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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by ArcturusV, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Figured it should have it's own dedicated topic.

    Just played, started me out at 12 XP randomly as Player 1. Mince as player 8 had 11. Everyone else was at 0. Also had me with level 2 CAR, Level 3 Exped just shy of 4. Other medals had about half of level 1. (Note that originally I had 4 CAR and only 2 Exped)

    Game dropped us after Ghoul Wave (Anti-Hack detection?).
  2. DrawingDead

    DrawingDead Member

  3. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    Good thing I triple back upped and haven't played since that update.
  4. DrawingDead

    DrawingDead Member

    You are the 1% who read forums before playing as opposed to surfing forums during loading screen

    Also, when checking my bank file it appears to still have "notdv003" and not 004
  5. Allenssmart

    Allenssmart New Member

    I just joined a game. Everyone had 0 xp except some guy with 11. Will this be fixed? Are the bank files lost?
  6. Miracle
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    Ohh and... As you can see on the second picture, if you click on 'stats', the 'medals' button disappears.
  7. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Fixing. New patch will be live within 1 hour. All your data is still in notdv003 untouched.
  8. DrawingDead

    DrawingDead Member

    Newest patch just downloaded, everything seems to be in order (medals/xp/weapon mods/etc)
  9. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    New patch lives on all servers. Looks okay so far.
  10. Lightning
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    Lightning Member

    it seem fine, i deleted my notd3 and replace with notd5. it works well

  11. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    For some reason it erased my Medal of Honor medal points. At Level 0, 0 points.
  12. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Did you gain a medal of honor and it then erased it or did it not load in the first place?
    It didn't seem to affect any of us but we barely failed the MoH run.

    Also just as a sidenote, it seems to be a requirement to delete the old v003 file from the folder after v5 has been created or it will regenerate v5 from v003
  13. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Nah, didn't have a Medal of Honor run. I don't do them TOO often. But I have done them before. I know Froblock and Infected have been in on some Medal of Honor games with me. Not sure how many points I did have in it. Probably not even my bronze medal yet. But they were there.

    So they're just... missing. *shrug* Considering they were kinda hard to get I'm mildly annoyed but... c'est le vie.
  14. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Medals and XP not working properly.
    None of the Expeditionary or Distinguished Service or Lifesaving saved.

    Also, XP didn't save properly.
    EC NM should have gotten some 150xp but only got 56 XP next game.
    I didn't type -s at any time the game before and used the end game button on the score screen to exit and save.

    Made us lose some 4 DSM today :/

    Not sure if MoH or any others are saving either. My guess is they aren't.

    Quick update:
    Some of us typed -s other didn't. Those who types -s or died got their medals and xp just fine. Those who didn't got nearly nothing.
    Looks like autosave is bugged and you need to manually save or die to force it to save.
  15. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Thanks. Auto save should work in next patch. We'll upload it within 2 hours.
  16. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Autosave sometimes still not working for some people.
    While it worked for me in a pub directly after the autosave fix, some players yesterday and today report that autosave doesn't work for them.
    For example starting with stats distributed in a certain way, changing them mid game and then winning the game results in them having the stats they started with instead of the stats they modified.
    That's for players who never type -s and exit game after win and score screen (not necessarily clicking the return to earth either)
    But even for them it is sporadic. Some games it saves, others it doesn't.
  17. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Okay. I will increase the auto-save time buffer between each player by 0.5 to 0.8 secs in a patch this weekend.
  18. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    ability my auto save still not working because last game i played was at nm and didn't save.
    Edit: still not saving and lost 4 cp at med :(

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