Apollo security for dummies. Basic list of problems and how to solve them.

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    NOTE: It`s to be finilized version expect the typos to disapear soonish, as well as visual polish coming into play. Info wise i consider it to be done outside of soon to come
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    'how outside scenario randoms help/make it a joke'

    Feel free to point out any errors/typos i made and laught at them.

    As the topic states it`s not a guide that will lead you by hand.
    I plan to explain problems that change sec game into a loss and how to beat/avoid them. There is no universal way for problems you encounter so they will have a list of solutions with their positive and negative aspects unless selfexplanatory. I expect readers to know what i consider basics, ergo what gun vs what, who can/can`t go and be a rambo, and most importantly it`s a lego build your path/classcall/tactic yourself this will only help deciding.

    In apollo security you start in two teams:
    Team A spawning west of core and helipad
    Team B spawning north of apollo dome A and locked inside

    1. First task is for team A to free team B. Map that can help
      It can be aproached in 2ways:
      • team A proceeds to kill agrons and huggers as a group
        Positive aspect:
        -noone from team A takes extra risk
        -huggers can be faced head on.
        -time, if not freed before 5min 30s team B faces a stalker wave in addition to zombies
      • team A designates a brave runner that runs past agrons and goes towards east gate of apollo
        Positive aspect:
        -this method sets team B free as soon as 3min depending on runner class, granting more time for scouting
        -running past agrons into narrow gate is NOT easy, take hits for granted when trying it in -nm
        -runner needs to solo huggers if they spawn at south airlock entry [killing them from wall as they have no vision] Note:due to bug(huggers wall vision) curently impossible
    2. Meantime inside apollo
      Team B should scout insides of apollo and find defensible position for the waiting time.

      What can go wrong:
      • There are 3 ghoul traps inside apollo. Pings on minimap indicate their position. Map that can help
        -it`s adviced to avoid these areas
      • One tartarus is awake from start
        -he stays near one of the ghoul traps, killing him can save some time later but is not adviced
      • Infestors passing by start laying eggs around
        -keep track of where the banelings spawn and if posible clear them up
      • team A is late and stalkers spawned
        -you need to kill them, prefferably with aoe skills or with use of knife+kiting in circles. key element is to stay together
    3. Second task: scouting
      Scouting can be done in groups or solo. Obviously the more split team is the more terrain it can cover in less time in exchange of risk single marine takes facing sudden banetrain or unexpected group of zombies.
    4. First holdout armory wave
      Use of highgound is adviced as this wave includes infested marines in it later stage.
      Depending on holdout place you may or may not need a runner to trigger armory.
      Positive aspect:
      -holdout further away from armory shortens route to deimos after he spawns
      -runner takes extra risk when coming to team past zombies
      -team depends on ammo found during scouting or brought by runner
    5. First boss Deimos Map that can help
      Deimos can spawn in one of 2 locations: near north civ truck or scrapyard.
      He is heading to one of 3 places and if not engaged before consequences are:
      • athena containment cell
        -group of titans is released
      • military base
        -ivax gets damaged reducing his attack speed to 50%
      • airlock
        -devastators activated in B path are destroyed

      Next problem of deimos are his minions first in form of eggs and prefferably killed before hatching.
      General ways of killing deimos eggs in order of easyness of use:
      • using jumps of rocketer pathfinder
      • using combat riffleman grenades
      • L3 granade launcher
      • desolator chemo
      • quickaimed shotgun of submm
      • nano med volatile injection and focusfire on injected eggs
      • using trickshot of gunner pathfinder after a-clicking eggs
      • multiple uses of monofilament cardridge
      • multiple uses of mindravage of psi ops
      • focusfire with weapons
    6. Optional seth
          Positive aspect
              -chance of extra power weapon
              -time it takes
      -ammo usage
    7. Second holdout comm tower wave.
      Problems you may face:
      • Depending on holdout place requires a runner
        Positive aspect:
        -holdout closer to apollo speeds up time before you face next boss
        -runner takes extra risk when coming to team past zombies
      • Wave itself can take 2 forms:
        -infested marines + agrons
        Solution:Highground or superior firepower
        -seekers + agrons
        Solution:Chokepoint or aoe skills
      • Tartarus become active during wave and depending on holdout can pay you a visit
    8. Tartarus anihilation (4 of them)
      Aproach like any zombie that hits hard, no extra threats outside of ranged attack.
    9. Second boss Nazara
      Possible problems:
      • Ranged attack gaining power over time
        -to some extent tanking using Kinetic Armor, or for shorter amount of time Reactive Armor
        -use of mad spark
        -use of nano net
        -use of stuns: nano shock, monofilament cardridge, force push, speed of thought
        -distraction using psi ops blackout
        -distraction using psi ops clones
        -mix of some/all above
      • Nazara spawning x-1 guardian bots
        Easily countered by aoe skills or focus firing
      • At ~2/3 of hp nazara replicates itself and blinds team [Note: -nm every clone does full dmg]
        Best idea is to light up flares and back off.
      • Assuming direct control- nazara buffs one of enemies granting him extra hp, attack/move speed.
        Enemy under ADC effect glows red, needs to be dealt with fast.
      • After nazara fight automatic turrets are hostile Map that can help
        -they can be killed beforehand
        -areas containing turrets can be avoided
        -two technicians can take them over by activating turrets in armory
    10. Dancing with lasers.
      • team should not split as everyone is needed during hal shutdown for it to start
      • group of immortals spawn after nazara death along with mix of standard zombies and agrons
      • lasers hit hard
    11. Hal shutdown Map that can help
      Progress bar needs minimum of 2 people on hexes to fill up, adviced is 3 as it makes it smooth.
      There are 2 possible shutdown sites so watch minimap.
      • progress bar wont show up
        Solution: everyone needs to be closer
      • lasers keep going on hexes
        Solution: after shutdown starts only 3 people should be near hexes, rest dances with lasers far away
      • shutdown took long and mob of zombies got to us
        Solution: Kill them, or run away and kill them
      • someone died to lasers along the way
        With one or more deaths lasers become harder to dance with as they chase biggest group of marines. Always make sure that less than half of team remains near hexes as bar fills up.
    12. Awaiting doctor bergman
      After shuting down hal group of slashers spawns and is heading your way, along with stranglers agrons and devourers.
      Solution: ball up, possibly use highground to aid defense.
    13. Reaching doctor bergman
      Doctor hides in one of 7 possible areas around map, luckily correct location is pinged on minimap for a short moment.
      • Team moves to bergman location
            Positive aspect
                -allows for some extra scouting
        -noone takes risk
                -place of facing apoptosis needs to be decided after doctor spawn
      • Runner finds doctor
            Positive aspect
                -allows use of decided before tactical position for apoptosis fight
        -marine moving solo reaches destination faster
                -there is a chance of meeting strangler on way
        -constant spawn of agrons makes coming back to team difficult
      Possible problems:
      • We missed doctor spawn
        You need to check them all: Comm Tower area, Fort, Armory, Civilian Evac point from EC, EC start, Mining Facilities, Military Base
      • Doctor cant be found at corect spawn
        When searching for doctor you need to check every wall/hole/building/rock tilting camera in the process as doctor can spawn in hardly visible places.
      • Doctor decided to run to us
        You just saved some time due to bug.
    14. Optional saving doctor bergman
      After being found doctor decides to tell you truth, as a result his superiors send one black ops after him.
      Killing blackops before doctor dies grants you 3xp and help of doctor armed with crowbar.
    15. Third boss Apoptosis
      Apoptosis is boss lusting blood and as such requires Open Wound to be damaged.
      Main ways of gaining open wound at your disposal:
      • Technicians black dog he round hit
        -guaranted open wound, requires weapons technician
      • Agron hit
        -with Reactive Armor low risk method with very high chances of open wound
      • Friendly fire
        -luck based with high chances of getting other aliments in the process
      • 'Blood bath' by running under apoptosis for a brief period of time
        -apoptosis has an area effect of granting open wounds over time. This method holds risk of getting deadly amount of open wounds
      Problems of fighting apoptosis:
      • vision gets darker with red tint
        -use of flares is adviced
      • It`s ranged flying boss
        -hard to keep distance
      • area near boss grants open wounds
        -only technician with closed cockpit is immune to this effect
      • apoptosis spawns hugers over time
      • low priority of target requires team to manually targetfire boss
      • apoptosis can spawn at numerous locations around map
    16. Activation of ivax
      To aid in fight team activates ivax in military base, at same time heavy spawn of agrons and hulks with addition of devourers takes place.
      Possible problems:
      • While deadly against agrons ivax is underperforming when fighting hulks.
        -killing hulks should be team priority
      • large numbers of dead agrons result in army of parasites
        -team should assign someone to use short range gun to kill parasites, or do so with use of aoe skills (rifle grenade, nano shock, nano sear, pathfinder jumps, mind ravage, emergency situations mono)
    17. Ivax takes a walk
      After initial wave ivax moves away to kill more zombies, do NOT follow now as ivax will soon turn hostile. At same time group of slashers starts heading your way so finding a position to defend is crucial.

    Now comes time to choose your course of action:
    'A' path requires you to face literal wall of zombies [zombies,infested marines, agrons, beastlings, stranglers] that does not end while defending reactor core and after optionally face Hephaestus while escaping apollo.

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    1. Obtaining clearance codes.
      Before you are able to overload apollo energy core you need to achieve clearance codes from comm tower.
      • Increased spawns around reactor core start the moment decision is made.
        -it is adviced to be at reactor when picking path unless whole team goes to comm tower for codes
      • marine/s obtaining codes need to fight their way to team
        -if no class with high chances of surviving alone is available team should move together
    2. Destroying reactor core
      It`s longest 'fill the bar' mission requiring team to hold 2 hexes for 500 'ticks' while facing further increased spawns both south and north of reactor in close proximity.
      • South/North line of defence has problem keeping zombies away
        -team needs to split based on area of effect skills at it`s disposal and high splash weapons such as L3,stinger, shotgun, hmg
      • Some zombies keep on getting to marines on hexes
        -it is adviced that players holding hexes have some kind of selfdefence measures or are tanky
      • Some memebers stay idle not having vision of zombies
        -core itself is one lvl below surrounding area so flares are needed to provide vision
      • There is mass of stranglers
        -as the bar fills up stranglers count rises, they need to be focusfired fast before whole team gets hugged
    3. Escaping core
      As the preparation to destroy apollo completes team loses minimap vision and gets set amount of time to reach ec.
      Moving out of core itself requires team coordination when moving between still spawning zombies and some more open area.
    4. Moving to evac point
      Team needs to proceed as a group maintaining visual contact between marines or chances of meeting hephaestus increase.
      Near evac point group of slashers and before invisible turret wait in ambush for team.
    5. Optional boss Hephaestus
      Permanently cloaked boss with powerfull melee attack. After aquiring some form of detection relatively slow speed allows for easy kiting. Hephaestus can also be tanked using reactive armor.

    'B' path aids you with devastators but requires you to kill athena, fend off waves of zombies from biodomes, seal biodomes, and finally face two deadly forms of hades.

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    1. Activating devastators.
      -During this sequence some stranglers still roam around forcing team to stay together.
      -each devastator requires it`s own pilot and can get destroyed before activation. caution is advised
    2. Fighting athena
      Athena is melee boss, that remains invulnerable until egg she lays gets destroyed while she is close to it.
      • Tanking athena
        -only devastators in shell mode or motm technician can tank athena and it can`t be done infinitely
      • I can`t target egg
        -egg cannot be selected nor directly targeted
        -list of methods to kill deimos eggs aplies with addition of: 1.knifing egg 2.nano sear 3.vrl 4.psi tempest 5.stinger
      • We killed egg but athena remains invulnerable
        -for vulnerability to work athena needs to be in ~6range of egg
      • Spawns connected with athena apearance:
        -several titans
        -2-3 lelanthos`es
        -group of slashers
        -ambient spawns of agrons/devourers ect remain
    3. Biodomes zombie exodus
      -zombies of all flavours spawn at biodomes and rush your position
      -it is adviced to find defensible position and wait it off killing hordes with help of devastators[NOTE:fighting thru zombies towards domes is possible just not wise]
    4. Optional reactivating generators
      -activating generators grants 5xp and credit reward
    5. Sealing biodomes
      -operation of sealing dome requires 2ppl to stand on hexes
      -sealing is possible shortly after athena dies, taking more time costs team rating penalty. sealing early is risky and not adviced
    6. Fighting Hades
      • Something just bite me
        -yes during hades fight zombies still spawn, they need to die it`s you or them. Choice is yours
      • Did a bomb just blow up near?
        -both forms of hades posses ability 'venomous explosion' that turns marine into a bomb dealing 200dmg to his suroundings
      • Omg tentacles, so many tentacles [Hades I related]
        -spine crawlers in high numbers spawn during fight, aquiring attack speed buff during hades 'enrage'
      • Blackholes Blackholes everywhere [Hades I related]
        -Hades I unique ability is spawning blackholes, the further away team moves from him the more he spawns as he cannot follow
      • Nothing is near and i lose hp [Hades I related]
        -when too close marine takes dmg over time dealt by aura similiar to blackhole centered on hades himself
      • Tanking Hades II
        -Hades II can be tanked using kinetic armor, devastators can also survive some hits while in shell mode.
        -with every hit armor gets reduced by 1 which depending on base armor renders kinetic armor useless after 2-5 hits taken
      • I got 'infected' [Spine related]
        -each hit dealt by hades spines can 'infect' marine on top of normal dmg
        -you need antivenom or you will join mindless hordes of zombies
      General solution for hades fight:
      -Kill everything, be fast and efficient at it.
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  2. ForeRunner

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    You missed Hades 'Blood Laser' (form 1 only I think) it works similar to the cronus laser except that its pulses of blood on the ground with gaps between that you can move through.
  3. MissHumpz
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    I see lots of booboos Nikky :p
    And did you not want to include the map? o;
  4. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    I kind of left it out on purpose. It can be thanks to my graphic settings and/or me being blind but in my probably soon to hit 200 encounters with hades i never noticed them so assumed it as wiki error.

    Map comes under visual polish but shhhh it`s a secret. Just wanted to publish it sooner to hopefully slow/prevent the current trend of NOTD becoming 'Night of the acnm'.
  5. Drunk

    Drunk Well-Known Member

    lol its a little too late to prevent that.
  6. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    +1 same goes for i. Never seen them and never randomly lost hp so i'm guessing they are either bugged out or gone or something.
  7. TheWolf
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    TheWolf Surgeon of Death

    actually they are there. i see them every Hades I fight. but the dmg is pretty low, so its hard to notice if youre focused on hades
  8. ArcanePariah
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    ArcanePariah Miracle Worker

    The Blood Wheel is present, however the spacing between each part of the pulse is decent enough that you can slide through, and the pulse itself rotates in ticks so if you time it right, you can slip past them with minimal damage.
  9. MissHumpz
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    MissHumpz NOTD Staff: Event Coordinator & Amazing Amazer

    I've never seen this. Is it not visible on low graphics?
  10. Scorpione

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    Sometimes I never move. Meaning the dmg is so little that skills needs buff and visibility for low graphics. Cause I see and feel nada.
  11. HipHopDragon
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    HipHopDragon Warden

    Same for me. Didnt even know hades had something like that.
  12. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Good effort and initiative here, Niktos.
  13. ChuckWing

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    It was way overdue for one of these Niktos, so ty. I think the best way to get sec games going is the try to inv a new player every time u play. Everyone knows that they don't get advertised, and most of us know why we don't advertise. Usually people are down to play if they get an inv, and it's not hard to moh with one new player.
  14. MissHumpz
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    Nikky! I love the maps, but you forgot the turret at EC, people always forget its there when doing Apollo A.
  15. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    Case is, they don`t forget it. That turret is not there until path A is chosen or even later (i`m not sure). It also got semirandom spawn spot so it can`t realy be marked.
  16. MissHumpz
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    Yeah but I've seen so many "dummies" die to it before cause they get careless cause game is nearly over or aren't aware of it.
  17. Scorpione

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    They shouldn't be infront. PF/tech should.
  18. ChuckWing

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    As we proceed to give you what you need
    You kno i like it when your body goes BUMP BUMP BUMP
  19. MissHumpz
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    Thread Sticky'd
  20. ozzy

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    after hundreds of games I played security team once as rifleman which is my worst class and died on the first boss because I used flamethrower against a fast fire ranged unit

    I forgot the bosses because I do not play security
    I play veteran survival :eek:

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