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Discussion in 'Strategy and Tactics' started by Lord NiteShade, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Hey kids, look what I got around to updating

    I'll add more later when Delta's more finalized. I do look forward to Razor Wire, based on Peera's laser wire demonstration. All I can say is even unfinished, I find it far superior to Subcomm, anyone who says otherwise either hasn't given it a fair chance or is stuck in a selfish rambo's mentality. The role of disabler was long unfilled in earnest, and I find it a welcome change of pace. There's still balance issues to iron out, particularly around The Horror, but I find it minor.

    Edit: If it hasn't updated for you, Blame wikia. Damn server's been slow as of late. Looks fine for me... /founder.

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