Community Watch (2012)

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Reaper, Feb 5, 2012.

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  2. Pyromaniac

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    RE: Community Watch

    Harry - NA

    localvoid bank

  3. Valdes

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    RE: Community Watch

    Thaddeus - NA

    Also has white colored change and Terra-Tron model in addition to the blatantly hacked stats.
  4. rake

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    RE: Community Watch


    localvoid bank
  5. fox

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    RE: Community Watch

    Protossrush, SEA.

    This bank looks familiar?

    Gunship requested at coordinate...err I mean immediate ban requested for this player.

    SS below:


    EDIT: I posted in a haste, didnt notice that this player was previously reported but no actions taken. Yuey/Abi could you please move him to the brig. The evidence is quite clear...
  6. RawrBeezy

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    RE: Community Watch

    NA Server - Zach

    Imo i think this guys a hacker cuz his medals look so even and with all those lvl 3 medals and no points in moh, seems pretty fishy to me. But He could be some player that popped up. Since i haven't been on for a while and don't know any of the new players. I'll let you guys confirm if he's a hacker or not.
  7. Reaper

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    RE: Community Watch

    [align=center]Several Posts Deleted
    Once again we go on this trip. I have been threatening in the past to warn/ban members for what they do here but now I am going to do it. I am creating a Whack List and putting it up on my wall next to my poster of The Stig. Its going to work on a 5 strike basis and what you do determines the strike. You wont be told of your number of strikes ever. If you want to know how close you are to getting into trouble, post several off-topic posts and find out.

    Q: But Reaper, why not just move the posts to the Community Watch and Rebuttal Thread instead of just deleting them?

    A: It is not my responsibility to ensure that people who can read and are mature enough to babysit their posts and make sure it is in the right place. If you want your argument to be taken seriously or have any credit to it, follow the rules. My attitude to watching over peoples posts is very much like this.

  8. Reaper

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    RE: Community Watch

    Kybou (2-S2-1-2812234)
    EU Server
    The Bank


    So he got killed by me and elPuncho and he was all like "wtf? What you doing?" and blah, we accuse him, he lols to trolls and leaves shortly afterwards.
  9. Miracle
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    RE: Community Watch

    It appears that both tacoriffic and chaoster (both are in community watch under the NA section) is still at it with their modified bank.


    (chaoster's player ID is 1-S2-1-2872391)
  10. Arcelia

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    RE: Community Watch

    dotaTwo NA Server
    ID: 1-S2-1-3514029
    I thought he was already on the list but unless im blind it doesnt seem that he is.
    Anyways the bank is obviously not legit.
    He also ended up team killing me and another innocent bystander. :(
  11. Fenicex

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    Possible Hacker

    Hello , this guy JoeKickAss is probably a hacker. Here some screenshots done in game with stats and Id number
  12. rake

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    RE: Community Watch

    As requested by Ghost, here is some info:

    JoeKickAss - EU
  13. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

  14. ArcturusV

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    RE: Possible Hacker

    Also: Good job at snagging all the relevant screen shots.
  15. Fenicex

    Fenicex Well-Known Member

  16. Firetruck

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    RE: Community Watch

    "lilb" on NA
    Never seen him before he has 166k exp :S with like a rating of around 1676

    here's the link to the album of evidence

    He wasn't too disruptive.. took some armours/weapons that he didn't need but still required punishment imo.
  17. Blaqk
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    RE: Community Watch

    Hey folks. You have Computer on the list but no ID. Here's a shitton of info on him. I'll upload other screenshots if you want but he's already on the list.

    He's still making excuses for his illegitimate gains and he decided to ruin what could have been the perfect pub for a few new players with pure, inexcusable stupidity. I'd ban him if I were you.
  18. YetiSwarm
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    RE: Community Watch

    New hacker using the localvoid bank. Immediate ban recommended.

    dkd (NA) 1-S2-1-2983952
  19. NunSei

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    RE: Community Watch

    Cooper(EU): 160k guy, I had never seen him before, I looked at his medals and well, it's self-explanatory.

  20. Pyromaniac

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    RE: Community Watch

    And thus another fish takes the bait


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