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    Because of the current issues people have expressed with the current development, I will be making the following changes to improve the development process. There are some drawbacks, but currently people have indicated that this will not be an issue.

    One of the fundamental truisms that governs software development (and much of any thing in life) is Good, Fast, Cheap, choose 2. Since cheap is a constant for NotD and this will not change (I do not expect players to ever pay for this nor do I expect any kind of income from this endeavor), we are left with choosing from Fast or Good. Currently I have been going Fast, at the expense of Good (rapid patches, neglecting testing and/or changelogs). However this has created issues and the community has indicated that this is no longer preferable. To that end, the following changes will be made.

    1) Main NotD will be updated once a week at most, assuming their is a stable build is ready. This will probably happen at the end of the weekend.

    2) I will be publishing a beta build, it will be found under the Arcade as Night of the Dead UNSTABLE. This published version will be the working code version that people can test. I will create a thread for reporting issues that arise there, bug reports should be solely for release versions. Do not expect ANYTHING to work in the Unstable version, I will try to keep it working, but don't be surprised if you can't even reach story selection screen

    3) Unstable builds will have complete changelogs, every minor tweak will be noted here, regardless of how minor. This changelog will be pared down to form the official changelog

    4) Unstable build will be uploaded at any time

    The main goal and upside is that we can avoid the issues that have occurred over the last few days. The downside is that if you have any issue with the release build it will NOT be fixed in any timely manner, unless it is a massive showstopper bug.
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