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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    If we must keep them, make them unselectable, similar to debris. That way you can click the crap out of them without changing your selected unit away from your marine. The result will be fewer missed reloads.

    The reason I made this its own thread, is I'd like to reopen the can of worms that was replacing clicklings.
  2. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    Make Psi ops kill them twice as fast; shes a psychic. It makes sense Lore-Wise. People have said it before, don't recall why it wasn't implemented / why it was invalidated.
  3. Lord NiteShade
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    The current clickings favor computers, keyboards, and mice with click macros. Having an enemy who by design can easily be beaten by an outside source or program is poor gameplay. Arcane has been using a 5 click macro to deal with them for eons now, mostly because we simply dont want to deal with clicks. So he's the designated "clicker".
  4. Zuriel

    Zuriel Well-Known Member

    ^which I feel, makes the clickling a weird enemy unit, and should be replaced.

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