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  1. Kusanosky

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    Hi guys!

    I suppose 1 armor is different than -1 dmg. So can someone tell me how that works?
    And I also want know if a negativ armor is possible => more dmg.

    If you have other tips to know, feel free to share. :)
  2. Ghost
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    Enemy attacks and you:

    There was also a table Ability or someone posted on the old forum with better explanations.

    For player vs enemy, every weapon has an armor modifier which is basically damage - enemy armor * weapon armor modifier.

    For a weapon with 1.5 mod, you lose 1.5 dmg per armor. At 0.3 mod, you lose 0.3 dmg per armor.

    At 0 mod (ignores armor), no damage is lost.

    However, with negative armor values, you gain the associated mod amount in damage per negative armor value. Weapons that ignore armor therefore can be comparatively poor performing to weapons with an armor mod because they do not gain that bonus damage from negative armor.
  3. Kusanosky

    Kusanosky New Member

    Exactly what I need. Thanks.
  4. spartanhija

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    Also the armor u have blocks different amts from different enemies, for instance, 1 armor will block 2 damage from a zombie, while blocking 5 dmg from queen. Each units different.
  5. Kusanosky

    Kusanosky New Member

    And, how works AP ammo?
  6. Osaze

    Osaze Well-Known Member

    ap ammo removes 1 point of armor from the target while the debuff lasts.
    so whatever effect the weapon has vs armor, it just removes 1 point of armor fromt he equation.
    This is why lazer rifle is terrible with an ap ammo, because of its bonus with armor points.
  7. Miracle
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    If you have at least one AP ammo, anything you hit with attacks (zombies or team mates) loses 1 armour for a few seconds. Depending on the weapon you're using you may do extra damage or have no effect, for example the UA GPR-12 will do 1 extra damage per attack, while the Crowbar will still do 40 damage per attack (because armour does not affect its damage).
  8. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    For AP ammo, it applies a debuff on target, including those hit by your weapon splash.
    As a result, not only your weapons may benefit from the enemy's reduced armor, but that of all your allies as well.
  9. Kusanosky

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  10. Ryan III

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    Just saying, we have a wiki, use it.
  11. Nebibubi

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    Well I found Ghost's answer more useful than the contents of the wiki. So doesn't hurt to ask sometimes.
  12. Ryan III

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  13. Thermidor

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    Jks, I understand.
  14. Kusanosky

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    I read the wiki but sometimes I dont find what I want.
    For example on the wiki clik on engineer. You learn a lot about the class. Clik on rating and you learn more about, you learn you need 1600 rate for unlock engineer.

    And if a wiki can be update it's cause everything is not write or can be old and need some modifications.
  15. spartanhija

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  16. Thermidor

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  17. TheSilenced

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    I gotta ask now before I make some stupid mistake someday, athena on wiki says that it has a laser effect ( damage increase per point of armour) however I saw in the 90 changelog that it was changed to a 8 flat damage with boosted attack speed so which is accurate?
  18. spartanhija

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    Lol I was pulling info straight from the wiki fyi. No idea why thanks were given :p
  19. Lulz

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    the boosted attack speed is the current one and not the laser type damage effect.

    Also while were on wiki info that needs fixing. I noticed it lists the mando as having no innate or starting skill, when in fact he does have one which is weapon switch speed. If i however missed this on the wiki, we can all point fingers and laugh at me while i take it.
  20. Thermidor

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    Ah yes, I remember ppl talking about that. How much was it again, 50%?

    Please note that a wiki is a community project thing and will do much better when the community helps to contribute to it. A lot of the pages are open for all to edit, therefore allowing you to edit without an account. Therefore it would help me if people would actually edit the page themselves rather than bothering me to do it. Granted, you can still bother me if the page is locked in some way but otherwise, it doesn't take that much time to edit a page.

    Enough on the wiki, this thread wasn't created to talk about inaccuracies on the wiki, everyone here needs to get back on topic...

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