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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Blaqk, Nov 2, 2017.

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    With Kith's wheeling and dealing bringing in additional development, and the additional behind-the-scenes activity going on, I'm going to step back into the light. Going to do some serious cleaning and upgrading on the forum and start working towards community initiatives beyond just the forum and SC2.

    When we started all of this seven years ago, most of us were still teenagers or bumming around at university. The transition to adulthood curbed our ambitions and consumed our time just as we hit our peak, but we've never lost sight of the dream we shared.
  2. Mear
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    Mear Scumbag

    "Where did everything go?" you find yourselves asking.

    Well, friends, I have blaqkboxed unused or unnecessary boards. The boards and their content are still there in case they're needed again or their contents referenced, just out of the way. I've also gotten rid of that poll that's been on the sidebar for three years. Should be good, yes?
  3. stanK

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    This may be a repetition of Discord, but lets just repeat that:

    Welcome back dude!
  4. Pickles

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    Welcome baaak!

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