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    This is a WIP and will be "prettied up" and checked after I finnally get this guide up, suggestions are welcome but that doesn't mean i will add them.

    So its been a long long time since anybodys made a guide for the engineer, partly because alot of people dont play him, partly because theres so many gosh darn things to know about him. The FS engi is a highly detailed class performing somewhat different jobs on the 2 story lines so I wont be writing a guide for the combat side, if anybody wants to add one I'm fine with that. So without any more mumbo jumbo here we go.

    [align=center]The Field Support Engineer[/align]
    health - 185
    armor - 1
    shields - 35
    shield armor - 1
    energy - 200
    energy Regen - 0.4492
    Sight range - 10
    Move speed - 2.4218
    Inventory slots - 4
    Mod slots - 3
    Innate skills - repair beam, can activate turrets

    The engineer is NOTDs most micro intensive class therefore giving it an extremely high skill ceiling that with some practice can make you an invaluable asset to any team. You are NOTDs ultimate defensive class excelling in holdouts, keeping team members alive, and general team support. You are not a tank and your not a dps class, you are a support and special situations and this should be remembered at all times. To use this class to its full potential you need exceptional micro skills as well as some macro skills. If you struggle at first dont worry your not the first one, and certainly wont be the last, keep at it this class takes practice perhaps more than any other out there.

    Field Probes - energy cost 25

    Level 1 - 1 probe availabe to build
    Level 2 - 2 probes
    Level 3 - 3 probes

    note - making a new probe while already at maximum will cause the oldest probe you have to explode

    Important probe stats

    Health - 150
    damage - 5
    attack speed - 1
    move speed - 2.5
    Armor - 5 (according to wiki though i think this has been changed will check and update)
    Range - 3


    Shock - Decreases targets movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds (hotkey Q) Targets both ground and air

    To me the most usefull skill of the probe, it is to be used as often as possible. Prime targets would be bosses, charging agrons, infestors, titans, slashers, beastlings, banelings, stalkers, or seekers. Shock buys invaluable time for your team to either run from a dangerous target or slow down a target that may soon overwhelm your tank. It has a semi low cool down rate and not a huge cost of energy allowing it to be used often, and with multiple probes its possible to "shock lock" a target for permanent -50% move speed.

    note - shock can be used against some targets that otherwise are unselectable which you can use to your benefit, or just trollish purposes. These targets include Eli during its invuln when it first spawns, gettin the slow on it can buy time for your demo to hit it with sap before it runs away. Can be used on Dr. Tanaka which can be helpful when he is running around the lab after cronus. Some troll things it can be used on which serve no purpose are weapons, mags, mods, barrels, etc.

    Penetrate - Decreases targets armor by 5 for 5 seconds (hotkey W) Targets both ground and air

    To be used along side shock is penetrate which removes a good bit of armor from any zombie in the game. Can be just spammed just as often as shock as also has a decently small cooldown. To be used on all bosses as well as high value targets such as titans, slashers, infestors, hulks, and agrons. Almost anytime you use shock you should also be using penetrate, they have the same cast range and hitting qw is very simple combo with hotkeys to perform.

    note - scv Penetrate does not stack with multiple probes, also anything that can be targeted with shock can also be targeted with penetrate, though its helpful in almost none of those ways that shock can be.

    Basic Probe strategy

    Probes are not gonna be a major source of team dps with there pitiful damage and slow attack speed but instead they are versatile defenders. There best attribute is there ability to be meat between your team and the zombies. They can be used as initial tanks for the early waves in any storyline and for personal bodyguards for yourself or somebody on your team your trying to keep alive. They are extriodinary in any case of kiting and just setting them on follow is ignoring there massive potential. Exceptional at tanking banelings or beastlings and i highly suggest using them in such a manner exspecially against the early beastlings in the alpha storyline. It would be best to always keep your probes hotkeyed in order to use them much more effectively (I use 2 as my probe hotkey).

    There downfall can be the semi high cost to make them mixed with the extremely low base energy regen of the engineer. Using them as tanks will burn through your energy extremely fast so dont just tank anything and everything with them. Probes can also be repaired with your beam however the cost to repair them can quickly become very high so i suggest if a probe is wounded badly it probably better to just make a new one.

    note - while a medic cannot use heal beam or surgical laser on probes, she can use shield and weave. Thus can make probes into even better tanks and save you some energy in the process.

    Plasma Discharge - A four radius satchel that has a 5 second detonation time, has no cooldown, hits ground and air (hotkey W)

    Level 1 - 20 energy cost, does 20 damage, removes 2 armor, slows by 30%
    Level 2 - 16 cost, does 40 damage, removes 4 armor, slows by 45%
    Level 3 - 12 cost, does 60 damage, removes 6 armor, slows by 60%

    Basic Plasma strategy

    Plasma Discharge is an engineer who is struggling to keep up in levels best friend. A t1 aoe explosion that while small is uasually enough to kill all the normal zombies in any horde awarding you good amounts of xp. Not to mention the slow and armor debuf are absolutely devastating to anything caught in the radius. Discharge is much more effective as it is leveled up not only for the increases in damage and debilitating effects but for the large decreases in cost which is hugely important for the pitiful energy regen rate of the engineer.

    Any engineer going 3 plasma (or even 2) should be using it often early in the game. For the first wave in an EC nm depending on the spawn you get (stalkers/ghouls or all ghouls) Not using your plasma can lead to the wipe of your team as the slow is hugely important on the charging ghouls. Plasma can also mean life or death for your team against any blindling/baneling train that joins the first wave or the wave after the episilon mining download. So with that in mind you must be very mindful of your energy. With no cooldown its very easy to run yourself completely dry of energy then not be able to use it when your team is counting on you. Good use of plasma is the difference between getting your t3 by the time you and your team were hoping for or not. Plasma is extremely effective in choke points and should be used as long as you dont drastically outlevel your team.

    Plasma Nuke/bomb
    Plasma nukes are something I used to be notorious for back in the day and can be helpful in some situations. Since plasma has no cooldown pressing W rapidly in one location will deploy plenty of satchels, or a plasma nuke/bomb as i call it. There are some situations were these can be very handy, most of those coming in the EC storyline. First off if any hugger grabs a mate of yours and no other teammates are extremely close throwing a plasma bomb at the stationary hugger can be an extremely quick way to get ride of it or wound it badly. If your underleveled and only if your underleveled a plasma nuke/bomb can be an effective way to kill the entire agron train during the intial airlock hulk wave giving you massive amounts of xp + quickly getting rid of the dangereous agrons. Perhaps the best use of plasma bombs are when pissed festors spawn banelings eggs. A quick 4-5 plasmas should deal with the entire eggs thus eliminating that threat quickly. This is something that should absolutely never be used before you have battery as it will dry you out, or in any situation were you may need energy shortly after using.

    Boss Usage

    Plasma discharge can be used on bosses to massivly increase damage with the large armor debuff, however it can be extremely deadly to your team also so care and thought is needed. Plasma should not be used in any case were your tank needs to be moving around as it will effectively cut off a large amount of room he might need, or if he gets caught in the blast faces almost certain death. Thus is most situations it should not be used on Cronus, Ero (ero due to the need for team to move from meteors and vortexs) Ivax, Perses, or Eos but due to the not wanting to remove armor for her. That leaves us with Tart, Cerb, and Demeter. For tart i would only use if your team has a demo tank and a shield medic and can withstand his damage without moving. For cerb the different viewpoint can make it tricky but your tank is largly stationary here so with some practice can be effective. However Demeter is an excellent target for plasma and if you upgraded plasma you should be using it on him. For Demeter the plasma discharges not only give a solid -armor debuff but can completely pacify slithers with the movement speed decrease and the general damage it deals. Basically until your confident in your skills i suggest only using on Demeter, with eventual use on Tart (with certain team specs) and Cerebus.

    While plasma Discharge only does 50% damage to friendly it can cause death indirectly, the movement speed and armor debuff are full and will put your teammate in a extremely vulnerable situation.

    Before some smart @$$ asks i do not know if different levels of discharges debuffs stack however same levels do not.

    Discharges DO NOT traverse terrain. meaning throwing a discharge under a cliff while zombies are above and in the radius will not hit them, and vice versa

    Disruption Towers - 40 energy cost,150 health, 2 second build time, 9 radius, 2 attack speed, can kill if engineer is within 5 radius

    Level 1 - Towers do 8 Damage
    Level 2 - Towers do 16 damage

    (note 2 towers maximum at one time, building a new tower while at maximum will destroy your oldest tower, Having one level 1 tower and one level 2 tower will cause remaking towers to always destroy the level 2 tower; manually explode the level 1 tower and all will be good)

    Night of the Tower Defense

    While towers are but a shadow of there former selves they are still perhaps one of the engineers most usefull tools. Sadly they are also one of NoTDs most abused tools with general game cheezing, and thus for my own personal believe to not promote any of that i wont add any cheez strategy for towers. (yes this definetly includes path blocking)

    Towers are one of the engineers ultimate defense tools. They provide passive dps for your team (4-8 damage per second to units in there radius as pulses "attack" every 2 seconds) They also can be self destructed at any time which causes a large aeo stun to any units in there radius which can be an absolute life saver in lots of situations. They have an extremly low agro rate which means pretty much if a zombie can see anything but the tower he will attack that, if he only sees the tower however thats when he will attack the tower. The placement of your towers is to key how well they perform for you, and theres no perfect set scenario were you should place them, basically use your head think about were the attack will come from then place your towers. Having to rebuild a tower due to bad placement is extremely costly on the energy pool.

    Lulz'es Tower Trick

    Now towers can kill if your in a 5 radius, however Im going to teach you my trick for making towers kill again when your not in the radius. Currently towers will do damage to enemies but leave them at 1 hp if your not around, i simply bypass this by putting my towers in key chokes as we move around the map and leave 2 of my 3 scvs with the towers to kill all the zombies left at one hp. In pub games or lower rated private games this can be completely effective in wiping out everthing but the occasional stalker thats following the team allowing for you to level at an extremely fast rate. This is how I am always the first to t3 in any pub games without using a single plasma as engi for those who played with me and wondered. However in higher rated games and even higher rated pubs you will need to get somewhat creative with your tower traps otherwise the zombies will just overrun them and you have wasted energy. Some ways of doing this are placing your towers on higher ground so zombies dont see them, or using your probes to run from the zombies yet stay in the radius since the zombies will always agro the probe first. There are other ways but i won't hand out all my secrets just yet, see if you can find them out =P.


    Towers do not damage what they cannot see and this is not limited to cloaked units but also to units whos vision to them is blocked by any obstacle or lack of sight range

    Towers have an insanely high health regen rate with one exception, when there burning. If you have a burning tower put the fire out then simply let the tower heal itself.

    Energy Battery - Passive + 35% energy regen. bonus to energy pool. Increases allied energy regeneration

    Level 1 - +50 energy pool, allies gain energy buff in a 5 radius of you
    Level 2 - +100 energy pool, allies gain buff in 10 radius

    Battery is the skill which makes your teammates love you, gives them as well as yourself bonus energy regeneration. Completely passive so theres not much skill involved here besides that fact that you should absolutely never skip it. While skipping battery 2 is in some situations acceptable. A small thing you can do is that when you have battery during early waves or bosses before the point when your distacted by your other tasks try to stay close to the medic or mm so they gain use of your passive aura.


    Batteries from different engineers DO NOT stack, this includes differeing levels.

    Nexus - 100 energy cost, 3 minute cooldown, shares team sight, adds static shield to probes.

    Important Stats

    Health - 325
    Energy - 200
    Damage - 50 +50 to armored
    Firing rate - 5
    move speed - 1.8007

    Sigma (hotkey q)
    Mind Control (hotkey w)
    Turbo aka sprint (hotkey z)
    static shield passive
    Shared vision passive


    The nexuses air attack, does a decent amount of damage over time to any air unit within a seven radius of the nexus (will have to check the exact number). Has a semi short cooldown and can be used in times when your being overwhelmed by air units. Packs enougn punch to kill mutas in one shot at even the highest of squad ratings however dont spam it when you dont need to as you always want to have enough energy for a MC when its not on cooldown.

    Turbo aka Sprint

    This is your sprint for you nexus, your nexus moves at a much slower rate then your team will so you will need to use this in order to keep up when your team is on the move.

    Static Shield

    A usefull passive bonus to your probes, any zombie that attacks them while your probes are within 10 radius of your nexus will take 20 damage. This is extremely usefull for putting your probes on the front lines during muta waves and allowing the mutas to kill themselvs by attacking the probes, as well as just increasing the survivablity of your probes but increasing there dps by a bit.

    Shared Vision

    While your nexus is up your entire team shares vision with one another, an extremely usefull bonus by itself. This includes controlled minis, reapers, mines, x-1s, nano bots, tech drones, etc. This also gives your entire team use to things such as the recons heart beat sensor and allows for one person wearing a thermal to detect things for the whole team. Extremely usefull as vision is alot of times the forgetten factor in terms of dps.

    Mind Control

    This will be your breadwinner in terms of the play of the FS Engineer, and will require the most of your attention and micro. Mind control allows you to permantly control non herioc zombie units, which in turn gain some benefits and lose some when they turn. Mind controlled units Will have +2 armor and greater health regeneration compared to there zombie counterparts but will also carry a semi large penalty in attack speed. It will come with a large cooldown of 2 minutes but can be bypassed by remaking your nexus which resets the skill, however this has a 3 minute cooldown. There are some units that can't be mind controlled which simply "suicide" or basically just poof into thin air when mind controlled. These units are huggers (obvious gamebreaking reasons aka hug boss = gg), stranglers, cocoons, Brood moms (using transfuse on your own zoo allowed for permanent tanking of anything), brain bugs (inlcluding brain bug queen), any mech unit, and recently i have been unable to mc slithers though thats not confirmed. Note that you should communicate when you have mcs available to your team so that the dam mm blasting his rifle away at everything doesnt kill units that might be of help to you.

    Your zoo's purpose

    The purpose of any good zoo is not to deal large amounts of damage but to be able to tank large amounts of damage aka holding the line while the team safely guns from behind. Depending on the storyline your zoo will be asked to tank different things but regardless it should follow that principle. Wasting Mcs on the wrong units is alot of times the reason some peoples zoos fail while others do not.

    Units worth Mcing

    They have large amounts of hp and can be decently armored with a good amount of agro. Also actually deal a fair amount of damage due to them bypassing lots of armor

    Deal massive amounts of damage to lightly armored units. They have decent hp and very high armor however have the lowest of low agro. This means they wont be doing much tanking unless you have a demo tank who utilizes the look skill on them. With all that being said they can still completely shut down choke points by simply placing them in hold position in them

    Spine Crawlers
    Deal fair amount of damage and surprisingly can hit air units which most units that can be mced cannot. They however must be unburrwoed to move and take a massive loss in armor rating and are very slow when they move. But if you can catch one and safely get it to your holdout they are great tanks with massive amounts of armor while burrowed and large amount of hp

    I debated on whether to put these on the things to mc or make a special troll things to mc section, but they can be usefull so i will put them here. When infestors are Mced they can use the fungal growth skill, which does exactly what it does on ladder and can be effective at freezing non massive zombies. Also when they are attacked they will spawn friendly blindlings/banelings and sheep making there cameo appearence. While they are largly not as usefull as they seem like they would be they can still usefull as spotters when they are burrowed and moved to locations were you don't have sight. Caution When Mcing them though as if your team had pissed it off before you mced it, the spawned banes will still be enemies so after mcing you should keep it at distance for a bit. Festors can make decent tanks for Eos as they have massive amounts of hp and very high agro

    Festor tidbits - Mced festors will still burrow and auto "run off" when there health drops below a certain point

    Bane farming - to avoid having to occasionally chase down your festor as it has run off use an scvs to purposely piss it off. All damage that is done by the scv will be healed before another attack takes place allowing it to attack forever without the festor running away.

    Tier 2 Mc worthy aka only MC if nothing better is around

    Hulks - The first of the second rate zoo animals is the hulk. While it has large amounts of armor its relatively low hp makes it melt in front of zombie hoards. He wont do any damage and really his only decent spot is tanking Eos. However when she spawns infested marines they melt him away extremely quickly, especially in nightmare games when the queen stacks her intimidation debuff. If your persistent that hulks need to be mced to tank eos i would at least suggest waiting to grab hulks from Dome A as in more advanced games they typically will have the advanced mutation buff giving them sometimes rather nice amounts of hitpoints (best I have found was a 1400 hitpoint hulk)

    Devourers - They have decent amounts of armor and actually can pack a punch to all zombies but they have extremely low hp and can become a hazard to your team. When friendly devourers die they still spawn an enemy blind and bane which in the wrong spot can ruin dsm or even cause a death.

    Nothing else is really worth your large amount of a cooldown at least zombie wise so if your stuck with anything else its pretty much just best to save your mc.

    Notes - As with the probe a medic can shield and weave your nexus but not heal beam or surgical laser it. Getting your medic to heal nexuses can saved you precious cooldowns and energy

    When mcing brain bugs (unless this has been recently fixed) they wont "suicide if immediatly burrowed after the mc. However they will as soon as they are unburrowed.

    When mcing hulks the hotkey for burrow and charge is the same hotkey which doesnt allow you to use the hotkey to burrow your hulk instead you must select it on the playercard. However you can still unburrow it with the hotkey.

    Random things around Notd map can be mind controlled that are largely a waist but could be put to some pub shenanigans; these include barrels, kenny/ramirez, Farica, ogilvy/ivan, civilians, etc.

    EASY COMPANY (vet/nm games, pubs a different story)

    My build

    Level 1 - Probe
    Level 2 - Probe
    Level 3 - Probe
    Level 4 - Discharge
    Level 5 - Tower 1
    Level 6 - Tower 2
    Level 7 - Bat 1
    Level 8 - Bat 2
    Level 9 - Nexus
    Overlevels into Its me again

    Other good build
    Level 1 - Discharge 1
    Level 2 - Discharge 2
    Level 3 - Discharge 3
    Level 4 - Probe
    Level 5 - Bat 1
    Level 6 - Tower 1
    Level 7 - Tower 2
    Level 8 - Bat 2
    Level 9 - Nexus
    i would suggest finishing probes but Its me again is never bad

    For another pure discharge build you can go same as the top except get bat 2 before starting your towers.

    Also if going with my build and your team does not have a surv recon then going bat 1 before your towers may be better for the team.

    For easy company your main purpose is team safety during all holdouts and during the queen and very possibly to tank the queen itself. The rest of the game you are just building up to that point and general team support.

    As i mentioned earlier discharge (if you specced it) will be needed for the opening wave and the post epsilon wave to keep the hordes slowed and off the tank as much as possible. If you went probes you will need to let the probes tank damage before the actual tank especially during the first wave when the ghouls can be extremely overwhelming.

    As your team scouts around the map you should be hanging near the back of the pack to toss bombs behind or utilize my tower traps in an attempt to maximize your xp gain. Your teammates should all know to let you level up as much as possible since your t3 is generally wanted pretty early in the game and the engineer overall has a very tough time of gaining xp. If not you can simply remind them and they should submit the trailing hordes to you. Do make sure to never lose sight of your team as getting left behind early when huggers are about means almost certain death.

    Upon arriving at the military base/ starport you will generally be asked to either hold the left side or hold a hex. as the right side will mostly go to the tank and the commando.

    First boss tart/eli

    Tart - for tart you generally will be the rest of the team in the damage spot behind him while the tank and medic do there work. Your job here is to use shock and penetrate with your scvs but absolutely do not steal tarts agro from the tank. A tower at the back of the dps and at the back of the tank are good ideas for stuns if need be, but for the most part you should not be interrupting the tanks agro at all here.

    Eli - for eli its an entire different story as you are key to your teams quick success against him/her. You should make sure to save at least 100 energy by the time your leaving the military base for this boss fight. If you can hit shock on eli as soon as it comes out that makes the demos job of sapping easier. Once the sap is down you build your tower very close to the boss and whenever she begins to move explode it for the stun. It is your job to lock eli in one place after the initial sap has been done. If Eli escapes save your energy for when you get a chance to lock her again.

    note - tower stuns will not stun eli when she first spawns and is in her invuln stage.

    Initial airlock wave - Depending on your leveling progress and your team composition you may be asked to eat as much of this wave thats possible or maybe to sit back and let others kill. Remeber commando is typically the one class that has xp preference over engi. Also different styles of runs might have other classes preference ahead of yours be flexible and listen. However if you didnt go discharges here your likely going to have a hard time eating alot of this wave so know that.

    Eggs/ Erebos 1

    for any situation were brood mothers are active the team will likely be huddled at one spot in the egg patch eletcting to nuke further eggs or rifle nade them. You can effectively kill a whole egg patch with about 6-7 discharges if you need the xp. Also towers are extremely nice verse eggs. Your job here is what happens when your team doesnt kill them all. You need to be active with your tower stuns to avoid the team being overrun by hulks/brood moms and be active with your probes shocking and tanking banes.

    For erebos your main job is not to die, so do that and if you excel in that then try to be close to those using energy so they can utilize your aura.

    Dropship holdout - This is typically the time when your shooting for having your nexus. If you have it goodjob, if not you better get working. Regardless of were your team holds this out this is when you need to start building your zoo. Mc as many agrons as you can whenever your cooldown is ready. If your goal it to get 2 slashers during the muta wave then dont mc once the dropship gets to you. Anytime before that will leave you plenty of team for your cooldowns to be ready again in enough time to grab some slashers.

    Erebos 2 - Again your job is not to die however if its a nightmare game you can deal massive amounts of damage to this boss if you mced slashers. Erebos 2 in nightmare games is almost permanetly frenzied making him one fast and tough son of a gun but also gives him massive amounts of -armor your slashers have a very very large armor reduction which means with negative armor they gain very very large amount of damage. You can out dps nearly everyclass except maybe the mando, mm, or arms assualt during this fight, without even using your gun. DO NOT send your whole army at erebos. You will likely lose an agron if not multiples and more importantly could get the tank stuck in the agrons therefore not allowing the medic to shield him. Slashers only here.

    Domes - Whereever your team might do this your job is the same. Keep building that army and build an impenitrable fort with all your zoo and other defenive tools.

    Notable things to mc in domes are

    Dome A - Can have advanced mutation hulks in it. make sure to check a hulk to see if he has it before using your mc on it.

    Dome B - i ussually won't mc anything here however some people like to mc a wraith (cloaked muta) for map scouting and tracking eos when she runs

    Dome C - Agrons Agrons and more Agrons

    Dome D - Agrons and slashers, whichever your zoo is needing more as both a great targets.

    Black ops - this is the point were you take your zoo away from the team and burrow it. Not doing so can have 2 massive penalties, 1 being zoo gets killed by gunhips, 2 being your mates or even you are killed by gunship because they were being blocked by the large agrons and other zombies that were sitting in the middle of everything

    Queen - If you have build a good enough zoo your zoo will typically be the initial meatshields thrown at the queen shortening the amount of the time the tank has to take hits or tanking all together. Use Any hulks first followed by your agrons. If your advanced in micro you can do small things to make your zoo last longer like pulling back wounded units to let full life ones take over tanking while they heal a bit. Your slashers are typically best used here at choke points behind your team. However if the zoo is dieing they can be thrown into the fight with Look being utilized from the demo to tank for a decent amount of time. They however wont do damage to the queen due to there massive armor reduction and her large amount of armor. A successful zoo will largly count on the amount and type of units in it, however it also will count on your teams overall dps. In general its best to always leave an escape point for if the zoo dies and your tank cant tank it, especially in situations were your zoo isnt very good or your team has low amounts of dps. (aka people have died, or lacking a commando or mm).

    Alpha company

    My build

    Level 1 - Probe
    Level 2 - Probe
    Level 3 - discharge
    Level 4 - Discharge
    Level 5 - Bat 1
    Level 6 - tower 1
    Level 7 - bat 2
    Level 8 - Tower 2
    Level 9 - nexus
    Level 10 - probe

    Your job in Alpha is largly different than your job on ec. Your job will be more of team support and substaining team dps than it is tanking here.

    First wave i like to build probes first for 2 major reason here, 1 to tank beastlings that are getting to close to the team, and 2 in nightmare games to delay hephaestus as much as possible when/if he spawns

    Armory wave - if your team has any kind of brain on them they will choose a spot with a good choke point for this wave, likely being somewere in the fort. Your probes should typically be tanking the backside of any holdout you have chosen while your tank watches the front. Your teams choice of choke point will make an absolultely perfect spot to use your discharges to slow/remove armor from the massive hordes. Keeping discharges on this choke will likely keep your team safe and give you a fair amount of xp without taking more than you should. Make sure you still have some discharges to use for when the titan shows up and if starts to get close to the team its your job to run him off making him chase your probe to buy your team some more time.

    Demeter - The reason i grab my second bat earlier in alfa is so that i have more energy for demeter which allows me to use skills throughout the entire fight. You should be discharging demeter where she/he stops in order to stack that armor debuff and make slithers almost useless. You will also want to keep towers close to your tank incase somehow the slithers break through when the team is stunned and start nibbling on him.

    Post Demeter - this is were you should be shooting for getting your t3. Before cronus you have done well, after cronus well you need some work. Regardless you should be using this time to mc as many mini marines as possible. Mcing all of the same kinda allows easier use however mcing the varietys adds higher potential but somewhat more difficult to control.

    Note any zombies you have mced before cronus are a waste as there is a map kill trigger at cronus that will kill all zombies. Including those mced. There is another kill trigger during the gas sequence so best to just mc all the rines before they die in the gas sequence.

    Cronus - You should be keeping distance here as you dont want to steal agro from the tank, especially since alfas tank does not have a taunt. keep distance and use your minis stims often to increase there dps.

    Lab - Finish mcing whatever rines you can and when thats done mcing brain bugs can help your team out. Yes they will die but it saves your mm an osok and whatever you mc is going to die right after this anyways. Make sure you have all your hotkeys in order for the gas sequence so you can move all your units to wereever you team is going (I prefer myself as 1, probes as 2, nexus as 3, minis as 4, anything else as 5)

    note - there are a few mcable units that survive the kill triggers. They are infestors, spine crawlers, and burrowed brain bugs.

    During the gas sequence due to your large responsibility of moving lots of things and general slow pace of moving all together you will likely be told to go right to were the boss fight is going to take place. Use this as extra time to set up your defenses with towers, probes, etc.

    note - cerb has a pretty decent splash radius so keep your units far away from each other to ensure maximum time delaying him.

    From this point on grab as many agrons as you can for final fight.

    Ivax - burrow any zombie units you have mced a decent distance away from were this battle will take place. If anybody has played apollo they know how much ivax messes up zombies armies almost instantly due to his huge damage bonus against massive.

    For the final hold and Perses

    Your job is to use whatever zoo you have to tank the chokes were the titans/agrons/huggers will come from you should be on constant lookout for more agrons as yours wont hold forever.

    For perses your zoos job is ABSOLUTELY NOT TO ATTACK PERSES, i cant stress this enough with the amount of times i have seen this and with the amount of high xp people i have seen do this. Your job is to continue holding the chokes for long as possible to keep the mobs off of the team. When a bubble comes you should ABSOLUTELY NOT BE BRINGING ANY OF YOUR ZOO TO THE SAFETY OF THE BUBBLES. This just blocks your mates from being able to fit in and causes them to misclick on things stopping there movement all together. In EC your job is tanking the boss, in Alfa your job is tanking the mobs and thats just how it is.

    I will debate on adding a surv guide but at the moment this is all you get as I just want to get this up here finnally and then start editting/adding to it. anyways hope this helps some aspiring Engis out there =P.
  2. Zeriathyr

    Zeriathyr Well-Known Member

    I tried the zookeeping thing (first time too!). It was fun until the newbies thought the zoo was free exp since the agrons don't fight back.

    Question: the Black Ops i mced could not use void prison. Is this a bug?
  3. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    I think it`s intended, if i remember corectly last time i mced BO (~2months) he could use voidprison up till the moment that queen got vulnerable. I easily can see abuse potential so it`s auto disabled probably, just like nuke after queen death.
  4. Lulz

    Lulz Well-Known Member

    Its not a bug, and while my play has been spotty over the last few months i dont recall it ever actually being useable. Then again i avoid mcing black ops ussually, there only skills are EMP and cloak, EMP is useless against zombies since they don't use energy however can be ok to use on other blackops as it serves as a decloaker. There attack once mced is dreadfully slow and has a pretty large damage reduction making them do pitiful damage against anything with even the smallest amount of armor + they cant really tank anything.

    Then again things change all the time so i wouldnt be surprised to see some new skills on zombie player cards that you dont actually see in the game. So far the only ones i have run into are fungal on the infestors and Psionic Lash on the cocoons but who knows.
  5. SkullCapp

    SkullCapp Well-Known Member

    Can' they just disable transfusion on Broodmother once mc'd?
  6. rockz
    • Donator

    rockz Well-Known Member

    It should be noted that energy battery increases energy regeneration by a flat 0.35 (78%), not 35%. The percent changes based on class, obviously. Engineer has the absolute worst energy regen in the game, so having 80% faster energy regen coupled with the increased energy pool is incredibly useful, though somewhat useless once you start getting MCs.

    Also, as a general rule you should get both t1 skills first regardless of class (pf may well be the only exception). Having that probe and having satchel is just invaluable in boss fights and in order to kite/distract mobs.

    Personally I find 3 probes overkill in every situation, as a good player can use 1 probe just as well as 3. 2 probes max for easy penetration (hah!) during boss fights.
  7. Lulz

    Lulz Well-Known Member

    aye i'll change the battery part when i get around to it. Alot of these stats are outdated and need some fixing as a pulled most of them from perhaps the most outdated of all wiki pages. Seriously if anybody gets on the wiki the engi page could use work.

    And While i agree with you that yes 1-2 probes generally is enough and i used to say the exact same thing (that good players can do just as good with less probes) 3 probes is definetly not overkill and can transform your game into simply a much prettier version of Engineer. It took me over an approximately 1000 games on the engineer (no exaggeration) to figure that out.

    Though i will disagree that there is never a situation were i will start off with both t1s. If your gonna bomb bomb and do it more often with greater effect, or if your gonna micro micro and do it with 2 probes instead of 1. Generally i find using discharches while using scv build a complete waste of energy and vice versa. In fact on a bomb build i typically wont even make a probe till i have battery.
  8. Thermidor

    Thermidor Well-Known Member

    Yah, I wouldn't trust wiki numbers and stuff, especially if the page has the outdated template (see pic below) on it and it is in the outdated category. Engineer page has been outdated for nearly a year now (added to outdated category on the 18th March 2012). I don't really know what is outdated with it so I can't really help the page.


    That being said, I swear there is a page or two in that category that are perfectly fine...
  9. Lulz

    Lulz Well-Known Member

    mostly just unit stats, some time when im not busy and playing more i'll get around to trying to fix some of them. Other than that the rest of the pages look pretty fine.
  10. Jercy

    Jercy Well-Known Member

    So much text to just say one simple thing. MC EVERY SINGLE SLASHER! Because when you have enough slashers you don't need anything else.

    And now I shall dissappear into the shadows again.

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