Chemical Experts Class Restablized

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  1. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    Chemical Experts will utilize heavy use of venoms, and synergize it with his skills, his tier 1 of Desolation Tree will deal minor damage, but will cause venoms on enemy, his tier 2 and 3, without any venom stacks, will deal only amount of damage to other dps classses (like OSOK, Storm etc.), but venom will tips the balance into CE's favor, for example, Melt will deal only 450 damage to a single unit (+50% against massive), but for each venom stacks on the target, it suffers +50 damage, this synergy will allow CE to dish out over 1k damage if used properly.

    Now you ask ain't this OP?, no it's not, for the bosses of the Sec Team, each having IMBA amounts of hit points, and there's already a lot of skills that also dishes out 1k+ damage, let alone a weapon that deals overwhelming damage (cough)

    Ok, now we have the reason why we must take this class to the Locu..zombies.


    The Unit and Desolation Tree coding is completed, with minor adjustment for leveling required.

    Concept : Unlike most other classes, Toxin Trooper is designed to be either a very powerful DPS class or a very powerful supportive class using various chemical stuffs to buff his allies. He has above average hit points and armor plating, but he can't withstand excessive fire.

    Description : Chemical Soldiers are expert in the field of chemical weapons and technologies, their knowledge helps the squad in both heavy fire support and chemical augments to boost friendlies. For the actual lore, see below

    History :
    It was not until the late 2090s that the Chemical-based armored infantry was becoming popular due to former restrictions prohibiting the use of lethal toxin and chemical industries, however, after the explosion of toxic waste facility in 2092 at Hercules Bay, the following incident results in valuable resources being destroyed and many areas were left with radiation, UGC finds that a group of chemical experts be deployed in Apollo Colony, at first the nexus took days to consider this case, as the colonists are questioning of the use of lethal chemical and the investment will be quite high, this however was soon solved as the first batch of Chemical Expert Teams quickly make short work of the chemical waste left from the explosion and thus a sight of heavily armored scientist clad in green can be generally seen around Apollo Lab and Bio-Domes.

    Another responsibility of Chemical Expert Team is to invent new means of nano-technology and chemical drugs, while UGC Medic Division is equipped with technologies that has been guaranteed for safety and secure, the Chemical Expert Teams equips themselves with stuffs that is either a prototype or drugs that may have unusual side-effects, the most recent technology invented by the team is the VRL Prototype, which UGC plans to utilize them around Apollo, which would eliminate the needs of any other medical tools, the schedule for testing is however, postponed due to zombie outbreak.

    However, their plans are to be on hold, as with the alarms and sirens ringing everywhere, they grab their pistols, for they know something has just gone wrong, as they emerges from their lab, they found the cities of Apollo in chaos with "highly-toxicated biological lifeforms" everywhere, they met with the local security team, and decides they have to "cleanse" their way to the rescue. Whether you'll become a deadly desolator or a friendly little but nasty chemical supporters is up to them now.

    [Image: Screenshot2011-10-2914_57_11.jpg]

    [Class Information]
    Hit Points : 230
    Energy : 140
    Shields : 40
    Armor : 3
    Movement Speed : 2.2
    Inventory Slot : 6
    Equipment Slot : 3
    Energy Regen Rate : Same as Demo
    Class Weight : Heavy

    [Specific Information]
    Model : Merc Rauder - Completed
    Voice : Urun (tuned up to sound more human - Completed
    Story : Apollo Security Team
    Replaces : Demolition Experts
    Requirements : 2k xp (u need 2k to play sec anyway)
    Starting Weapon : Pistol (As all ever classes)

    Innate Skills : Toxin Trooper is, of course, immune to venom, and is more tolerate to hits like the medic, but is not so solid as the Tech.

    His chemical knowledge also allows him to perform a more advanced version of anti-venom, with longer range and suffers no energy loss, due to it using the energy reserves from his suits, Anti-Venom of both medic and CE can be used to neutralize the effects of Ground Support Tree skills.

    Zombie Resistance : Zombie will only get a maximum stacks of 10 venom due to their natural resistance.

    [Tree 1] - Desolator
    Tier 1-1 Desolation: - Releases a spray of chemical gas in a forward arc dealing the same damage 50/100/150, giving target venoms (Still has friendly-fire damage), at level 3 target receives 2 venom per strike.
    Energy : 20
    Cooldown : 3
    Friendly-Fire Possible, friendlies take 50% damage.

    Tier 1-2 : Contaminate - Poisons the area with deadly poison that melts away biological living targets, dealing 20/30/40 damage per second, lasts for 10 seconds, has an AOE of 4, cause targets to gain venom every 3/2.5/2 seconds . The concentration is high enough to effect air targets. Affects 50% damage to friendlies unit.
    Energy : 25
    Cooldown : 10
    Friendly-Fire Possible

    [Image: Screenshot2011-10-2914_57_30.jpg]

    Tier 2-1 : Chemical Synthesis - Reduces the energy costs of all skills (both trees) by 5/10.
    Passive Skill

    Tier 2-2 : Melt ! - Throws a deadly chemical bolt on a single target, dealing base damage of 225/450 with 1.5 radius + 50 per venom stacks, the acid melts away target's armor by 2/4, the bolt will bounce and continue to deal 25% and 50% and 75% less damage on the nearest 3 targets respectively (or bounce back to first target in case only 1 target exists)
    Energy : 30
    Cooldown : 8

    [Image: Screenshot2011-10-2914_57_55.jpg]

    Tier 3 : Scorched Earth - Unleashes 12 chemical missiles on target location, each causing 150 damages + 25 per each venom stacks, has a large casting range, care must be taken as friendly fire is possible.
    Energy : 50
    Cooldown : 40
    Friendly-Fire Possible


    [Tree 2] - Ground Support.

    Tier 1-1 : Pacifism Aura - Chemical Experts releases a constant streams of chemical substances that neutralize aggressiveness, any zombies attacking allies within the vicinity has a 10/15/20 % chance to stop attacking for a second, similar fashion to look!.
    Passive Skill

    Tier 1-2 : Shrinker - Charges a special beam that reduces the size of target units, increasing their movespeeds by 30/60/90%, but also suffers damage penalty by the same amount, shrinked targets also has reduced threats, allowing for tactical use on allies, or on enemies with high threat but cannot be killed (like straying infestor during hold-out), it can also be used to completely nerf zombie's dps, where movement speed won't help them. Effects of Shrinker lasts for 15 seconds or until cured by AV.
    Energy : 20
    Cooldown : 6

    Tier 2-1 : Penance - Causes the target to gain 50/100% damage bonus but suddenly reduces their armor to 0 and neutralize it's health regenerative capabilities. (Meaning it can be used to kill troll units like Sentinel, or units without weapons like Hades First Form or Infestors. Effects last for 15 seconds or until cured by AV.
    Energy : 40
    Cooldown : 10

    Tier 2-2 : Energy Overload - By using a special tool, Chemical Experts can quickly buffs a target's energy regeneration by 2/4 % every seconds up to 15 seconds, while at the same time, the amounts of energy overloading also causes them to move surprisingly slower by the same amount every seconds, target is also incapable of using any skills during the period. Effects last for 15 seconds or until cured by AV.
    Energy : 30
    Cooldown : 15

    Tier 3 : VRL-177 - Chemical Soldiers fires the Virus Removal Laser in a straight line dealing 150 damage to zombies and additional 50% damage for any aliments stacked on them (which will also cured them instantly, this including stun effects), light zombies, cocoons of any forms and nydus worms are destroyed immedietly due to their fragile system.

    Any allies caught in the laser beams is cured of all aliments save for SC, and gains 50% boost in attack and movement speeds for 10 seconds.

    VRL requires 2 seconds charging time before unleashing , maximum range is 10, the laser is 1 radius wide.
    Energy : 40
    Cooldown : 25 seconds
  2. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    Since Chem Experts was given an innate AV skill, wouldn't this make medic even more useless in Sec (and even other stories when randomed)

    In terms of balancing, Chem Expert's AV could/should work differently, i.e. place a debuff on units after it uses AV (like slow them a bit temporarily) or make it higher cost/cooldown.
  3. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    Just played a pub game with randomed Chem Experts.
    I went for the Right Tree.

    Generally the gameplay was fine, but there were a number of bugs I posted in the bug list.

    In terms of balance, Energy Transfer energy regeneration is much too high. I cast it on a nano medic and he could heal himself faster with heal than he was losing energy.
    Note that 0.8 energy per second is better than 2 arcs for a very small loss of health regen. Arc = 0.33 energy per second. Even Engie's battery is only 0.3.

    VRL-122. Very very effective on allies as it cures all stacks. In fact, it makes the Chem better than the medic at fixing ailments and at much lower cost too. Combine with innate AV skill and medic can hang their hats. Against enemies it was very lacklustre even when they had max venom stacks. On queen it even healed her, though that might be a feature of venom in general somehow. Check replay in bug list.

    Shrink + Penance is kind of a free ms and dmg buff. You are so fast that nothing can hit you and deal a lot of damage. Only needs lvl1 shrink too.
    I'd rather the damage debuff on shrink is constant on all 3 levels but the speed bonus increases.
  4. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Isnt shrinker working in REVERSE currently, upping damage instead of lowering?
  5. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    No it decreased damage for me
  6. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    Ok, from playtesting, he's very annoying with low energy regeneration, suggest upgrading his energy regeneration to be abit higher, prolly on same level as MM and Recon's, he's atm can barely support energy to sprint XD.

    Also, please make Shrinker, Penance, Energy Overload can be cured by AV or VRL.

    And yes, now that Chem E can actually also cure aliments, it promtoes people to play Nano Med, or not playing Med, which is good, a game shouldn't REQUIRE you to have a FA medic to be effective, now medics can choose freely to go Nano or FA.
  7. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    I found his energy regen just fine on the right tree and used energy transfer for the downtimes.
    Heck I was solo kiting queen and creeps across the map for 30 mins while crippled and had to spam penance and shrinker and didn't run overly low on energy. Did not use energy transfer much then, but did during holdouts.
    That skill is much too powerful.
    0.8 regen per stack for 5 max stack = 4 energy per second. Tech can go MotM infinitely with that with cockpit closed. Open cockpit and you gain energy while MotMing.

    What I feel it should be is:
    1: -0.4HP per second, +0.03 regen per stack
    2: -0.4HP per second, +0.06 regen per stack
    That means at 5 stack it is 0.3 regen - on par with Arc and Battery and still stacking with either. It also cannot be abused on a medic to gain energy faster than you spend healing the degeneration.
    On a Tech, it would still be fully negated by the nanite aura, but similarly not grant too much benefit.
  8. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    He needs higher base vision, and his inventory still isnt 6 slots. Either buff his regen or reduce the costs of almost all left tree skills.[hr]
    Um, that skill is obsolete. It's from peera first chem expert (pre-technician). I'm not sure how it was added in, but peera posted the new skills. The energy replacement is energy overload.
  9. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    Ghost, look at the new skill roster plz, Energy Transfer is the very very old skill, that was predicted to be OP from the start, but the new skill set was lost due to Forum Reset, so Abi ended up using it first.

    His Right Tree probably doesnt need energy buff, but Left tree does, considering he neeeds to use them very frequently to stacks venoms and save for actually throw in the major dps skills, also, his primary story is Secuirty Team, and He;s gonna need that.
  10. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Ah, didn't notice that, sorry.
    I presumed since it was randomizable now, it was mostly finished and ready for testing and balancing.

    In that case, I think he should be taken out of the random pool again until the skills are finished.

    In terms of the unit model, it seems to fire a lot faster than it actually does in terms of the arm animation. Looks silly in fact. Maybe Peera can fix that?
  11. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    Major Bug Founded

    4 Words

    VRL Instant Kills EVERYTHING (Except allies)

    Erebos : I COME FOR YOU NO...<death>
    Lelantos : BWARRR..<Death>
    Black Ops : Gunship Reques.....<death>

    Not tested on Queen yet, cuz stupid Fane died first :.
  12. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    I tried it on Queen and she barely took a dent. Was I think 1k dmg with massive venom stack on her.
    I didn't have energy to cast on Erebos at that time.

    But I think it was a lot more major that somehow someway due to the skills I used on Queen, any spell damage we (me and nano medic) were doing to her actually didn't decrease her health but healed her by the same amount.
  13. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Well, with Energy Overload being the rework that it is, we don't need to rebalance MOTM's energy consumption at least.
  14. Peerawatz
    • Development Team

    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    His energy regeneration is still a bit too low for Left Tree. Can it be around 0.7 ish ?

    Also, you should decrease the cooldown of both Shrinker, Penance and VRL, they are meant to be used often, at the moment Right tree will hardly need energy because all the skills have long arse cooldown to be really effective.

    Also he needs at least 5-6 inventory slot, he's not a FO. If you intend him to have low ms, then he should at least has basic inventory slot.
  15. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Chems energy regen is still incredibly low. He seems like a class that should be around 200 hp, and 2.4ms, but instead he largely has the stats of a tank. Most of the right tree skills seem to need a cooldown reduction, they just dont seem spammable enough to truly make a difference.

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