Calling Down Flares

Discussion in 'Universe' started by Ability, Jun 3, 2012.

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    When you need to call down flares, what do you say over the radio? (in military speak)

    Need it for flavor text for Surveillance Flare tooltip.
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    Something like... "This is Delta-1, requesting illumination rounds over (insert location coordinates here), over."?
  3. ArcturusV

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    Well, if Surveillance Flares are dropped by some reconnaissance craft, as I seem to recall it being stated somewhere, brevity is key to making it sound legit.

    In movies, books, TV, Radio, etc, entertainment pilots always have full conversations with one another. Though in reality is is more like a few keywords. Thus you are more likely to have a conversation like:

    "Tiger Flight, Check fuel."

    (Two don't respond because their condition is fine. To avoid saturating frequencies with unnecessary noise that can potentially fatally distract a pilot during a mission)
    "Bingo." (A predetermined and briefed point where a plane needs to return to base using the predetermined routes/parameters. Basically nearing the "no return" safety point)

    Doesn't, and shouldn't, be longer than that if you wanted Pilot communication that sounded close enough to Realistic to fool people who have even half an idea of what it really sounds like outside of Hollywood.

    Sadly I lost my massive lexicon of pilot jargon I had collected.

    So something like "GFAC requesting Daylight, (Map reference point)."

    GFAC: Ground Forward Air Controller
    Daylight: A call for ground support flares.
    And use a coordinate, similar to what the Black Ops do when calling a Gunship strike.

    That is, if you want something that sounds relatively realistic.

    Edit: By the way, one of my sites from which I had built my original Lexicon of Pilot Jargon:
  4. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

  5. EdAWACSdenyY

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    Maybe its just automated and you just deploy the flares when the commander tell you to from a satellite as I'm sure if will be much more difficult to deploy a low-level tactical reconaissance air craft to drop pathfinder falres so a geosynchronus satellite is better

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