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    Sex Ops Talent Tree rework:

    Because everyone says our little Psychic Operative has issues. Generally "Shit be mixed up", with talents that synergize with one another on opposite trees.

    So here is my little Sex Ops Concept rework. By no means official. I don't even know that Kith will necessarily look at it or consider this. Since it's not a whole new class... I don't need to cover the unit basics so lets just jump right in.

    Tree One - Mind Over Matter

    Tier 1:

    Force Push: As it currently exists. Would be nice if it didn't stun allies anymore... but considering that's been a bug for about two years at this point I'm going to give up really harping for it anymore.

    Mindlink: As it currently exists. The only change I would make is moving the hotkey combination for "Break Mindlink" to X->V instead of the X->M. M is a pretty far stretch and is generally beyond where any NOTDer would naturally have his fingers on a standard keyboard.

    Tier 2:

    Speed of Thought: I believe Blaqk suggested a reworking to this that I would also support. Range 20 teleport, no matter the talent level. 2/4 second duration, AoE 3 stun.

    Mental Projections: Fine as is. Considering this tree is a lot about warping reality around the Psi Ops, it seems a natural fit. Not only that it also plays nice with Speed of Thought beacons if needed. Fuck Sensory Confusion.

    Tier 3:

    Inception: Skill as is. I don't have much to suggest for changing it. Ideally I'd like to see Inception not fuck with Athena Weakness and HAL Shutdown. So no using Inception to speedhack the shutdown, but also you can use Inception without speedhacking Athena's weakened state.

    Psychic Warrior:

    This tree will be a bit less familiar. It goes from the theme of warping reality and controlling enemy mobs for a wholly different tact to it as a pure combat caster.

    Tier One:

    Blackout: We know it, some people love it. It fits better with the concept I want to go with here. It also is a familiar skill that Mind Over Matter Sex Ops will feel comfortable cross classing into.

    Psychic Burning: Consider this a reworking and upgrade of the current Mind Ravage. Instead of focusing on Force Push/Stuns, which is still in the other tree we have...

    20 Energy, 8 second cool down.

    Cast Range 15, ground targeted AoE range 3. Allies take half damage.

    Level 1: Inflicts 50 damage to all units in the area.
    Level 2: Inflicts 60 damage to all units in the area. 2 seconds later this effect is duplicated.
    Level 3: Inflicts 70 damage to all units in the area. 1 and 2 seconds later this effect is duplicated.

    Tier Two:

    Opportunist: Passive.

    Increases damage done by abilities against targets who are blinded or stunned.

    Level 1: 50% damage increase.
    Level 2: 100% damage increase.


    10 Energy, 2 second cool down.

    10 casting range, single enemy target. Gives the Psi Ops an "Agony Stack" if the target it hits is not killed. Max stack of 20. If the target is killed by Agony, all stacks are removed.

    Level 1: Deals 75 damage to target, Agony deals +10 damage per Agony Stack.
    Level 2: Deals 150 damage to target, Agony deals +20 damage per Agony Stack.

    Tier 3:

    Psionic Tempest: As is. I would suggest slightly tightening up the timing of the damage packets the storm drops, as even a stalker can walk through it one end to the other without dying.

    Possible questions? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that people might not like the lack of Foresight in here. It's good. It's very good. Hell it's about the one reason people would want to go Telepathy as the tier three is... okay but underwhelming since the damage ticks are spaced too far apart.

    Though I think having Opportunist as a passive instead fits the tree concept better. It's not as good, I'm not going to pretend it is, but I'm not going to say it's bad either.

    Though the new winner on tier two for it would be Agony. 1100 guaranteed damage without needing the luck of a Critical Strike, if you are playing your cards right. Though considering the only way you'd have to do that is using Agony, a lot, and Blackout energy should be an issue. Also unlike a lot of spike damage skills it rewards you for not being a kill jacking XP hog but wants you to instead just whittle enemies down to really low health.


    *ducks and covers*
  2. Kith
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    So, correct me if I'm wrong, but Psychic Burning's damage is 50, 60x2, 70x3?

    Also, Agony needs more description. I'm not sure if that damage bonus is to the next use of Agony or if it's for attacking. The former is decent, the latter is jesus christ what the fuck
  3. Kage

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    Agony sounds like some pseudo-OSOK that deals more damage everytime you use it on the same target.
  4. ArcturusV

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    The next use of Agony alone, is what it means. So that it builds up as you use it, as long as you don't actually kill a target with it. Though at 550 maxed out (Without Opportunist bonuses), you're talking about one shotting any common enemy other than an Agron. Least that's what I was going for. With Opportunist bonuses it should one shot all non Bosses/Quasi Bosses other than Brain bugs. Though the work at finding targets that you won't kill to build it up I would think should be a bit harder to pull off necessarily.

    Yeah, Psychic Burning being 50, 60x2, and 70x3.

    Yeah Kage, kind of the idea though it's not about just using it on the same target. It's using it anytime you, as the Psi Ops, doesn't actually kill the target. I realize that makes it more effective necessarily against Bosses and quasi bosses like Parrots and Titans.
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    Hmm... hadn't thought of it when I was working on it... but would people be okay with Agony also getting a buff from Inception? Considering how badly the Devastators rake in XP for their owner it is a very real consideration.

    This means a MOM Ops (Yes, that acronym was purposeful...), could have Inception and Agony maxed, maybe even Opportunist as well. 2750 per Agony shot, in ideal conditions. It'd rape energy so badly to do it I can't imagine you'd pull it off all that much. But it could definitely turn Hades into an even easier fight. Could probably get off what, 8-10 of them if I recall how the time scaling works with cooldowns during Inception? 27,500 damage is... yeah. I'd take up pretty much every bit of the MOM Ops's reserve to pull off.

    Just a consideration I hadn't put too much thought into when I made it. Honestly I don't mind it. Due to the huge energy requirements involved it'd be something that a Psi Ops would be able to pull off once, during a boss fight. And only Hades Mark I, or Hades Mark II.
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    A re-imagining of the Medic's Skills.

    Similarly to how I did the Sex Ops at the top of the page. Something about the medic always bugged me (Not to mention the Command Card/Hotkey crowding because it has too many active effects on the same page). This is in part due to the eclectic feel of the Nanotech tree, and some dissatisfaction with how some of the Field Aid tree works. So a short streamlining of it will be attempted by me. Like my Psi Ops reworking I'm sure that there will be things that upset other people about it, and maybe some neat ideas.

    So lets get it on:

    Innate Abilities:

    Heal-o-beam: Becomes an Innate Medic ability. 5 HP/Sec healing rate.
    Anti-venom: Remains as is.

    Field Aid tree:

    Tier 1-

    Triage Expertise*: (Passive)

    Level 1: Reduces cooldown of abilities by 1 second. Heal-o-Beam recovers 6 HP/sec.
    Level 2: Reduces cooldown of abilities by 1.5 seconds. Heal-o-Beam recovers 7 HP/sec.
    Level 3: Reduces cooldown of abilities by 2 seconds. Heal-o-Beam recovers 8 HP/sec.

    Surgical Laser*: As is. However talent level three will remove 2 ailments at once.

    Tier 2-

    Nanoweave: Remains as is, I have no issues with it.

    Nanoshield: Remains more or less as is. It's just too necessary to two storyline tanks, the Demo and the Flamethrower, not to mention it's use during shriek. I think it's kinda off for a "Healer" tree but concessions are made.

    Tier 3-

    Surge of Strength: (Passive)

    When a marine is targeted by a Medic ability that marine gains 50 temporary HP (Increases HP and Max HP by by 50 for 7 seconds), and reduces damage the Marine would take by 20%. Casting another ability on them resets the duration of the temporary HP or damage reduction, it does not stack.

    Nanotech Tree:

    This tree will get a facelift, a bit more severe than the Field Aid tree. I never quite liked the nature of it having a stun, a buff, a passive selfish buff, a Debuff Bomb, and a AoE DPS skill. It's just an odd mix to me. Thus I unified it under one concept.

    Tier 1-

    Nanostrength: Remains as is. It's all good and fits my evil vision for the tree.


    8 Energy, 10 second duration, 5 second cool down. 4 Casting range, single friendly target.

    Level 1: Next attack skill deals 50% extra damage.
    Level 2: Next 2 attack skills deals 75% extra damage.
    Level 3: Next 3 attack skills deals 100% extra damage.

    Tier 2-

    Two Way Connection:

    20 energy, variable duration, 30 second cool down. 5 casting range, targets two marines OTHER than the caster.

    Level 1: For 7 seconds the two targeted marines share all status effects (Positive and Negative) with each other.
    Level 2: For 14 seconds the two targeted marines share all status effects (Positive and Negative) with each other.

    Mirrored Nanites: (Passive)

    Level 1: When the medic uses a skill on another marine, the effect is copied automatically onto the medic. All numerical effects (Duration, HP recovered, bonuses, etc) are reduced to 25% of their norm, Medic loses an additional 50% energy based on the copied skill's energy cost. (e.g. A medic with Mirrored Nanites casts Nanoshield level 2 on a marine. The Medic gets a nanoshield which adds only 15 max shields, .5 shield armor and lasts for 5 seconds, medic loses 10 energy.)
    Level 2: When the medic uses a skill on another marine, the effect is copied automatically onto the medic. All numerical effects are reduced to 50% of their norm, Medic loses an additional 25% energy based on the copied skill's energy cost. (example continued: the Nanoshield would add 30 max shields, 1 shield armor and last for 10 seconds, medic loses 5 energy).

    Tier 3-

    Neural Overclock:

    30 energy, 15 second duration, 30 second cool down. Single target marine in range 4.

    Target marine gains +3 sight range and true sight. Skills recharge 25% faster, critical hit chance is doubled, energy costs are reduced 25%.

    At the end of the duration the marine is fatigued. Damage reduced by 25% and skill recharge doubled for the next 8 seconds.

    *note: Thanks to Ghost from EU for helping me come up with the Field Aid tier 1 ideas. The reason why Expertise is a flat "of abilities" instead of "Field Aid abilities" is so that it will also include Anti-Venom. And it would be nice to have a cross tree talent that supports your build, so that was also a consideration.

    It's a strange beast. The Nanotech tree ended up massively reworked. Focusing more on straight buffing than being a Technowizard necessarily. I kinda like the feel of it though. Plus side is that I cut things down enough that it will all fit on the command card necessarily and should solve hotkey issues. It does mean that the Medic, regardless of talent tree would be focused on buffing marines.

    Eh, it's a thought. Maybe an idea or two in here would actually be worth a damn.
  7. Archangel

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    lol, imagine two way connection on a opsmando and maybe a smm/armass/cengi.

    sooooo much dps
  8. ArcturusV

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    Oh yeah, I know. Even worse if you consider Survival Mode with say a Sex Ops Inception on top of a OpsComm Adrenaline, Surgical Strike, Weapon Expertise.

    It was an interesting concept and I liked the idea. Might prove too OP for some. But eh, it was an idea. With only a half duration to cooldown (Almost) at best though I think that limits the OPness. Might increase the cooldown further if that was an actual problem.
  9. ProbeGst

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    Triage Expertise*: (Passive)
    Mirrored Nanites
    should get switched because medic will have get 35 of hp from tier 3 and shriek shield and self healing so it does more effective healing.
    and TRiage to Nano expertise: 2 sec less cd and your nanite offencive skill will be 25/50% more effective.
  10. SirGalahad

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    although i do like the idea of a fa medic buff, from my understanding of sc2 mechanics this would be really difficult to implement without it being easily exploitable. similar to stat healing, any increase to the max hp of a character simply adds that amount of hp to the base. this means that every time the buff is reset, the target will simply gain 50 hp, resulting in a super heal. i have seen this in many other custom sc2 maps, especially rpg ones, where constantly swapping a +hp item in the inventory will simply heal your character by that amount. i also really dislike having passive t3s, since most active skills are much more powerful and versatile.

    instead, i propose that the t3 of the fa medic be changed from the frustratingly randomly targeting of restoration to a more simple area effect that rapidly increases hp regen and reduces incoming damage. this effect, similar to the protoss sentry's guardian field will be centred on the medic and is thus movable.

    Nanite Surge:

    the medic temporarily overloads his healing nanites and ejects them in a steady stream around him, temporarily healing all of his allies and increasing their resistance to damage.

    40 energy, 15 sec duration, 30 sec cd.
    heals all friendly units in a radius of 6 at a rate of 10 hp/sec. reduces all incoming damage by 30%.

    although the blanket damage reduction is quite strong, the high energy cost and long cd should offset its power. the fa medic is currently underpowered on most good teams, serving more as a supply of energy (and a source of antivenom for parasites) than a healer. having a defensive shell ability will greatly increase its utility, especially when combined with a recon supply station. it also gives the medic a damage-prevention ability, something that i think it is sorely lacking. it's a bit sad that a mob recon or a trapper is better at protecting the team than the healer.
  11. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    That runs into two issues for me:

    One, once again the medic will have a problem with Command Card Crowding, and two skills will end up sharing a space. And that often bugs stuff out.

    The other being part of what I don't really like with Restoration right now. And what I don't like about it isn't the nigh random targeting. That's more nitpicking I think. The problem with Restoration is a core problem that goes deeper. Basically the idea of "Heal and ton of people for X" is only really useful when your team is a total gongshow. Good teams have no reason to use Restoration for the most part. Not excluding very trollish spawns that rarely pop up. And I feel it's kind of weak design to base skills around a worst case scenario (Your team sucks and everyone is getting constantly beat up), with diminishing returns the better your team is doing.
  12. KatsuraJun

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    From what I see, Restoration is used more for the energy restoration than heal. Perhaps something more focused around that would be useful?

    I agree that FA Med is basically "Worst case scenario" type tree. In that the talents are outclassed or flat out unnecessary in any meaningful scenario. It's not too different from what I felt was the issue with Submando, actually.
  13. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Well... they have a purpose because certain storylines are tanked. And in tanking scenarios FA meds are quite useful and do have plenty to do. But AoE heals... that doesn't really relate to tanking. Only reason to use an AoE effect on healing would be a worst case scenario "My entire team ate a beastling or two" or "We suck at Apop" sort of thing.

    And yeah, I mean before they added the energy any Medic worth their salt would hybrid out instead of getting Restoration. Afterwards it seems more used for the energy spam necessarily. Not that it's all that much energy either in real terms. Not like that energy means your Assassin gets off one extra team saving Monofiliment shot. I mean it's not bad. Just think it's kinda overrated.
  14. SirGalahad

    SirGalahad New Member

    yes, i agree that the core problem with fa meds is that they are not needed on good teams. in my suggested change, i noted that they are primarily used for team energy replenishment and antivenom. unless the fa med is completely abolished, i dont think that the core problem of the fa med being merely insurance on a good team will ever change. therefore, in order to facilitate that, i thought, why not make the med better at being that insurance then? as a walking heal/protection beacon, it would be useful for more than hold-out fights. for dangerous situations like walking to fort from airlock during nydus worms, kiting the queen, protecting tanaka in alpha, etc, the primary draw of the suggested skill is not the heal but its damage reduction and mobility. also, although it is an aoe, it can also be used to protect a tank that is tanking a boss/mobs.

    if you dont like the heal aspect, then an alternative would be to give a super high shield regen or shield armour instead.

    personally, although restoration is nice for the energy multiplication (25 gives 15x5), it really fails in team defense because, as you stated, teams will need the heal only when the shit hits the fan. in other words, it is reactionary rather than proactive.

    the fa med really needs a skill other than nano shield that will protect allies BEFORE they get hurt, rather than after. also after some thinking, maybe a 15 sec duration is 30 sec cd makes it too useless.

    how about a 25 energy activation cost to toggle, then 5 energy per second? that would make it great in sticky situations.

    Nanite Surge:

    the medic temporarily overloads his healing nanites and ejects them in a steady stream around him, temporarily strengthening the shields of all of his allies and increasing their resistance to damage.

    25 energy to activate, 5 energy/sec cost, 5 sec cd.
    heals all friendly shields in a radius of 6 at a rate of 5 shields/sec. passively increases allied shield armour by 4 while active and reduces all incoming damage by 20%.

    the steep energy cost somewhat mitigates the utility of this skill, and it makes the fa medic more attractive compared to the spammable super aoe debuff that is currently nano sear (let's solo gotb!).
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    A fresh new class this time.

    Alpha Company, an Engineer Replacement.

    Why? Well, it's no secret I don't like the Engineer. And based off the recent "I hate this class!" topic, so do a lot of other people. But the Engineer itself just doesn't seem to get much play lately in Alpha Company. I don't see anyone willingly pick them unless we are going for the Expeditionary Medal. These are the issues I see with the Engineer in Alpha Company:

    1: Combat Tree Engineers get a little DPS envy. Not only does it have to compete with Commandos, but also a lot of AoE Bomb Dropping, Sheng's Boys tearing up everything in sight, and the nature of Alpha Company's standoffs not necessarily playing well to the Combat Engineer's strong points. It's not bad... but the nature of the storyline itself makes it a fairly unappealing option where it doesn't really add anything unique, either outclassed by sheer DPS: Commando, or outclassed in AoE Lockdown: FO, or outclassed in Anti-Boss capability: Flamethrower.

    2: Field Tree Engineers are ill-suited to Alpha Company. The Towers deal far too little damage against the heavier units that comprise a lot of Alpha Company holdouts. While this does have the benefit of providing lots of decent targets for Mindjacking (Typically the big draw to have a Field Engineer. Lets face it, no one is picking the Engineer for Sigma or Battery really), the amount of DOOM that is constantly being dropped does make it very difficult to snag things. The Gas sequence conspires against the would be Menagerie builder, Cerberus can slice apart even mindjacked Agrons right quick. And if that isn't bad enough, IVAX then goes and one shots them all and Perses burns them to a crisp. Simply put the Field Engineer does not work for Alpha Company.

    So, Engineer Replacement for Alpha Company. As always this isn't some official project. More of a simple musing of mine and a "Wouldn't it be neat!"

    Storm Trooper:

    Veteran Assault Marines trained in close assaults against hard defensive positions. They are known as a grim lot, as typical assignments for them have lower than average survival rates. The Storm Troopers are assigned to Alpha Company to tackle the worst of the enemy strong points and open the way along side their Flamethrower brothers.

    Hard Data:

    Unit Model: Basic Marauder (Black instead of the Demo style based off the Marauder Kill Team)
    Marine Class: Heavy
    Base HP: 250
    Health Regen: 0.345
    Base Armor: 4
    Base Shields: 40
    Shield Regen: 1.5
    Shield Armor: 0
    Base Energy: 80
    Energy Regen: 0.65
    Sight Range: 8
    Move Speed: 2.57
    Inventory Slots: 6
    Modification Slots: 2

    Innate Skills:

    Juggernaut: The Storm Trooper in encased in thick assault armor and is resistant to ratings loss from hits taken.

    Assault Specialist: The Storm Trooper is an expert at assaulting targets in coordination with heavy artillery. He takes 33% less damage from area of effect abilities regardless of source.

    Brutality Tree:

    Tier One-

    15 Energy, 8 second cool down, 10 second duration.

    Self Buff Skill. Half effective against Heroic units.

    Level 1: Enemies attacked by the Storm Trooper within Range 3 have their attack and move speed slowed 15%.
    Level 2: Enemies attacked by the Storm Trooper within Range 4 have their attack and move speed slowed by 30%.
    Level 3: Enemies attacked by the Storm Trooper within Range 5 have their attack and move speed slowed by 45%.

    Death Seeker:

    Self Buff skill. Triggers when the Storm Trooper takes damage.

    Level 1: Enemies which inflict HP damage on the Storm Trooper take 20% extra damage from the Storm Trooper for 3 seconds.
    Level 2: Enemies which inflict HP damage on the Storm Trooper take 40% extra damage from the Storm Trooper for 3 seconds.
    Level 3: Enemies which inflict HP damage on the Storm Trooper take 60% extra damage from the Storm Trooper for 3 seconds.

    Tier Two-

    Body Armor:
    20 Energy, 5 second cool down.

    Single enemy target, range 5. Body Armor's buff can stack. Damage is doubled if the enemy is currently Coldcocked.

    Level 1: Inflicts 150 damage to target, if the target is killed the Storm Trooper gains 7 Armor for 8 seconds.
    Level 2: Inflicts 300 damage to target, if the target is killed the Storm Trooper gains 7 Armor for 16 seconds.

    20 Energy, 10 second cool down.

    Single Target ability, secondary effect on targets within 2 radius of target. 2 Range.

    Level 1: Primary Target is stunned for 3 seconds and loses 4 Armor. Secondary targets are knocked back 2 and stunned for .5 seconds.
    Level 2: Primary Target is stunned for 6 seconds and loses 8 Armor. Secondary targets are knocked back 2 and stunned for 1 second.

    Tier Three-

    25 Energy, 5 second cool down.

    Single target ability, range 4. Prevents Immortals from Resurrecting.

    Deals 200 damage (-25 per armor point), triple damage against stunned targets. If Eviscerate kills it's target the Storm Trooper gains 30 energy and his skills are refreshed.

    Rapid Assault Tree:

    Tier One-

    Grenadier Charge:
    20 Energy, 10 second cool down.

    Ground targeted Area of Effect ability and Self Buff. Ground targeted ability casting range 8, area of effect 3. Can Friendly Fire.

    Level 1: Deals 20 AoE Damage and stuns targets for .5 seconds. Storm Trooper automatically Sprints.
    Level 2: Deals 30 AoE Damage and stuns targets for 1 second. Storm Trooper automatically Sprints.
    Level 3: Deals 40 AoE Damage and stuns targets for 1.5 seconds. Storm Trooper automatically Sprints.

    15 Energy, 30 second cool down.

    Single ally target (including self), range 3.

    Level 1: Reduces the cool down of target marine's skills by 1 second.
    Level 2: Reduces the cool down of target marine's skills by 2 seconds.
    Level 3: Reduces the cool down of target marine's skills by 3 seconds. Cures Short Circuit.

    Tier Two-

    Up and Over:

    Improves Grenadier's Charge and Rabid Wolverine.

    Level 1: Grenadier's Charge's activates Sprint on all marines in range 5. During the Sprint activated by Grenadier's Charge Marines deal +20% damage.
    Level 2: Rabid Wolverine stuns effected units every 2 seconds for .3 seconds.

    Rabid Wolverine
    15 Energy, 20 second duration, 8 second cool down.

    Range 6 ground targeted ability, AoE 3. Can friendly fire. Will put down Immortals for good.

    Level 1: Rabid Wolverine deals 5 HP per second per unit caught in its area of effect to all units caught in its area of effect.
    Level 2: Rabid Wolverine deal 10 HP per second per unit caught in its area of effect to all units caught in its area of effect.

    Tier Three-

    Last Man Standing:
    Toggle ability, 0 energy activation, drains 2 energy per second.

    Effects everything in a 5 radius.

    All units effected by Last Man Standing receive a 50% attack damage and attack speed bonus. Effects enemies as well as allies.


    I miss punching Agrons in the face. Thus Coldcock. The first tree is all designed to be Tanky and compliment the Flamethrower, either tree. Definitely more frontline in nature and depending on skill chaining and excellent micro. Second tree is a bit "Safer". Also includes the "Fix my short circuit!" replacement in Benchthump. For those younguns who don't recognize the term... that describes the action of hitting something with your hand so it works. Like Fonzi fixing a jukebox or the old school "Smack the TV so it picks up better reception".
  16. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Random concept based around a discussion I was having.

    One of the things on the docket to add at some point is this "Arc Hecate" thinger. Apparently it was in some version that existed on a little known indy game called WarCraft. I have no familiarity with it, what it does, or what it should be. Other than being told it was a "Heavy flamethrower".

    And as I was talking to this person, we both said we wanted a heavy flamethrower in the game. Something that is to the Mk-3 Flamethrower what the Gauss Rifle is to the Chaingun.

    Thus, concept, taking a swing at what a Hecate might look like.

    Arc's Hecate (Concept Heavy Flamethrower)

    Weapon Weight: 50
    Commonality: Uncommon (2 per game, one at Start, one at Chapter 2 Airdrop, chance to drop from Seth)
    Ammo Usage: One per attack
    Attack Speed: .35
    Range: 7
    Targets: Ground Only, no direct fire at enemies, no use against air.
    Reload Time: 6 seconds
    Splash Area of Effect: 3 Radius
    Initial Damage: 20 per shot
    Secondary Effect: Target Area is burning for 5 seconds. Every .5 seconds all units inside the burning area will take 10 Damage per Second for 5 seconds.
    Stacking: Burning areas can stack up indefinitely, limited only by the 5 second duration and attack speed. Multiple stacks of the burning damage over time can be inflicted without limitation beyond the ability to keep the enemy inside a burning area and the duration of the ability.
    Special: Arc's Hecate gains bonus damage on both the initial damage and burning damage over time based on High Explosive Ammo and Fire Vulnerability.
  17. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    Maybe reduce weight a little, buff damage, reduce range to 5, the weight is because I think the weight is too much for moveable storylines, the range because it's a flamethrower, buff damage is sorta like the range reduce on the flamethrower.
  18. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Interestingly I wouldn't buff damage. The initial damage is fairly low, yes, since it's only 20 and you go, "Well that sucks, Flamethrower can deal like 8x12!" though it's damage is more like 20+50, with a better AoE for mobs in general. Would far outpace the Laser Rifle for Queen Based Doom while being safer to use than the Mk-3 Flamethrower. Though being AoE has potential problems with the tank, once the chase starts.

    Also why I want it to have the additional range. Cutting 2 range off it means that due to Friendly Fire potential that it'd be limited to Tank Builds, more or less, or teams that have a lot of defensive skills. Little bit of range could do a world of good.

    Weight, maybe. I definitely want it to weigh more than the Mk-3 though, and the Mk-3 is one of the heavier weapons in game.
  19. ArcturusV

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    Man it's been a long time since I've done any of this stuff. Sadly the Medic Class is still something I look at and think could use a rework on top of what it's had since I've posted that on the previous page. Particularly it STILL has the problem with Command Card overcrowding. Which I've always considered unacceptable. It's been a problem since I first started playing. It's been a known issue. The Medic class has been worked on two times since then (A minor change which was focused on Restoration, and a more in depth overhaul that brought it to what it is now) to the best of my knowledge. But still that problem persists.

    Then again maybe only I see it as a problem. But the Nanotech Medic in particular is an unholy mishmash of talents and concepts that don't really play nice with one another.

    So sometime soon I'm going to take another crack at the Medic, see if I can find an idea worth a damn that will stick.
  20. ArcturusV

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    Arc's New Concept: Reworked Nanotech Tree

    This is a modification/rebuild of the Medic's Nanotech Tree. I already did this before, it's on Page 5. And in that I changed the Nanotech's odd mishmash of talents to focus on Support. I removed the AoE DOOM caster aspect of the Nanotech Tree in favor of skills that make your fellow marines much more deadly, including some I think were really broken like the Overclock and the Two Way Connection (Surgical Strike Adrenaline Blood Frenzied Assaults/Commandos anyone?).

    So this time I am focusing on a different aspect of the Nanotech Tree to focus on, making the tree feel more whole in purpose, while also fixing the Command Card issue (To the rejoice of all medics who have had to control cross tree leavers). Without further ado:

    Nanotech Tree​

    Tier 1:

    Contaminated Nanites:


    When you cast a medic ability, Contaminated Nanites deals 10/20/30 damage to all enemies within range 1/1.5/2 of the target.

    e.g.: If casting Surgical Laser on a marine, any enemies within range of said marine will take the listed damage. If casting Nano Surge, enemies within range of the center point Nano Surge was cast on will take the listed damage in addition to normal Nano Surge damage.

    Nano Surge:

    Skill as listed currently.

    Tier 2:


    15 energy, 2 second cool down. Casting Range: 10, Area of Effect: Radius 3.

    Enemies within the area of effect are stunned for 1/2 seconds. Effected enemies will deal 25/50 damage to any enemy within melee range of them when hit with this talent.

    e.g.: You use Convulsions on three zoombies which are stacked in a line. Each zoombie is stunned for 1/2 seconds. The center zoombie deals 25/50 damage to each zoombie on either side of him, and the two zoombies on the ends each deal 25/50 damage to the center zoombie.

    Voracious Nanites:

    Enemies which have been stunned or damaged by a medic's talent have their armor reduced by 1 for 5/10 seconds. This effect can stack.

    e.g.: You hit an Agron with Nano Surge, which reduces it's armor by 2 for 5/10 seconds, then use Convulsions, stunning it and having two nearby ghouls tap it for damage in their convulsions, giving it -4 armor total, then use a Surgical Laser on the Assault facetanking said Agron, with your Contaminated Nanites dealing extra damage to the Agron for -5 armor in total.

    Tier 3:

    Nanite Hive:

    50 Energy, 5 second cool down, 1 second cast time, casting range 16.

    Burrows a canister of dangerous nanites at the target location which lasts for 60 seconds. The canister gives the Medic range 4 vision around it. Medic can select and detonate the hive on command. Or it will detonate if damaged by any source (Player or enemy controlled). Detonating Nanite Hives deal X times 40 damage to all targets in range 4 of the Hive, where X is the number of seconds the hive has been in place. Hives which are not detonated in time self destruct harmlessly. Each enemy killed by a Nanite Hive grants the Medic 1 energy.

    e.g.: A medic casts a Nanite hive in preparation for an oncoming rape train of Agrons. The Agrons come across the Hive, detect it, and attack it. The hive detonates, and having been in play for 30 seconds deals 1200 damage to all enemies within range four of the hive, including the Agron who just foolishly smashed it.

    So there it is. This time it focused on the Battle Caster stuff. It was kind of a pain in the ass as the demands of the Command Card meant that I had to limit myself to only 3 actives and 2 passives. I also wanted all the skills to relate to one another in some fashion. I always felt like that was the weakness of the current Nanotech. You effectively have 5 talents that do absolutely nothing with one another. Unless you count Capacitors by sheer dint of extra energy.

    Contaminated Nanites was there to give a FA medic something to consider classing into, while also not being completely useless to the Nanotech Medic as it gives him cheap, free damage for the rest of his skills. Voracious Nanites to keep the armor melting properties of VI on the Medic, without making it also a huge whore of a skill chain reacting entire enemy waves. I do think where VI is right now is a little TOO good. Convulsions though splits VI's power, giving a similar effect while not quite being able to chain it's way through an entire mob. And of course Nanite Hive was meant to be similar to More DoTs!/Nanosear in purpose, but be more strategic and less about necessarily spamming it all over the place. The energy cost is steep, but considering with careful planning you can nearly make up all the cost of a Nanite Hive with kills, I don't think it's too bad.

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