BANG BANG!: The Pathfinder (Gunslinger) Update

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    BANG BANG!: The Pathfinder (Gunslinger) Update
    Something seems a little OFF

    It occurred to me a little while ago that the Gunslinger Pathfinder is kinda... stupid and overpowered, much in the same way that the Infantry Support Forward Observer is/was. He's got an appreciable damage output but doesn't really need to do anything to maintain it, and that doesn't fit considering that he's supposed to have a super high potential and low base impact.

    You know what's a really great weapon if it's used properly, but essentially hemorrhages ammo if used the wrong way?

    The SMG.

    TIER 1
    Pepper Steak – Passive
    The Pathfinder is capable of angling shots to get the most mileage out of his light weapons in a target-rich environment.

    P-45 Gauss Pistol
    Level 1: 15% chance for shots to penetrate, gaining linear splash of 1.5
    Level 2: 30% chance for shots to penetrate, gaining linear splash of 2.0
    Level 3: 45% chance for shots to penetrate, gaining linear splash of 2.5

    MP9A2 Sub-Machine Gun
    Level 1: 15% chance for shots to bounce once
    Level 2: 30% chance for shots to bounce twice
    Level 3: 45% chance for shots to bounce three times

    MECHANICS NOTES: Bounce and penetration damage are based on the parent values (I.E., they deal the same damage and have the same armor reductions). SMG bounces do not have the SMG’s splash damage. SMG bounce projectiles have a range of 3.5.

    Thousand Ants – Active: 20 energy cost, no cooldown
    The Pathfinder performs the proverbial “mag dump”, firing at maximum speed for 1 second at the cost of stressing his weapon: If the Pathfinder reloads during Thousand Ants, the reload duration is tripled. When wielding the Pistol, Thousand Ants is a single-target attack. When wielding the SMG, Thousand Ants is a self-applied buff and has no target limitations. Pepper Steak is disabled during Thousand Ants.

    Level 1: 10% bonus damage, 100% bonus attack speed
    Level 2: 20% bonus damage, 300% bonus attack speed
    Level 3: 30% bonus damage, 500% bonus attack speed

    Show Spoiler
    Considering that there are actually two versions of Thousand Ants, I figured I’d write the actual ability tooltips (not the skilltree tooltips) down here. For double special triple clarification, Pistol TA shoots superfast at one target (you choose the target and Pathy proceeds to light it up) and the effect ends if the target dies. SMG TA is essentially the same as the current Fast Five.

    Thousand Ants (Pistol) – Active: 20 energy cost, range of 6 (Range 9 with Tender Sugar Level 1, Range of 12 with Tender Sugar Level 2)
    The Pathfinder fires at a single target, dealing xx% bonus damage and attacking xxx% faster. If a reload is done during Thousand Ants, its duration is tripled.

    Thousand Ants (SMG) – Active: 20 energy cost
    The Pathfinder fires rapidly and with relative precision, dealing xx% bonus damage and attacking xxx% faster. If a reload is done during Thousand Ants, its duration is tripled.

    TIER 2
    Tender Sugar – Passive
    UGC Pathfinders are extensively trained in light weapons and can even be considered experts. Standard Pathfinder training involves honing dead-eye accuracy with a Pistol and teaching proper posture to reduce recoil and increase effective application of the SMG.

    P-45 Gauss Pistol
    Level 1: Increases range by 3 and damage by 5
    Level 2: Increases range by 6 and damage by 10

    MP9A2 Sub-Machine Gun
    Level 1: Increases range by 1 and attack speed by 30%
    Level 2: Increases range by 2 and attack speed by 60%

    Flesh Maze Tango – Active: 40 energy cost, 10 range
    The FMT Anti Infantry Grenade is designed to effectively render useless any body armor being used by targets struck by the grenade. Utilizing microscopic tungsten ribbons, the FMT widely perforates its victims dealing very little structural damage but rendering solid armor practically useless by making it far more prone to fracture and penetration. AOE radius 3, 10 second duration. 50% reduced effectiveness on Heroic units.

    Friendly Fire possible!

    Level 1: Throws a grenade that reduces armor by 40% and applies 1 Open Wound in a radius of 3.
    Level 2: Throws a grenade that reduces armor by 80% and applies 1 Open Wound in a radius of 3.

    TIER 3
    Avatar Beat – Passive
    Back into the groove of using his honed abilities instead of sitting around and waiting for deployment, the Pathfinder unlocks once more his full potential and returns to his previous height of skill.

    Level 1: Previous fully leveled abilities gain additional effects.

    Thousand Ants – Shots during Thousand Ants consume 50% ammo

    Pepper Steak – Proc chance enabled during Thousand Ants

    Tender Sugar – SMG gains 50% bonus attack speed for a total of 110%, Pistol gains full armor penetration

    Flesh Maze Tango – Lowers energy cost by 15

    Maybe you know this, maybe you don't, but in NOTD2, there will be these things called "Variant Tier 3s", which expands your character build significantly by giving you an alternate option. These are "either/or" choices, and you will not be able to select both T3 skills. Due to the new Pathfinder's duality between the SMG and the Pistol, instead of getting one new Tier 3 to act as the variant, the Pathfinder will lose Avatar Beat and get two new Tier 3s so as to force the player to specialize in one of the two.

    Yesterday Was Better – Passive
    There was a time when Pathfinder training focused solely on the P-45 Gauss Pistol, and many Pathfinders prefer those days, favoring accuracy and ammo conservation over the close combat of the MP9A2 Sub-Machine Gun.

    “A handgun is really all you need. Anything more is showing off or compensating.” – Unknown Pathfinder

    Level 1: Previous fully leveled abilities gain additional effects catering to the P-45 Gauss Pistol.

    Thousand Ants – Pistol attacks consume 50% ammo, Pepper Steak penetration chance increased to 100% for the duration

    Pepper Steak – Activation rate for penetration increased to 60%, penetration attacks slows main targets' movespeed by 5% (stacks up to 25%) for 4 seconds

    Tender Sugar – Increases damage by 15, P-45 Gauss Pistol gains full armor penetration

    Flesh Maze Tango – Lowers targets' attack and movement speed by 20%

    Unreasonable Behavior – Passive
    Given the chance between “being safe and accurate” and “being able to mulch a room full of insurgents in under a second”, many Pathfinders find themselves preferring the latter option.

    “If I wanted “safe and accurate”, I would’ve been a pansy Marksman.” – 2nd Lt. Yür

    Level 1: Previous fully leveled abilities gain additional effects catering to the MP9A2 Sub-Machine Gun.

    Thousand Ants – SMG attacks consume 50% ammo and gain 10% bonus damage

    Pepper Steak – Bounce projectiles gain the SMG’s full splash damage, proc enabled during Thousand Ants

    Tender Sugar – SMG gains 100% bonus attack speed for a total of 160%

    Flesh Maze Tango – Reduces armor by 120%, increases duration to 15 seconds
  2. SkullCapp

    SkullCapp Well-Known Member

    About Tender Sugar, why SMG's attack speed get boost?
  3. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    No. Just no. The SMG would be obscenely overpowered in the hands of the pathfinder with variant t3's. OBSCENELY. OVERPOWERED. No ammo consumption at 500%+ Rate of Fire? That's just asking for silliness. Period. It'd boil down to: Sit on SS, Throw FMT, ???, Profit. I feel the pathfinder is perfectly fine where it is.
  4. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Some (and by some I mean a lot) of weapon rebalancing is happening for NOTD2. Still, the devil's in the editing - forgot to update Unreasonable Behavior and that's my fault.

    Also, the Pathfinder is not "perfectly fine". I can outkill an Opsmando with an HMG as Gunslinger with relatively little effort. That's dumb as shit.
  5. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Why not? It makes it harder to handle, but if the player can handle it then more DPS for them.

    Edit: Forgot this is not the old forum and double posts aren't automatically merged. Sigh.
  6. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    Then the commando isn't doing his job, and the HMG is a bad weapon anyways. Right tool for the right job. Also, much better now, but does the T3 change it 50 % ammo consumption upon 50% ammo reduction, making it therefor 25? Or is it flat fitty percent?
  7. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    Where the fuck are you stacking ammo consumption? It only appears on the T3. Nowhere else.

    Then again, Kith's obnoxomax yellow text doesn't really help to make it clear.

    For now, he has the Tier 3 Avatar Beat.

    In NOTD2, he will have the Tier 3's Yesterday was Better and Unreasonable Behavior.

    Tier 3's are "mutually exclusive". Any other assumption would be pantsu-on-head retarded.

    With that said, Kith, what the fuck. You nerfed Pistol, but then you made SMG into an HMG, and you gave him a skill that gives him a bullshit damage booster.

    Given what I see, you turned SMG into an indiscriminate weapon of devastation for Pathfinder, and turned Pistol into a walking trashcan in comparison.

    First off, Pistol getting its attack speed reduced by 15 / 30 / 45%. No. No. No. No. And. No. Just No. Nope. Don't even pull something that stupid. You know what is going to happen.

    .65 / .85 = .765 Attack Speed.

    .65 / .70 = .929 Attack Speed

    .65 / .55 = 1.182 Attack Speed.

    Now, lets compare DPS

    40 / .65 = 61.54

    46 / .765 = 60.13

    52 / .929 = 55.97

    64 / 1.182 = 54.15

    Ooh hey, it got shit on, badly. Sure ammo conservation, but Pistol's pretty good about that already. You may as well be using an improved M45 Marksman Rifle at this rate.

    Even worse, the other skill in his T2 is absolutely fucking useless once he gets the Yesterday was Better T3. Because, -10 armor means NOTHING when you don't even get bonus damage from it. Hell, your DPS as a Pistoler would be better NOT getting Tender Sugar, and NOT getting Yesterday was Better. You would be better off getting Unreasonable Behavior.

    That -15 armor on a target means you get 22.5 bonus damage for either the SMG or the Pistol. It is the only reason to get Unreasonable Behavior. You want DPS. You want to have a skill, and have it be worth using. You don't want a damage boosting skill that turns to shit once you get your T3. It becomes the equivalent of a tiny ass Countermeasures Level 1. You will get no benefits out of it.

    Pistol Pathy for all intents and purposes, is fucked. The skills that looked like they would support a Pistol Pathy, don't even do that. Tender Sugar fucks his DPS. Then his T3 Yesterday was Better renders his T2 Flash Maze Tango useless. Yeah, Yesterday really was better for the Pathfinder, because today all he got was shit launched upon his pistol.

    Now lets see that SMG friend of ours.

    14 base @ .22 attack. 63.64 DPS right off the bat.

    Now with some Tender Sugar:

    .22 / 1.25 = 0.176

    .22 / 1.5 = 0.147

    .22 / 2 = 0.11

    Lets check that DPS.

    14 / .22 = 63.64

    17 / .176 = 96.59

    20 / .147 = 136.05

    23 / .11 = 209.09

    Ooh lawdy. That is pretty nasty DPS.

    But lets not forget Flash Maze Tango and its nice -15 armor which translates to +22.5 damage.

    45.5 / .11 = 413.64

    Ooh hey dawg. It isn't like we weren't destroying the enemy already with 209.09 DPS, but we just doubled that shit with a single skill.

    But for fun, you decided to use Thousand Ants and have a HCM.

    .11 / 6 = .0183

    In 1 second, you emptied an HCM. You shot so fast, you would have started reloading in half a second. But as is, you barely manage to escape that reload penalty, because it takes 1.098 seconds to fire off 60 shots at that speed.

    In that 1 second time interval

    (23 * 1.3 + 22.5) / .0183 = Your DPS. I'm not even going to calculate it. Just plug that number in, and be shocked.

    Show Spoiler
    For those who are lazy, it is 2863.39 DPS

    Do I need to say more? We aren't even considering the fact that you might have an AP ammo or a Survcon or a Flamethrower. This is just a naked pathfinder with an SMG. The number is even more terrifying with weapon mods, but I don't even think it is necessary to tell you just how absurd he becomes.

    But because people commonly have +20% damage & Attack speed, lets do it anyways.

    (23 *1.2) * 1.3 + 22.5 = 58.38
    (.22 / 1.2) / 2 / 6 = 0.0153

    0.0153 * 60 = 0.918 Seconds until 60 shots have been fired.

    58.38 / 0.0153 = 3815.69 DPS

    3815.69 DPS * .918S = 3502.8 Damage per clip.

    Even more OP than an OPerations commando.

    Operations Commando (20% + Damage & Attack Speed) With SMG & HCM Assume instant fullstack of Adrenaline against a 0 armor target.

    ((13 * 1.2) * 2.5) / (.22 / 1.2 / 5.75)
    39 / 0.032
    1218.75 DPS.

    60 * .032 = 1.92 seconds to empty a clip.

    so 1218.75 * 1.92 = 2340 Damage per clip.

    Of course, Operations Commando has more sustainability, but shot per shot, Pathfinder wins this shit. If the pathfinder wanted to, he could probably get a second barrage out. Of course, by the time he gets a second barrage out, Commando will emptied two clips, but that is beside the point.

    You made SMG Pathfinder into Pandemonium Diablo, while Pistol Pathfinder is at best Nightmare Diablo.

    Sorry, but no. I won't accept such a pathfinder. The game already is "too easy" for some people. This would just make it a joke. Team him up with a Surv Recon and a Pyro Flamer and watch the world end.
  8. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    The joke is that I am a fool and literally forgot that other classes with armor reduction exist.

    I should've taken a longer vacation.

    Thread closed for now - I will open it again when I remember how to do my job.
  9. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Also, I should mention something: The HMG may not be the best weapon for the all important "Boss DPS", but it mulches hordes hilariously with its high base damage and huge splash radius. The HMG is the proverbial "whoring" weapon aside from the L3 and the Stinger for a reason. The fact that his kill count wasn't higher than mine even though I was low-efforting Gunslinger is the point.
  10. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Thanks Arturia and Max. We'll come back to this later then.
  11. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Hello friends I am back. This time, things should be less awful, but perhaps not. I'll let the public decide.

    Flesh Maze Tango reduces armor based on a percentage rather than a hard value. Damage removed, replaced with 1 Open Wound stack at all levels.
    Tender Sugar's damage bonus to the SMG removed, replaced with attack speed and range. Attack speed penalty to Pistol removed.
  12. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    Tender Sugar:
    Much better for Pistol now; the DPS isn't utterly slaughtered.

    SMG is brought down to a very acceptable level with its change.
    Flash Maze Tango:
    Still very useless if you specialize in Pistol.

    Its nerfed down to an acceptable-ish level; It no longer indiscriminately slaughters anything and everything under its effects.

    Unfortunately, it'll never reduce armor by more than 12 ~ 13 points in its current state, and will fail to have any affects on light enemies. The halving against Heroics is sensible though, otherwise Queen would end up losing 24 points of armor. The only exception is the rarely appearing Strangler which would be utterly annihilated.
    Avatar Beat:

    Flash Maze Tango remains largely indifferent, but is still useless if you use the Pistol. It just becomes easier for SMG to take advantage of it.

    Thousand Ants becomes easier to use and is a more effective way to dish out DPS. Unfortunately, that feels more like its hand-holding you heavily more than anything else.

    Pepper Streak is becoming a troubling point. I don't see anything that restricts its state of being active anywhere except in the Tier 3 skills which imply that it isn't normally active during Thousand Ants. Clarify this because it is hard to tell, and felt like "Well, isn't it always active?". This is more of a benefit for SMG than pistol, considering the nature of Thousand Ants SMG & Pistol.

    Tender Sugar seems rather detestable. It needs to be clarified. SMG's attack speed goes 30% --> 60% --> 50% judging by what is stated there. If it is an independent buff, that is even worse considering how attack speed is calculated. You would end up with .22 / 1.6 / 1.5 which brings it down much more than the 100. It becomes .22 / (1.6 * 1.5) which is .22 / (2.4). A combination of two 45% attack speed buffs result in a faster attack speed than a single 100% attack speed buff. Attack speed buffs / debuffs in that sense are multiplicative. That is the reason why Commando's adrenaline gives a 475% attack speed boost instead of a 180% attack speed boost.

    Tender Sugar renders Flash Maze Tango pointless for the Pistol.
    Yesterday Was Better:
    Renders Flash Maze Tango useless due to the fact that Pistol becomes unaffected by armor. Flash Maze Tango just becomes... Countermeasures Level 1 with 1/3 the AoE.

    Thousand Ants became easier to use; unfortunately Pepper Streak's "Synergy" with it is utter shit when compared to its SMG counterpart. I'd rather be able to make linear splash all over the place, not behind a single unit.

    Pepper Streak is powerful as passive DPS.

    Tender Sugar makes a massive leap, ( 3 --> 6 --> 15), but I don't see anything wrong with that in particular.
    Unreasonable Behavior:
    Flash Maze Tango remains useful and becomes powerful. At this point, the maximum reduction one can get is around 12 on Queen / Hades, a bit more against Slashers, but absolutely destroys Stranglers. Unfortunately, its still useless against enemies lacking armor.

    Thousand Ants became free DPS that doesn't require thinking as you don't even have to worry about the reload penalty. You stopped the major source of ammo hemorrhaging concerns for Pathfinder; Halving ammunition spent would have been more than enough.

    Pepper Streak is powerful enough to wreck any given hoard of zombies. Combining it with Thousand Ants just results in an absurdly huge AoE Kill Zone.

    Tender Sugar is reasonably placed, it stopped turning SMG into the weapon of mass devastation.
    General Note on Pepper Streak & Thousand Ants Synergy: Its pretty mixed up. The way SMG & Pistol have their benefits from Pepper Streak means that SMG just has to be shooting at anything to make bounces that will hit enemies while Pistol has to be shot at the front-most enemy in order for Pepper Streak to show itself. With Thousand Ants forcing Pistol to hit a single target, it drastically reduces the benefit of Pepper Streak, while SMG gaining free reign can scatter its AoE pellets far and wide even if it just shot at a single target. I think you should make SMG's Thousand Ants into the Single-Target while Pistol's Thousand Ants becomes Quick Aim and damage.

    If you want to make a distinction between SMG & Pistol for Thousand Ants, you should give them different bonus' rather than making one more restrictive than the other. Thousand Ants Pistol is like Thousand Ants SMG but can only Target 1 unit.

    Also, from reading the Tier 3's, you make it sound as if Pepper Streak isn't normally active during Thousand Ants.

    You need to explicitly state this, as it seems to be implied more than anything else. I assumed Pepper Streak would be a passive that is always active from the initial readings of the Tier 1 & 2 skills. The Tier 3 skills make it sound as if it isn't. As such, you need to clarify on the topic of Pepper Streaking being permanently active, or disabled during Thousand Ants unless a T3 skill enables Pepper Streak. If Pepper Streak isn't normally active during Thousand Ants, that dramatically impacts how I view the role of Pistol & SMG in Thousand Ants.
    Note about T3 Thousand Ants changes:
    If anything, Pistol should lose its ammunition consumption during Thousand Ants rather than SMG. The distinct idea that appears to be presented is that Pistol is the conservative Ammunition Weapon while SMG is the spendthrift. However, your T3 Changes completely swap those ideas making SMG the perfect conservation weapon while Pistol becomes slightly better. The distinction between half as much spent and none spent is too great.
  13. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton


    Hardly. You're doing what I did when I first made this: You're imagining the Pathfinder in a vacuum. Flesh Maze Tango is a support ability in the context of the Pistol.

    Total removal of armor should require the help of a Survcon or a Nanomed.

    Again, FMT becomes a support ability.

    It specifically states in the Thousand Ants tooltip that Pepper Steak is disabled during Thousand Ants, relevant bit bolded for clarity. Also, it's Pepper Steak. There is no R. It is a thing that you eat.

    Goodness no. It goes up to 110%. I will add "for a total of" clarifier.

    Again 2x combo, it becomes a support ability.

    You can probably guess what I'm gonna reply to this with.

    It's useful for when you need to slow something down right then. Also, NOTD's enemies tend to form a conga line, so it's nice for when you're being pursued by multiple enemies.

    It's doubling with a little bit extra because it's a T3.

    Man, like it needs to be. You've got the SMG, what do you need with skills that deal bonus to light targets too? That's overkill.

    Something I missed. I need an editor. It's supposed to be 50% reduced ammo consumption with a 10% increase in bonus damage.


    160% increased attack speed is still pretty devastating. It just makes the SMG unwieldy as hell if you're not used to emptying clips in seconds.

    No. The point of this was to take effectiveness away from the Pistol and give it to the SMG and then push both of them to their logical (illogical?) extremes. The SMG will remain primarily multi-target while the Pistol remains single-target.

    Thousand Ants (Pistol) is only more restrictive if you let it be. If used on a boss, it ensures that you will not be shooting anything else by accident. If used on an enemy, you will more than likely not be encountering the reload penalty.

    It isn't.

    It is explicitly stated.

    Again, I need an editor.
  14. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    But it fails to support the pistol after you get the tier-3 ability. At best, it becomes a crude Countermeasures due to the fact that the armor reduction has no impact on the pistol.

    A recon can LD, a Medic can VI, a Flamethrower can burn, it won't change the Pistol Pathfinder's DPS against that target.

    It went from Boosting the damage pistol dealt to a completely pointless waste of 2 skill points. The Recon can accomplish more with 1 point in a tier 1, than FMT does with 3 points. Yes, it may help other characters, but it doesn't help the Pathfinder. Everyone is going to be using Armor Ignoring weapons for the most part. Its a skill that starts useful and ends useless, similar to how Xplo demolitions utterly annihilates everything in easy company but is weak in Nightmare.

    It can be completely ignored as a skill once you get to your Tier 3. It contributes only in the event that for some mystical reason your entire team is using weapons that don't ignore armor, and are all weapon-based DPS's. It won't contribute any more than Recon's Level 3 LD would in most cases.

    Getting the tier 3 is problematic as renders FMT mostly useless. What good does reducing the enemies armor by 80% do when armor is an irrelevant factor for Pistol Pathfinder? Sure you could use it, and maybe increase the Damage per shot of your allies by maybe 2 ~ 4, but it isn't nearly as effective as using Thousand Ants twice.

    Your team will be rocking an assortment of at least 3 to 4 armor ignoring weapons, and is likely to be in possession of at least one laser rifle. In the early game, FMT is useful. It falls out immediately after because of the dominance of heavy weapons. Chances are, some of your classes don't even rely on a weapon for dishing their damage out anyways, so it just becomes even more pointless. Its like having a demolitions spamming fire vulnerability when nobody is using explosives or fire. Its a waste of energy and accomplishes nothing.

    The fact that it doesn't help the Pistol Pathfinder remains the same; it becomes a shitty version of Countermeasures Level 1 despite costing 3 skill points, with a small chance of slightly boosting your team's DPS. I'd rather just toss the grenade at an Guardian of the Beta for Max OW stacks and kite him, occasionally shooting at him with the Pistol-Made-SniperRifle.
    You really know how to make me cringe in terms of attack speed.

    I'll just give the general idea for ammunition consumption of SMG for Full-maxed characters so that not everyone is forced to do the math.

    Unreasonable Behavior
    .22 / 2.6 = .0846 attack speed (baseline attack speed without ammo mods). - 11.8 shots per second
    .22 / 1.2 / 2.6 = .0705 attack speed (baseline attack speed with ammo mods). - 14.2 shots per second

    .0846 / 6 = 0.0141 attack speed (Thousand Ants; No ammo mods), - 70.9 shots per second (36 spent)
    .0705 / 6 = 0.0118 attack speed (Thousand Ants; 4 Speed Mods), - 84.7 shots per second (43 spent)

    Avatar Beat
    baseline .105 (9.55 shots per second)
    57.3 shots per second (Thousand Ants;Avatar Beat; No Ammo mods)

    baseline .087 (11.45 shots per second)
    68.7 shots per second (Thousand Ants;Avatar Beat;4 Speed mods)

    You'll need a High Capacity Magazine in order to use that without tripping the reload penalty. Rounded spending up to next highest integer.

    A second of Absolute Destruction is a second well spent. I'm not going to make a shot to comprehend just how much bouncing projectiles amplifies that, as that is outside of my realm of knowledge.

    Just multiply Shots per second by your damage to get an idea of how high your DPS is during that one second. The minimum damage dealt is 1k damage, provided you assume an armor-less enemy. It can become some very absurd things with just Penance, VRL, Weapon Mods and LD.
    Everything past this point is small clean-up on what you said / further clarification on certain things.

    Add a duration for the Debuff of Main Target Penetration; clarify what "Slow" is (move speed only, or attack & move speed?).

    Add a cooldown for Flesh Maze Tango.

    Correct "foce" to "force" at the end of the information about Variant Tier 3's.
  15. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    FMT's effectiveness is based entirely upon the equipment choices of your team. Additionally, the point of this rework was making the Pistol the "safe and less effective" choice while the SMG became the "ultimately more damaging by a significant margin but more difficult to handle" choice. A support ability does not necessarily need to support the Pathfinder himself.

    FMT relies primarily on the equipment and class choices of the team. If you want to bank entirely on a good loadout due to good recon? That's your choice. FMT is entirely skippable if that's what you prefer.

    It's a gift.

    Why yes, you are correct.


    I'm aware. It requires a very specific setup to be useful, and said setup requires a relatively high amount of teamwork. Solo, the SMG is crap, because FMT reduces based on a percentage (which is even lower against bosses), so even if he's fighting armored enemies FMT is more than likely not going to solve his problem. Most Apollo bosses (most bosses period, actually) will laugh at the Pathfinder unless he's got good support, in which case he's a monster. Which, y'know, I'm fine with.

    Will do. It's only intended to last for 4 seconds.

    Doesn't need one. That's nearly 50% of his energy pool.


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