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    Chapter: Chapter 0 (Game Start)
    Mission Name: Insertion
    The players drop into Eden, scattered randomly around the map.
    After the starting portions are complete where the players finish choosing their classes, players spawn in random locations around the map using the Item Drop region (to prevent them from dropping into unpathable terrain or "inside").

    On Normal, players will drop in pairs of two with 20 Magazines equipped. Add 5 instances of Magazines to the Chapter 1 Drop Pool for each player in the game.

    On Nightmare, players will drop drop individually with 10 Magazines equipped. Add 10 instances of Magazines to the Chapter 1 Drop Pool for each player in the game.

    Col. Delania: Proceed to the UGC Headquarters, and stay alert.
    Primary Objective: Investigate the UGC HQ.

    Create a ping at the HQ.

    Contextual dialogue:
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    When attacking an enemy, or being attacked by an enemy:
    Player A: Contact!
    Col. Delania: Argus, status report.
    Player A: Eden is infested, I say again, Eden is infested!
    Col. Delania: Rally at the HQ and await further orders.

    Player A: HQ is deserted. No movement, blast doors are closed.
    Col. Delania: We have initiated Phase 1 supply drops, but atmospheric conditions have scattered them.
    Col. Delania: You'll have to search the city and the surrounding areas for supplies.

    At this point, as Delania mentions, Chapter 1 item drops should happen.
    Objective Complete: Investigate the UGC HQ.
    The mission and the chapter ends when the drops are completed.

    Mission Rewards: +5 Rank Experience
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