Behind The Commando (EdAWACSdenyY Fanfic)

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    Behind the Commando

    "Jonah?" came the caring gentle voice.

    Jonah Thomas Brackes pretended to still be asleep even though in reality, he was wide awake. He and Patricia often alternated in this role one calling, the other feigning sleep.

    It was their little game as all happy couple might have. A kind of teasing which they both mutually accepted and in acceptance found harmony. It was the weekend so no timetable occupied their time that day.
  2. Finally it started. You are playing a dangerous game having 3+ wip ed :) (btw how is he 118m tall)
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  4. EdAWACSdenyY

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    Is 2.0m tall better?

    I've decide to explain how the Cerebral Compliance Index works anyone interested in hearing it?

    Also I'm planning to make this and my other fanfic into a trilogy sorta called the O trilogy (get it? FO,PO Mando?)

    I'm also planning on releasing audio book versions of my fanfic interesting?
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    I think you meant originally: 1.18 meters, That's short and fat at 73 kilos.
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    Wait that dude is 2.00 meters tall and a soldier but weights 73 kilogram?

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    That's close to my height and weight, and I can tell you, I've got a lot more mass than THAT.
  8. you want em to be about 1.70-1.80 (medium build and height to above medium height and slim weight)
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    This is the first time so many different people posted on my fanfiction in such a short period not that it's a bad thing
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    ... Squish sounds fluffy.

    If we follow Nymous's entry early, that would mean he was apprehended, recondition and inducted into the armed forces.
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    The point of this interview is because some unknown official is concerned and doesn't want Brackes to join the Commando corp so he/she had Dr. Nymous evaluate him first.

    Keep this in mind this interview and the events previous are all before the "Forward Observer" timeline. Also for those who don't know the Central Compliance Bureau is part of the Department of Intelligence in the Ministry of National Affairs. The CCB is responsible for all matters regarding compliance technology.
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    I. Am. Not. Fluffy. I'm muscular and toned, which is a miracle considering my near complete lack of exercise beyond playing NotD for the past 2 months.
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    Okay aside from that (>^_^)>(moving on) feel free to critique this wip

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