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    在星际2中国服务器的NOTD现在由DangerAngel汉化与上传,似乎他对地图进行了一些个人改动,和原版不一样的地方。例如:Recon的Supply Station技能结束后留下1个Magazines。Marksman的技能Stealth增加10%武器伤害。我并没有美国服务器帐号,所以无法确认这些改动是否同步或者合理。

    In StarCraft 2 Chinese server NOTD now by DangerAngel Chinese melts and upload, he seems to be a map made some personal changes, and the original is not the same place. For example: Recon Supply Station skills leave after 1 Magazines. Marksman skills Stealth increases 10% weapon damage. I am not the United States of America server account, so could not confirm whether these alterations are synchronous or reasonable.
  2. Ghost
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    As far as I am aware, there is no official supported version of NOTD on the Chinese server.

    Depending on Blizzard, you may be able to play the official version when GlobalPlay is implemented - however I do believe the current situation is that the Chinese server would not gain access to GlobalPlay
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    It seems the Chinese server NOTD map do not get the NOTD official authorization.

    The Chinese server NOTD Map has without confusing map code.So he can be altered.
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    You should try talking to the creator in china then.

    Side note: hahaha <3 I love this guy.
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    It is unlikely that SC 2 NOTD officially support any other servers apart from EU, NA and SEA, as Ability is the one who uploads them, and I don't think he has access to other servers. Korean has tried for their map versions once but since Abi doesn't have access so they don't get it (Unless he does now)
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    The Chinese map isn't officially supported. The last I played it (mid-2012), you spawned with a full armory of weapons at starting point.

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