Cheaters/hackers and what you can do to help alleviate this problem.

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Extifer, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Lately, there has been a huge number of players entering the wonderful world of NOTD due to it being spot lighted.

    I for one have been very delightful to see this happen because it's allowing me and many other community members to see fresh faces playing a game and experiencing joy that many of us experienced when we first started playing NOTD.

    However, with everything being said there have been some negatives of this mostly related to cheating/hacking. As with all things of this nature, there will be players that fall to the dark side.

    Lately, its been a real pain for me and the mods to process these cheaters/hackers because there have been a lot of these players popping up.

    So I'm going to be making a few suggestions to everyone part of this community to see if we can alleviate this problem together because the wardens and Mods can't do everything on our own.

    Remember that the developers of NOTD, MODS, and Wardens will always do their best to do accomplish their jobs and will always be more than willing to help you guys, but you guys must help us in return as well in our times of need in regards to NOTD.

    Anyways without further a due, here is how some of you guys can help the Wardens and Mods with this current problem.

    When you guys start to play public matches, do your thing and help and new players in w.e way you can. However, don't force feed too much information onto these new players, only give them the bare minimum. NOTD does require a lot of knowledge and information before one can get consistent in winning, but remember that it also takes multiple games of practice as well.

    Anyways, please mention the following point to them in the match at either the beginning of the public match or towards the end of it. This is just so that they are reminded of this and that that point stays "fresh" in their minds. You can also mention this in the NOTD chat channel when new players ask for advice or tips.

    - Please don't cheat in NOTD by modifying your bankfile or obtaining one that is not your own. We will find out about it and you will be punished.

    - Please mention to them that we have a forum and give them this link being (there is tab for forum when they enter that page)

    - Also mention that we have a wonderful and updated wiki as well.

    - If you friend any of these new players, then pass along these threads to them so that they can read it.

    Main Rules for playing NOTD

    New Members Introduction Thread

    New Players' Guide to becoming more integrated with the Community

    Note: you don't have to do everything I listed here, but doing one thing can make a small difference in my opinion.

    I'm open to more suggestions for points, but I think this can help with the problem. Obviously, it won't stop the amount of cheating/hacking there is, but hopefully it can alleviate it to a certain extent.
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    Ability NOTD Creator


    Wardens make the final call - you can PM me on any violent objections (especially for difficult cases). My only principle is that almost all first time bans should be a duration - whether its 2 weeks or several months (Wardens need to decisively give a clear justification if it's a permanent ban for a 1st time office and this should be very rare). Second time offenders deserve a permanent ban (unless your Warden feels otherwise). I trust the Wardens to the right job.
  3. Zeriathyr

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    I make it a point to warn all new players never to cheat, including commenting on a particular youtube guide on how to. This usually takes place at the end of a game, or if a blatant cheater has been spotted right out (Drachour's case).

    But its exhausting to be honest. When playing a game becomes very much like doing a job, it kinds of kills the fun.

    That said, a few players have been receptive so far, but about 90% of them right out ignore you and do what they want. And these has created a gap between vets and newbies that eventually led to cheating.
  4. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    I dont hand out permanent bans very often for first time offenders. There have been only a small number of cases where this has happened.

    The perfect example were both SALVIRS who were caught cheating. They were not only banned for cheating but were banned permanently due to them spamming the channel with swastika, porn links, filling up public lobby games with afk players, vote kicking players out of their own matches, ect.

    Permanent ban are reserved for individuals such as those or repeat offenders that messaged me saying they reformed, but only to later on cheat their way again.

    Also anyone that's has a long term standing in this community that wishes to see my ban policy may do so in private messaging me.

    It is tough, but I rather have the message put across rather than it not be passed along.

    I'm not going to force anyone to do that by any means, everyone is entitled to do what they want within pubs or any games as long as its within the boundaries.

    The only problem is when there are problems for any matters such as cheating,tking, hogging items, ect, who do these players go to?

    They can either go to blizzard who wont really do anything or they go into the community and contact a figure of authority there. I don't ever want this to feel like a chore to anyone, but know that even if you dont do everything I said here (which you dont have to btw) just doing one point mention can still make a difference regardless.

    Just remember that.
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I and others have taken to playing and leading pubs much more often since NOTD became featured. This is because leading a team of 7 0 xp players is a new and different challenge that what we normally face in NOTD, and is actually usually harder than winning apollo nm moh. The key is to think of it as a new part of the game where each player that survives and plays again is a win. Don't worry about silly medals, xp, credits, etc, you don't need flashy rewards to tell you you're awesome.

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