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    You wish to look that awesome when you now look like this ?


    Well worries no more you just need to read a little and play a little more !

    First of all there are all sort of things you must learn to become a better player overall, a lot of this things include Single Player maps, modes and missions. While maps may differ or even don't have anything in common they do use the same engine and that means a lot.
    If you learn how the things interact with each other you will be a slightly better player.

    So first step - play difficult single player maps. "Starcraft Master" is a good way to learn about micro and the strength of the health pool and DMG. Play it few times, win at least half of it. Now you understand how things are done.
    You didn't make it ? Well try until you do !
    At least you should look like this, when you try it !

    Now after you posses basic knowledge of the game engine you wish to participate in that particularly easy still nice and impressing game Night Of The Dead ? Well you can read a lot of statistics in the Wiki site. The more you know, the better you will become. Basic facts such as - guns versus enemy type DMG will increase your performance in-game.
    Knowing your skills and not wasting time reading it in-game is better than staring at the screen, while horde of infested humans slaughter your allies.

    What do you prefer to be in a game Tough, Stealthy or just the living incarnation of a BFG ?
    After you read at least the major facts of the game you must choose your preferable class, it's all about style, so if you wish to be the tough one - go pick the 'tank', if you wish to deal tons and tons of DMG learn more about the DPS classes and choose one of them. If stealth and/or strategy is your way to play a game - Recon and Marksman will be waiting for you. Medic is for those of you that like to support their friends and allies.

    After you choose your hero read some guides or general advices for him, than play him a couple of times to feel what you have to do in-game. Feel free to change it if you don't like it - just do the same procedure again - not just switching to a better looking character, while you don't know what he can and must do.
    After few games the goals for your hero will be clearer, you can observe other players how they do it or even what they do better than you - try to copy it at first, differ it of your own style if needed.

    Don't try to read a certain class guide, before knowing the basics, so read some basic guides first and than proceed to specific role after you choose one. You don't have to know what Commando or Engineer must do when you will have plenty of time until you can play them. Until then - observe if there is any what does he do in a game, skills, positions, goals.

    That's all from me. Wish you luck and have fun with the game.
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    RE: Becoming better player

    Please fix the title to "Becoming a Better Player"
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    RE: Becoming better player

    Lol this was nice for the recruits.
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    RE: Becoming better player


    I think from now on, whenever someone wants to be a grammar nazi, they should change their forum avatar into the grammar nazi emblem for 1 day. After that, they can switch back until they do grammar nazi stuff again.
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    Just change your custom user title to Grammer Nazi :D

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