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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ArcanePariah, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. ArcanePariah
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    Ok, so lately I've been frequenting the Diablo 3 forums (not recommended for sanity sake) and also the Starcraft 2 Forums, plus other places around the net and I keep seeing the same thing over and over and over.

    If we assume the Internet opinions are valid and represent a majority opinion (yes I know, big assumptions) based on the reactions to every single one of their current games (Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 with patch 1.5.1 and with the next WoW Expansion, Mists of Pandaria), Blizzard seemingly can do nothing right and that they are now the pinnancle of evil in regards to gaming, who ought to burn in hellfire (yes hyperbole, but you get the idea).

    Now maybe I haven't been paying attention to this much, but where did this epic amount of hate come from? Unless I'm seriously mistaken, every single decision they make seems to enrage a decent number of people, no matter how logical/stupid/illogical/requested/not requested it is. I remember people being very angry that Starcraft 2 did not change much from the Starcraft formula, yet people are infuriated that they radically changed Diablo 3. People also feel Mists of Pandaria was pulled out of thin air, despite people specifically requesting the race when asked for new races for next WoW expansion, even though it was originally an April Fools joke (Blizzard was apparently surprised anyone cared about it, but due to fan request, Pandarans made it into Warcraft 3).

    Have peoples expectations grown to near impossible proportions. Is Blizzard trying to do too much too fast? Is gaming (now that it is far more popular then 10 years ago), more aimed towards the general market and no longer a niche thing that has clearly defined boundries? Are gamers getting jaded as very few things are new (you can't keep inventing new ideas forever, it's a computer program).

    Discuss, and keep it civil (asking this on any of the abovementioned forums has generally devolved into a trollfiesta/flamewar because people have VERY strong opinions on these subjects).
  2. Emperor

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    Because their patches break things.

    I'm just glad Ability is still around. Blizzard already murdered Island Defense.
  3. ArcanePariah
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    ArcanePariah Miracle Worker

    I can understand that, but that is inevitable for all software. Should patches totally break the software? No, testing/QA should catch showstoppers. Will patches change stuff around a break stuff or have bugs? Always, most software vendors (at least from what I've seen) just take a bug report and then straight ignore it. Unfortunately there is a calculus to bug fixing, spending more then a week or 2 on a bug that affects a tiny (<1%) of your customer base (who are not paying support in the slightest) is a pretty much no go at any software company.

    Now could have Blizzard done more testing of stuff for this patch? Probably, howerver they did host an open beta for a few weeks (months?), although I do not know how many issues were brought up then and how many were addressed (assuming the solution was realistic).

    One thing I would like to touch on. People request that game fixes get addressed quickly but want them to be quality fixes with testing and QA, which to me sounds contradictory. Also counter intuitively, throwing more software developers at a problem doesn't speed it up at all in the BEST case, worst case it slows it down considerably.
  4. Akuma

    Akuma New Member

    and they murdered BOB
  5. TheSilenced

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    About D3...first and foremost it is an action rpg (or something along that lines) in general what you expect from such genre is a skill system that allows some form of personalization like in d2...sure you cant have everything but what matters most is they gave players a choice....In contrast d3 gave you everything as you leveled up sure fine and peachy, but then you realise you can only have THREE passive skills at one time (whatthe?) everyone generally agrees that passive skills once obtained should be PASSIVE ie does not need to be equipped to function

    On Starcraft 2 I really was blown out of the water by the "Kerrigan is actually a good guy" thing after BW where she was seen as a conniving....person so the story wasnt too bad, the game itself was pretty quirky I mean...I'll get LotV and see why I have some thing from war of the worlds in my starcraft (colossus) as usual the melee games themselves are pretty balanced though the lack of personal passive upgrades for protoss units was a slight disappointment.

    And on the patches...just look at the brood mother in melee...can use air attack on ground (o0?)
  6. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    Oh lord. Channels are hilarious after the patch with the desyncing.

    So much butthurt only affirms that Blizzard are cruel, cruel comedians. Probably from Quebec.
  7. HDD
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    The reasons for dissatisfaction are numerous. Bulk include rising prices, the life at half mast, the lack of originality and finishing, the abuse of downloadable content or even the "casualization"

    In short, the view that our hobby evolves into more negative impression than reality. This observation should not obscure the fact that the excesses exist. Some downloadable content is abusive. The anti-piracy measures sometimes poison the lives of honest consumers. Sector transformation, past the craft to the enormous commercial industry, has not been smooth. But beyond these trifles, the evolution is mostly positive. Video games have never been so beautiful, immersive and deep. Each now has its own public market: you will inevitably find your account somewhere. Finally, there is no reason to shout "it was better before".

    The lack of finishing games is not really a new problem. But it tends to be accentuated in recent years. It seems that the spread of broadband connections, so the ability to make updates, pushing publishers to say, "okay, we leave the game like that, we gonna patche after". The video game is the one area where manufacturers dare sell unfinished products. This is not acceptable. Consumers should not be considered as beta testers. It is understandable that a bug passes through the gamess, perfection is not of this world. But when there are dozens of technical problems and repeated crashes, there is something to rebel

    The danger is obviously that publishers are content to capitalize on the success sagas, and forget to create games really new. A reassuring result, as it provides some guarantee of success, while a new license presents a great risk.
  8. Klobber

    Klobber Well-Known Member

    If I remember correctly a lot of the hate from d3 was due to the fact that blizzard has become a cash cow. Trying to maximize profits without really introducing any kind of quality expected from a company that created 3 of the greatest universes in gaming history(warcraft, starcraft, diablo).

    By introducing the AH to d3 and designing the game so that the only way to beat the hardest difficulty is to buy items, and after players having bought those items, decide to change the stats on all those items to make them worthless, they have managed to create a hate-based community against themselves. Some people have spent real money in buying those items. It's like buying a mercedes and then having the auto industry remove the engine to replace it with a much cheaper one. I'm glad I never used the RMAH.

    I personally refuse to buy anymore blizzard merchandise.
  9. ArcanePariah
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    ArcanePariah Miracle Worker

    Yeah the RMAH was a pretty much dammed if you do, dammed if you don't, choose your lesser evil. People (as far as I understood) were angered/annoyed/upset over D2 turning into a botfest, where bots regularly ran item runs and amsseed items to sell. Blizzard tried banning them but ultimately was futile. WoW wasn't much different, people could and did sell WoW gear, characters, entire accounts sometimes.

    I guess they should have lived with the necessary evil of a black market and not done the RMAH, and just done the GAH, or maybe no GAH, only RMAH, so people would have to trade. or done neither AH, and told everyone to live with it (despite this being 0 upgrade from D2). Basically the solution being worse then the original problem (black market).
  10. Eagle 11

    Eagle 11 Well-Known Member

    In old times Blizzard was an pioneer company,hell i could even say theyve been leading in that field.
    They always aimed for the progression of video game industry trying new ideas. I remember when everyone else was making a IP and milking it Blizzard have aimed for the challenge of bringin something new onto your computer screen. This philosophy/goal was for example the reason Starcraft,a rts with 3 different sides yet totally playable exists today.
    Yet today we see that theyve transformed themselves into what they have gone against for their lifetime:Just another fancy-named company milking his sucessful franchises.

    An primary example of how capitalistic greed can corrupt souls.
  11. ArcanePariah
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    ArcanePariah Miracle Worker

    I must pose the question then: Is it possible to have a large successful innovate company for any prolonged period of time? I know of very few companies that survive and grow, yet stay innovative, because inevitably they produce a successful product that is easier to just maintain, then to create a new one (with all the associated risks).

    Seems like the best bet to stay innovative is too stay small, accept limited growth, and change a bunch. Like Apple is innovative but the price tag is that they REGULARLY drop old products, you can't count on them to support much beyond maybe 3 years.

    As for not rehashing, Diablo 3 didn't rehash, and that's one reason it's getting blasted so hard. They basically threw out everything and started over. So they attempted to innovate, but apparently too much innovating = bad idea. Blizzard (in terms of fan appeal) probably would have been better off not even hiring a design crew, just tell a bunch of coder to update D2 graphics and call it a day. Fans seem to want innovation, but not if it is on a system/idea they already like.
  12. ImaDomo
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    ImaDomo Clad In Armour

    SIGH... rmb one pub yesterday, patch raped us all we all frigging DCed! :/. Imo I rather 1.5 patch didn't come out, its just sooooooooooooooooo frigging retarded
  13. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Well-Known Member

    I play SC2, and it does what I want.

    I'm happy with blizzard
    (havent played in a few weeks though)
  14. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    So the new patch didn't fix anything. Hurray!
  15. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    patch made things worse for me actually. fps dropped by half
  16. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    Yep. Scratch my previous post. Things got worse.

    I think Blizzard decided I got off to light with 10 sec start lag, desyncs and drops. Now they want to lag me throughout the entire game!

    Edit: You know this patch made me realize that ALL my computer settings went back to stock speeds from my meticulously selected overclocked settings. No wonder BF3 was running like shit recently.
  17. HipHopDragon
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    HipHopDragon Warden

    For me it did alot, suddenly i can play on ultra instead of low settings. And while doing so it uses less ram than it did before.
  18. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    That must be it. You stole my Ultra goodness.

    Get the fuck out.

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