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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by snakes, Feb 15, 2012.

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    how can i chance my wepons? i take wepons from the truck at beginnging but how can i use it?
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    I think you mean. I'm not going to harp on you as I imagine there's a language barrier. But when I saw the topic title I first thought you were referring to things like the weapons which only seem to appear randomly (Shiva from Kenny, Stinger/HMG drops from Seth, etc).

    As for how? Well, make sure you have the credits for it to start with, and that you have 5,000 XP. Before that you can't use the store. Both of those conditions being met should put the weapon/item right into your character's inventory.
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    You mean changing your weapons? Once you pick up a weapon or item, it should appear in your inventory (the squares above information of something you selected), left click on the weapon to use that weapon instead of what you were using before.
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    If you are less than 5k xp, you can't buy weapons from the truck, instead you are only able to pick up weapons and use them from the ground. If you have over 5k xp, you might not have enough credits to buy the weapons, and even if you do, be warned that the weapons only last for the game.

    If you are wondering about how to change weapons you have already picked up, simply click on them in your inventory and the exist weapon you have will be switched with the weapon you clicked. Make sure the inventory is set to equip instead of drop. Note that weapons have different change times so don't change all the time.

    Also, I'm happy someone who is relatively new to the game (I'm assuming here, so don't get offended) has decided to join the forum, looks like the NOTD community is recruiting members!

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