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Discussion in 'Night of the Dead: Aftermath' started by Kith, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Either the servers are old or the connection is crap, but I can't get any better than two solid seconds of command delay in my WCIII games, which drives me absolutely nuts. Anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this?

    It's kinda ruining :AM for me. I mean, the nostalgia is nice, but I'm getting real frickin' tired of getting eaten because my marine refuses to turn around. At this point, the most effective thing I can do is play a Professional Pet because at least then I can take a ton of hits.
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    Its the connection between you and the server. E.g. When I go kr I get 1 second delay. When I go sea na eu no delay. Some get delay on sea and kr. Etc. Amplyfing dl/ul rate might help. Never really bothered to find out a solution for myself since I didn't really need it.

    Edit: also too much fps can cause this.

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