Command: -tl (removed)

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by ProbeGst, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    sorry to ask this but why is the command: -teamlocation (removed?)
    i didn't see anywhere WHY it need to be removed.
  2. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    No real reason other than Executive Meddling. I guess to encourage players to use X->Q.
  3. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    Maybe because of my post in NOTD Suggestions.

    In short, -tl needs no more effort to use than x+q (esp with macro) and costs no energy. It was also more reliable than x+q which has now been fixed.

    Why have x+q cost energy or be on the command card if you got -tl afterall. It was a relic.
  4. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    It's still useful for new players, and it uses an inconceivably small amount of the maps overall memory, there's no real reason to remove it. The vast bulk of experienced players simply remove on to XQ anyways, so its more like training wheels. It's primarily just there for new players or the inexperienced.
  5. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    -tl is also more obvious. X>Q is relatively unknown, considering that it's hidden in a submenu. If you want to argue for balance, then X>Q needs to reveal team location regardless of fog of war or difficulty, considering that it costs energy.
  6. JAW

    JAW Well-Known Member

    Perhaps leave the x>q as it is, but outfit recon with a more powerful version of it (full map range), as an innate that costs slightly more energy.
  7. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Generally the problem with -tl was that you'd use it even spam it while low on energy due to it being free while for X+Q you wouldn't be able to use with say short circuit and the like.

    x+q has no advantage nor disadvantage to -tl outside of costing 2 energy. And as far as I know we can't make text commands cost energy.
  8. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    i can see why: -vk 1
    player has kicked noob
    player: why i lost 200 energy?
  9. Jercy

    Jercy Well-Known Member

    Yeah I was kinda surprised by this change, but wasn't too much of a big deal for me. I just see a lot of new players being lost because of this.
  10. Theter

    Theter New Member

    Why should x+q cost energy ?
  11. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Well it shows you where your allies are, partially negating the issues of not having shared vision.
  12. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    because newbies don't have any map awerness like the most people who are used to shared sight.
  13. YetiSwarm
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    YetiSwarm Member

    Finally the screen will have a little less clutter. Next step: remove the -c command. All it does is clear 1 person's screen at the expense of 7 other people's. I've seen where multiple people clear over and over to get rid of each others -c's from their screen.
  14. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Spacing out the text overloads (Mining Colony logs) would help...
  15. fox

    fox New Member

    Think of it as operating electronic devices to ping your nearby allies, which would naturally cost energy.

    Whoever gets snookered by 2en needs to work on his/her energy management...
  16. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    Well unless they have sc which is such a pain.
  17. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    or to locate u when ur hugged
  18. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    You weren't supposed to be able to tl while hugged anyhow. Exploit removed, ppl cry.
  19. fox

    fox New Member

    That will teach them to stick with the team.

    I won't bother saving someone's ass if he/she tries to rambo while having sc.

    And seriously....xq/tl isn't the best way to identify your location in dire situation like being hugged. People panic ping instead (and it doesnt cost energy)
  20. Mirage
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    Mirage ಠ_ಠ What are you looking at?

    I've actually noticed sometimes -tl works when X->Q doesn't.

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