Main Chapter 0: Arrival (Recruit Only)

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    Chapter: Chapter 0 (Game Start)
    Mission Name: Arrival
    The players disembark from their transport as a group in the Starport and investigate the HQ.
    After the starting portions are complete where the players finish choosing their classes, all players spawn with 30 magazines equipped in a small area at the base of the landing pad. The Aurora Transport takes off and flies to the southeast, disappearing shortly thereafter.

    Player A: Argus is live on Eden.
    Col. Delania: Very good. Proceed to HQ and check in.
    Primary Objective: Report for duty at the HQ.

    Create a ping at the HQ.
    Random Player: I don't like the lack of lights.

    Contextual dialogue:
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    Upon moving past the first security gate:
    Discovering player: Battalion, we've got dead fighters and civilians.
    Col. Delania: We've had no reports of riots. What's going on?
    The body and customs drop areas should always be active instead of activated by this mission.

    The following should play upon attacking an enemy or being attacked by an enemy. If this dialogue triggers before the security gate dialogue, the security gate dialogue should be disabled.
    Player A: Contact!
    Col. Delania: Argus, status report.
    Player A: Eden is infested, I say again, Eden is infested!
    Col. Delania: HQ is not responding. This is bad.

    When a player arrives at the HQ:
    Discovering player: HQ is deserted. No movement, blast doors are closed.
    Col. Delania: We have initiated Phase 1 supply drops, but atmospheric conditions have scattered them.
    Col. Delania: You'll have to search the city and the surrounding areas for supplies.

    At this point, as Delania mentions, Chapter 1 item drops should happen.
    Objective Complete: Report for duty at the HQ.
    The mission and the chapter ends when the drops are completed.

    Mission Rewards: +5 Rank Experience
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