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    Greetings. Welcome to the Unit Clan thread. UniT is the largest and oldest NOTD clan focused around SC2. Started in early 2011 by Diode as a way to group like-minded and skilled players into an organized body, we have survived almost 4 years and continued to add new members to our ranks. UniT members are to represent the upper crust of the community, all members are expected to fulfill the following criteria.
    1. Excellent community members. Above all else Unit members are expected to be shining examples to the community.
    2. Skilled. We only accept the best players, and all members must show either high performance or a strong desire to learn and improve themselves.
    3. Leaders. All members are expected to be capable leaders in their own right. Even if you do not leading, you should be more than capable of proving you can do so.
    4. Knowledgeable. All members are to be well versed in how NOTD works. Almost as important, they need to be able to communicate this and teach others when needed.

    UniT accepts any candidate for a tryout. All you need to do is pass a few basic criteria.
    1. Have an NOTD forum account. We expect all members to be active within the community, and a forum account gives us a place to message and interact with you outside of StarCraft II.
    2. Clean record. UniT does not condone hacking or bank tampering. Members marked records with the Wardens are not allowed tryouts. If you feel this is unfair message us personally or have your offenses stricken with the wardens.
    To apply, leave an application in this thread. Please include as many of the following as you can. At minimum name and availability:
    Note: Any pending applications are null and void. All players who wish to tryout, or re-tryout must resubmit an application. This is final.


    Rankings & Titles
    UniT is now implementing a refined rank system so that it's members can gauge their level of involvement and set goals to advance and do more. Obedience is expected according to rank. There will be different areas of involvement as well as you will soon read.

    The ranks and areas are as follows.

    Chapter Ranks:
    • Initiate - Fresh recruits who are newcomers to clan. They have no yet been properly trained up and are often in need of mentoring. An Initiates primary goal should be bettering themselves as a player and showing their loyalty to UniT by remaining active and dedicated in their first few weeks. Initiates should immediately rally to the call of a higher officer. After a full month of service Initiates are promoted to Battle Brother status unless otherwise noted.
    • Battle Brethren - Full fledged members who have shown time and dedication needed to earn this title. They are effective leaders, skilled players, and fully capable of being pillars of excellence within the community. Battle Brethren have no special duties other than continuing to serve. They are welcome to strive for higher positions if they have the drive to do so. After a full year of service they are promoted to a Captain as a sign of their longstanding service.
    • Old Guard - Elder members who are now relatively inactive. Unit members are not removed for inactivity, they are free to leave of their own choosing. But it is made note they are no longer around. Old Guard are absent from SC2 and the Forums, although they may still be active on Steam or other services. The primary purpose of this title is to group up members who are currently inactive within the NOTD community. After 2 months of general inactivity or at personal request, members are moved to the Old Guard.
    • Captain - Veteran members who have seniority on their side. They are active and longstanding Unit members who are elites even among their own ranks. They are born leaders and should be the first place new members go looking for advise. Captains should be active in organizing matches and driving recruitment. A Captain cannot advance further within the ranks unless they specifically apply to do so and make their case to senior leadership.
    • Company Commander - Highest echelon of Unit leadership. Picked from the oldest and most active members. In charge of administrative duties such as management, recruitment, and game coordination.
    • Chapter Master - Our esteemed founder and Clan Leader. Diode is the be all and end all for any clan decisions. All important matters go through him, but he is not part of day to day operations. He is also to be shown the utmost respect
    Within these ranks are two subset companies. Each designates players who strive to specific aspect of play. All Unit members are expected to be skilled on an individual level, but more is asked of them than that. They are expected to be knowledgeable of the game, able both to teach and to explain. They are also expected to be capable leaders, able to take command at a moments notice.

    In battle a Chaplain provides the unwavering leadership needed to guide men. He is firm in his beliefs and provides the moral support to lead others to victory. The title of Chaplain is given to the members of Unit who excel at leadership above all else. Regardless of their clan rank, they are hardened commanders who take pleasure in organizing games, leading campaigns, and pushing others to victory. They are tacticians and used to quick decision making and rapid reaction.

    Keepers of knowledge and walking encyclopedias. Librarians are the fountains of information who enjoy teaching more than leading. They are adept at planning and organization, taking into account possible scenarios and their execution. Librarians have adept knowledge of the game's inner workings, are adept at explaining difficult concepts and strategies. They are the members others go to with questions, they are the dedicated teachers and take great personal pleasure in seeing others learn and spread knowledge.

    Members who believe themselves worth of such titles should consider senior members or offer up a brief application on why they are deserving of said position. Titles are honorary and will be stripped if it's felt that player no longer fulfills the task he is entitled with.


    Members & Positions

    Below is a list of all current members and positions. Please keep list in Alphabetical order.

    Note: I'd like to add SC2 account names/ID numbers eventually.
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    Clan News: As you all know, we lost Shooz several weeks ago to longstanding issues regarding the forum and development team. While this technically did not involve UniT, he still chose to remove himself completely. As a result we currently have something of a void in leadership. Currently Blaqk, Miracle, and myself will be doing most of the day to day upkeep. However, if you would like to apply to assist with such duties and enter the ranks of the Company Commanders, message one of us all we'll discuss it at a later date.

    Membership is also at a curious position currently if you notice. We have many inactive players, most of which are floating in a state of limbo while they await the release of NOTD2. In the meantime, we need to increase our active numbers as well as increase the amount of new blood. As a result we should be seeing a recruitment drive to bolster our numbers. We have a lot of old players still active but not nearly enough fresh recruits to compensate for the Old Guard.

    Original Unit Thread for those interested.

    Current Applications:

    • unknown, NA & EU, schedule pending
    • In Game Name: Immortal
      Character Code: 555
      Experience: 45k
      Current Clan Tag: N0TD
      Best/Worse class: Ive played all classes decently well but least and probably worst is Chemical Expert
      GMT: -4 (EDT)
      Availability: Sat-Sun anytime

    Scheduled Tryouts:

    • Foehammer
  3. I would like to request the tryout again since you said one from last thread is useless
    Ign is unknown on both na and eu
    Usually active 7am gmt but I don't really have a schedule, and lately my computer has not been in good shape.
  4. Miracle
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    Oh great, somehow I was made a Company Commander? Oh the ever-increasing pile of responsibilities.... I'll do my best though but first, I need to stockpile extra paracetamols >.>

    Yep, just pulling from old thread to confirm that you're still interested. We can wait for you to solve your problems if you like, it's not a "must take tryout before expiry date" or anything.

    Can anyone contact Tarantula to see if he's still interested?
  5. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    I haven't seen him on line recently. I'll talk to him about his tryout. We have plenty of candidates right now, so it might be a week or so before we can get a tryout done for all of them.
  6. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Also Deadalus and Foehammer.
  7. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    I'm waiting on a reply from Deadalus right now so we can decide who has their tryout this Wednesday. If he hasn't replied by tomorrow I'll just set it up with FoeHammer.
  8. I found the problem, turns out it is my Internet having lag spikes thanks to isp. I guess I can have a go at 1:00 am utc -5 on Sunday (about 15 hours from now ) as I am usually unavailable on weekday (or variable schedule)
  9. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    Miracle and I should be online for that, but I'm not sure whoelse will be available at such short notice.
  10. Tarantula

    Tarantula New Member

    Hello, sorry. This past month has just been absolutely horrible, haven't had time for much of anything. This next week is dead week, so I should have some free time, but I have not been able to practice much at all lately. I'll see what my schedule looks like after finals as well, but by then I'll have a job and be working in a research lab. I hate to say it, but if I can't find a way to make it work, I may have to postpone trying out until next semester.

    I'll try to contact you when I learn more, Blaqk. Sorry again!
  11. Loganos

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    In Game Name: Loganos
    Character Code: #623
    Experience: 38k
    Current Clan Tag: N/A
    Best/Worst Classes: Best in order of preference: Psi Ops, Assault, Marksman, Engy, GS Pathfinder, Mando, Tank, Medic. Worst in order of preference Chem, Rofl, FO, Recon (Hate recon so much)
    Timezone: UTC-08:00 Pacific Time (US and Canada)
    Availability: Varies. Free most days at the moment except plans with friends/dates/volunteer obligations. Once a month National Guard obligations on a weekend. Will start college again in the Fall M-Th and will probably be free most evenings and most weekends.
    Comments: PM me on here if you want a game with me, I have other games I play and don't usually like waiting over an hour in the lobby for someone to host a game.
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  12. Clown
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    Clown Well-Known Member

    Old with gray hairs. I'm too young to die!
  13. Blessedhunt

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    In Game Name:Blessedhunt
    Character Code:503
    Experience:3k ish
    Current Clan Tag:
    Best/Worse Classes:worst medic all others decent
    Availability:random work schedule
    Added Note: Don't like to tank
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  14. so i finally finished exams (yay!! :D) and i have some free time now (finally) after some weeks break, i want to schedule the tryout, basically i am free all day now, when can you gather the unit ? (please note i am at GMT +2 + summer time and i am an early sleeper 11 at most)
    PS since i had a few weeks break i will probably not be used to all the stuff which happened recently i will try to get used to it quickly for tryout
    edit: i remembered to put those at last
    In Game Name: Unknown
    Character Code:unknown.105@2 and unknown.1644@1 (According to account folder)
    Experience: 12271
    Current Clan Tag:
    Best/Worse Classes: i think my best classes are mm, tech, assa, recon sometimes and sometimes engi. Guess my worst are chemo (no one likes me to play it so no xp with it :D) and demo. but as i always say I can fill any class just not as good as my favorites
    (GMT +2 (+1 daylight saving) )
    Availability: daily except Friday for now but i am an early sleeper
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2014
  15. Pyromaniac

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    I have awaken

    *but will probably be busy until after the fourth
  16. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Well-Known Member

    I would also appreciate having a title other than old guard now that I am back
  17. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

  18. Clown
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    Moar necro

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  19. Thirteen

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    is this game dead? where the old peepz
  20. VickHead
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    VickHead Mercenary

    Some are still around. Hop on the "unofficial" discord, but be aware the rude peeps you mentioned are prevolent there too.

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