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    (Disclaimer: This is explicit and contain's language and some violence, although it is poorly written. Your welcome. Oh something something if you are easily offended please do not read. Thanks goodluck)

    Bravo Team
    Second Squad
    Fire team 4

    Gunner: Pvt Brady
    Rifle: Pfc Shaw
    Medic: Cpl Anderson
    Leader: Sergeant Garcia


    "Where the hell are we Corporal?" Sergeant Garcia nearly whispered.
    "Almost to the beacon Sarge" I replied just as softly, not to attract attention.
    "Ok boys get ready, we lost contact with all elements inside the target area, eyes open, guns up" Garcia ordered.
    "Sir, were ready"
    "Move in!"

    We entered the mines..
    The team wasn't ready for what was inside...

    "Clear left" -Pvt. Brady
    "Clear right" -Pcf. Shaw
    "Move move, to the control panel" -Sergeant Garcia
    "Sarge we got movement!" -Corporal Anderson
    "Hold position"-Sarge
    "Where'd it go? where'd it go?!"-Pvt. Brady
    "Man down man down!"-Pvt. Brady
    "Brady regroup!"-Cpl. Anderson
    "No no please help me!"-Pvt. Brady
    "Sarge? SARGE!"
    "Pfc. Shaw was eaten alive, a huge animal, something I had never seen before! "
    "There were bullet holes in him, you're lying"
    "No! We shot at the monster to save him! He was already dead though! I swear!"
    "Hes lying, kill him"
    "Sarge, where are you?"-Corporal Anderson
    "Please, don't leave m-.. me..."-Pvt Brady
    "Don't worry buddy I won't leave you"-Cpl. Anderson

    We tried to take that thing down, but its armor was too thick. To make matters worse it wasn't alone, a second one came from the shadows, it took a chunk right out of Brady's torso. He's not ganna make it..

    "Andy, we- wer- were did Sarge go?"
    "Don't worry he went to get help buddy"

    I lied, he was losing to much blood and missing parts of his organs, I couldn't name em all, but I'm pretty sure he needed them. I had already given him pain killers, couldn't stand to see him that much pain.

    "Ghh..Gh..gah...." He breathed in his last breath..
    Damn it.. Where the hell did Sarge go...
    "Oh fuck!" They had found us! I had to move, quickly and silently.
    I had to find Garcia and get the fuck out of there, we needed more marines. I tried my radio, the fucking signal was being blocked! What the hell was going on?
    "Sir, Security forces are getting closer to the remnant's of Bravo team. What are your orders? My men are ready." -Unknown
    "No, not yet.." -Unknown
    "Sir?" -Unknown
    "Activate Operative 91666." -Unknown
    "Yes sir" -Unknown
    "Lets see if your creators are worth my investments." - Unknown
    Fuck, the fucking door's locked! What the fuck is going on! I can't get out of here! I got two marines dead and one missing and I can't call for fucking backup!
    "Oh shit.." They found me, I had nowhere to run.
    They were getting closer, closer, closer... They were about 15 yards away, creeping slowly knowing I had nowhere to run...
    Oh my god, after all the missions I've been on, all the shit I've seen, I'm going to die here? Like this??
    "Security System 91666, activated. Destroy all organism's."
    It's Seth! He's here to save me!
    "Sir! Bravo company was last seen at the mines."
    "Lets move"
    "Yes sir! You heard the man! Let's move move move!"
    BOOM! Seth snuck up on the smaller monster and blew it to pieces! The larger one turned around, slowly facing Seth. Seth was charging up for some kind of attack I had never seen before, what the hell happend to him? A blue bubble appeared all around him, the animal was clawing away at him but to no avail! The bubble shot out in all directions, destroying the animal instantly! "Whoah!" Shit it's coming this way! I found cover behind a large mound of helium. The bubble stopped about half way too me. Whew.
    "The door's locked sir"
    "Let's get it open marines, there's a lot of activity in there!"
    "Yes sir!"
    "The Security Forces are at the mines sir, they're trying to get inside" -Unknown
    "Well let's give them a hand"-Unknown
    Seth began to approach me. He appeared hostile.
    "Bravo company, second squad, fire team four, Corporal Daniella G. Anderson, your duty as a marine has been full-filled. You will be exterminated." "Oh my God..." "Target Acquired"
    Suddenly my radio turned on full blast! I signal and a shit load of radio chatter.
    "Apollo team Delta, taking heavy losses, were surrounded!"
    "Sec team Alpha we got two men down were's the backup?"
    "Sec team Golf , Communication's Tower's being overrun!"
    What the fuck is going on up there? Is everyone fighting these things?
    BOOM! Gah.. My eyes..My ears.. What.. the.. f..
    "Move move move!"
    "Seth? What are you doi-"
    "Man Down!"
    "Shoot Seth down!"
    "Seth's Lost it!"
    "Sir, Seth was destroyed, he took a few marines with him" -Unknown
    "I see, it appears my funds were innappropriatley placed in the good doctor. See that I get them back." -Unknown
    "Yes sir"
    "Radio it in we need an evac!"
    "Yes sir!"
    -Turns to me-
    "Are you ok marine? Whats your name?"
    "Corporal Anderson, Bravo team sir"
    "Bravo team huh, wheres the rest of your squad marine?"
    "There all dead sir, one wen't MIA."
    "What the fuck went wrong with Seth? What was he even doing here?"
    "I don't know sir."
    "Shit ok we gotta regroup in Apollo, its not far from here."
    -Other Marine-
    "Sir! we've got movement south of here, on the far side of the mines heading the the scrapyard!"
    "Lets move!"
    We ran fast, and hard. I was exhausted, It was hard to keep up with these guys. We got to the scrapyard and moved in quietly.
    "Sir, the movement has stopped, its about 50 meters ahead"
    "That not far, if all this shit wasn't in the way we'd be able to see the survivor"
    We approached the target point slowly and quietly, there were several heavily armed troopers standing around Sergeant Garcia! They didn't look too happy.
    "He's lying, kill him."
    They shot him! We jumped out of the scrap piles and opened fire. These fuckers cloaked and took off!
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    Surprisingly interesting, make a note on the top that says "Do not attempt to murder anyone on your team" becuase there are many acts of Tking.
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    Eh I'm lazy though
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    When I see Bravo team I expect to find:
    Aiken, Richard
    Chambers, Rebecca
    Dewey, Edward
    Marini, Enrico
    Sullivan, Kenneth J.
    Speyer, Forest

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