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Discussion in 'Archive' started by YetiSwarm, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. YetiSwarm
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    YetiSwarm Member

    With a new Community Watch Page comes a new page for discussion about that thread. This thread is for the discussion of Community Watch ideas and for the accused to offer their rebuttals.

    Although this is a separate thread from Community Watch, please note the following rules still apply:

    Do's and Don't's
    1.No flaming/insulting/trolling/etc. other anyone, including but not exhaustive of: people who report you, people you are reporting or anyone else.
    2.This is not a thread to report noob players.
    3.This thread is purely for discussion and rebuttals
    4.Do not stray off topic or report hackers here. Report them here[hr]

    Recently more information has come to light on Bacana - please see the posts in the Community Watch thread on him. Still no solid proof that he's a hacker, but it certainly seems like he is now.
  2. Nick

    Nick New Member

    I often exercise my voting rights and try to avoid playing with hackers. Thus, I do hope that the hacker list is correct - validated with concrete proof and collaborated by multiple named witnesses.

    Kicking, killing and calling names at innocent players are not good for the community. I don't want to be doing that due to false accusations in the forums.

    I understand that there are a lot of players who migrate between servers. Sometimes staying in a server for long periods of time before migrating back. And might use different names. I suggest that we encourage players to post their name and server details so that it will be easier to keep track of the new hackers. Better still use account ID to avoid overlapping or similar names.
  3. Nick

    Nick New Member

    I recall seeing aceace in SEA NOTD channel. If he is not hacking medals, credits or mods, I don't think he is hacking xp. I suppose he farmed his 10k before moving to NA. Other SEA players please confirm if this is true. Or maybe drag aceace to this forum to post his SEA replays.
  4. Froblock

    Froblock Well-Known Member

    Not sure about aceace
    I accused him of one game and he said all he did was pub.
    I checked his wins-xp-avg game xp, it checks out if that was all he did.
    Still a bit suspicious though.
  5. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I don't believe anything should be done to aceace yet. While he may seem suspicious, we can't convict him without definite proof.
  6. Clown
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    Clown Well-Known Member

    What was the name of those outraged bank sharing twins? Jeriah and... something, I think.
  7. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    Surgend, and they're lovers, not twins. Maybe both.
  8. Nicarco
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    Nicarco Warden

    How can they have separate accounts then?:huh:
    Also, let's not stray too off topic here.
  9. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Reaper, if you have the time, it would be very helpful to have each of the names in the first post linked to the evidence presented against them. Many times I've been in a game or lobby with someone I know to be on the list, but I get in the game I see nothing wrong with their statistics. I'm less likely to blindly trust the list, as I don't really trust some of the previous mods of the CW (mossy), and I know that much of the current list was just imported from the previous thread.

    Also, shouldn't this thread be stickied so it stays easily accessible to those who find themselves reported and want to make their rebuttal or whatever?
  10. Kage

    Kage Member

    Are you looking at the correct picture?Cause I removed Duran's SS as I mixed up the Screenshot with TOYKIDO's stats.
  11. Nomanbehind

    Nomanbehind New Member

    Hii Kage

    I'm only vouching for the player Duran, NOT Toykido. I must've played over 100 games with Duran now and continue to believe that Duran is not a hacker and that he legitimately earned his 27k xp (this is what I meant when i said 20k xp experience in my previous post).

    Although its not a big deal, but his name being on this list must be embarrassing for him. It also unjustly paints duran in a bad light for anyone who sees the list and cares wether or not they will share a game with someone who hacks.

    As for Toykido all I can say is I played one pub with him where he was on 3.5k xp. Few days later he said something about finding his "old bank file" and lo and behold he was 80k xp in a private sec game I hosted. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and asked him to lead the sec team, hoping to draw from his 80k experience. To which he replied he has never done sec before and declined. As the game progressed I started paying attention to the way he plays more and more. In short Toykido is not even at the skill level of most 7k xp players I know.

    In conclusion lol I believe:

    DURAN - off hacker list
    TOYKIDO - remains on list

  12. TheMadTecha

    TheMadTecha New Member

    I am also a SEA player with roughly 20k xp and i have played many games with duran in pub and private and believe he got his xp legitemtly as i have been playing with him for some time.
    Also, two other players on SEA do seem suspecious to in that Toykido has an extremely high xp yet i have never played with him in pub or private, further more i never seen in him the channel and he as seemed to appear suddenly.
    The secondly player i wish to mention is a player named Warbandit who does play pub and seemed to get his 1st 5k xp legitemtly. However yesterday his xp jumped from 5k xp to 19k xp overnight. During the game he said that he had somehow got fenix's bank file from Toykido who got it from fenix. To me this is greatly offfencive to any1 who gain their xp through hard work.
    If some1 could double check my information that would be helpful, or if they could tell me how to post tje replay that would also be helpful.

    P.S. Arbitar was in the game with me and should of noticed what i did.
  13. Arbiter

    Arbiter Well-Known Member

    I was definatly in game to witness this convosation. This TOYKIDO (All cap username I beleve) player on SEA seems like a very suspicious player, with everchanging xp. He is most likely a hacker, whom seems to be assisting others in obtaining non ligitimate bank files. I will be keeping a close watch on him from now on.

    @TheMadTecha, Replay of game attached.
  14. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    In terms of chanlionroar being on the hacker list. I personally spoke to him yesterday about the matter. He told me that his weapon mods are from the credit exploit back in the day and his old bankfiles that managed to survive the bank wipe. Anyways, I do believe him in regards to the exploit because a similar case did occur within the old forums in regards to a player named "kurtsaidwhat".

    He was basically able to do the same thing a while back to get weapon mods and unfortunately too he was put on the hackerlist as well, until ability checked his bank files and deemed them okay. Most of the vets here should be familar with that case.
  15. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Does chanlionroar use all of his weapon mods or only the ones he has legitimately earned (if there are any)?
  16. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    I personally got to farm up to 7 mods with him before (old Apollo 1man and then later the 3 man cred runs). Was 30k+ exp by the end of it
    then the credit wipe happened.
    Chan was at 50k+ exp then. Anyone care to do the math?

    We farmed with Hongbearr,Gunnar and a few others then switching people on whoever was online so it'll probably be little higher.
  17. Shooz
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    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    ChanlionROAR is an older ember than all of you. He's not a hacker because I've plenty of games played with him fr a long while. He took a long break and is now back to enjoy pubbing.
  18. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    Siding with Shooz on this one. Mostly because I gained more than half of my exp playing with the guy so I know he doesn't like bank mutilators either.

    That he managed to retain his weapon mods through the wipe is fortunate.
    That some were from the credit exploit, another issue.

    Will vouch for the legitimacy of at least 7 of his mods though.

    If the 1man-3man Apollo cred runs are an "exploit" to you, then I'm going ahead and saying Ability gave us the "go ahead" when we first reported to him that it was possible to gain credits with small teams in Apollo.

    Ended up like the 35 stat point valentine's bonus. While it was there, go ahead and use it. When it was gone, well, it was gone.
  19. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member


    A just in case test to see if it still works as well.
  20. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I was able to duplicate the bug kitsune found. The link from the CW thread automatically logs you out. As such can we please just sticky this thread so that people don't have to go by way of the link?
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