with your mouse hovering over your characters picture in the team bar which shows that all your stats have indeed been reset. You can either post up your screenshot for everyone to see or PM it to Extifer. Once your clean then do be aware that in future, should something like this happen or even similar no one is going to listen to you for we all know that are you aware of things work and that you should back up your Bank file on a regular basis and to a place that has a low chance of data loss or corruption.

    Edit: And it would seem the community forever casts Viper into damnation. Case Closed
  3. Lulz

    Lulz Well-Known Member

    you dont need surv wins to get ssm medal. I think i have seen him come up on this before but was deemed legit. I think more info is needed on this case
  4. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    You should look at his wins, I do know from the old forums, that he did get some glitch where he got two free Weapon Mods.

    Let's see what the community thinks of this guy.
  5. Cerhez

    Cerhez Well-Known Member

    wow I was about to post that in the forum but idk if he was bank corrupted or if he hack but gona left some pictures of that guy if someone is interested.
  6. MissHumpz
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    MissHumpz NOTD Staff: Event Coordinator & Amazing Amazer

    Why does Mossy only have 1k xp?
    Its only 3 weapon mods btw, not 6.
  7. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Hes an old player
  8. kurtsaidwhat

    kurtsaidwhat New Member

    I am already off of watchlist, if u wanna check, go to look at the post from a year ago rofl.

    All these scrubs hating on me cause I'm too pro. Get on my level, u 2 jelly.

    Listen to the guy who thinks I have 6 weapon mods LOL

    Edit: also OnlyLiveOnce is my credit run buddy. Don't go posting random people like n00bz because u don't know how awesome they are

    Edit2: Oh wait, the posts on me aren't even there anymore cause they so old rofl
  9. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Well-Known Member

    Please don't use that form of English please. Even though you are legit, such ranting of jelly/n00bz/too pro reeks of cancer causing postage
  10. Yuey
    • Warden

    Yuey Warden

    :/ What's with the sudden influx of localvoiders in SEA? Not that I'm complaining much since I now actually get to do something as a warden. But it was all quiet for months and then suddenly 4 reports in 2 weeks.
  11. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Welcome to my world.....
  12. Viper

    Viper New Member

    How do i post a screen shot?
  13. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    Click on the [Reply] Button to arrive in the full editor screen for replying.

    Then upload the Screenshot that you took of your files as an attachment, and insert the attachments into the bottom of your post.

    Then post your reply.
  14. Viper

    Viper New Member

    I would love to prove i have deleted my bank file but when i try to post the screen shot it says the image is too big an can only post something that is 500 kilobytes. If you want you can join a private match and see that i did delete my bank file.
  15. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    Then upload it on an image hosting site, then post the direct link to here.
  16. Viper

    Viper New Member

  17. David

    David Well-Known Member

  18. Batman

    Batman New Member

    If anyone remembers my old ID was Chickenbutt
  19. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    breakDown is onlyLiveOnce and he is legitimate as far as I am aware and he's a really old player which is why his credits are the way they are.
  20. Lulz

    Lulz Well-Known Member

    tis sad really.. i remeber when diego started prolly close to a year ago (i have an odd memory like that) sad to see him fall off after being good for so long
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