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  1. David

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    I'm hoping your comments aren't addressed at me. My main point in posting was to address that the shotgun does not work the way you claim it does. The damage search is only done in the primary radius template, not the rest. Also, the shotgun will not do 2-3k a hit like you claim, not even close. Does the shotgun still destroy massive units/everything? Yes. If you want to argue damage mechanics with me, you will lose.

    Factor these things in, the pistol has a 0.3 equip time, the shotgun has a 2.2 equip time, the pistol has a 1 second reload time, the shotgun has a 4 second reload time. When chasing down Eli as she runs it's good to have the extra range, and the pistol will ramp up adrenaline faster than a shotgun (it is not because Eli "isn't massive"...Eli IS massive)

    Personally against Tart I would roll with a flamer/shotgun because OPSmando with a shotgun is one of the most OP things in the game (throw in stun and AOE). Against Eli I might opt for a pistol, but practically you wouldn't have the space to carry both + a flamethrower. You make it seem like the answer to the question "what kills tart/eli the fastest" is a no brainer, when in fact there are a lot of things to consider. Does the question really need to be answered? No, because both guns destroy both bosses.

    My general rule is that the shotgun is king against any unit classified as massive. Is there the possibility that there might be a gun in a certain situation that will outdo the shotgun? yes...could it be the pistol because of the factors listed above? maybe. This is more about critical thinking than the fact that your emotions are being fired up because people aren't agreeing with you. But anyways, you've peaked my interest I'll make a comparison of pistol to SG damage on tart to calm your emotions.
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  2. David

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    So it turns out my suspicion was correct - the pistol does significantly more damage than a shotgun against tart. I'll make a new thread soon.
  3. TheWolf
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    which lays claim to the evidence why mando always gives sg to assault^^
  4. squish

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    Actually, if used correctly, the shotgun ramps up adren to maximum against eli in 3 or 4 shots. Wait for the first batch of eggs to pop, then adren and fight.
  5. David

    David Well-Known Member

    haha sorry squish I was going over my numbers before posting, i made a pretty big error. The shotgun is still king :)
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    I remember when that thing was a newbie trap. The damage was atrocious (55 + 15 to massive if I remember correctly) and nothing about it worked like it should.

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