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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Reaper, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    Cerb will have to lose his "attack medic on sight" ability if this were to push through since those "clones" will give cerb sight of the med. Either that or make it kinda like MotM now where if you activate MotM, the drones/Tech's created units become unable to move/attack.

    (clones appear, Boss unable to move or be damaged)

    I'd go with Phobos (phobia) since we have a Deimos in Apollo already.

    Deimos = was the god (daimon) of fear, dread and terror,
    and his twin-brother
    Phobos (Phobus) of panic fear, flight and battlefield rout (chaotic/disorderly retreat).
  2. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    That one should really be in game text. RIght now other than the mouse over you dont know why you are fighting it
  3. Miracle
    • Development Team
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    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    I think I have an idea of how to fix the kinetic armour bug with Flamethrower's faith, since I found another bug where you take hits if you lose health from using faith.

    If I'm not mistaken, this is how faith currently works:
    1. Every enemy in the area of effect takes 777 damage and those that are not killed gets a 7-second stun.
    2. Faith then deals a set number of damage to its user equal to current shield amount + half of Flamethrower's health (rounded up?).


    As you guys can see on the screenshot, that was a nightmare survival game that I won without getting hit once as Flamethrower, the 4 hits and 820 damage were due to damage from faith. I took 205 damage each time I use faith at full shield and max health, which is 95 (shield amount) + 110 (half of my maximum of 220 health) = 205 damage. In other words, if your shield amount plus half of your current health is 200 or less, the protection of kinetic armour comes into play and you take only 14 damage, which means if you still had shields, you will take 'no damage'.

    I remember Ghost once told me (playing as a Medic at that time) not to shield him and that he takes no damage from faith while using kinetic armour, I didn't quite understand it until I started tanking, it seemed to all make sense now since I had 75 shield (no class points) and 200 health (no strength or endurance), which adds up to less than 200 if the calculations were correct.

    If kinetic armour bug is to be fixed, I suggest changing faith so it sets your shield to 0 and max health to half of your current max health instead.
  4. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    Or one could modify the way Faith applies damage.

    Kinetic armor in theory should only affect ranged attacks.

    Faith would need to be changed to a different damage category in order to not be affected by Kinetic Armor.

    There is Melee, Ranged, Splash, and Spell damage as far as categories go, iirc.

    Just switching it to melee would make it not be affected by Kinetic armor.

    I'm assuming Spell Damage category isn't used, and that the Splash Category is where our HE affected weapons are at, so it could be swapped to Spell or Melee. At least, that is what I think. Not too sure if you can easily dictate the type of damage something is considered.
  5. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Yea the thing with faith is that it used to calculate shield + 50%hp and reduced that but if you were nanoshielded that could put you at 1hp. That seems to have been fixed (didn't happen recently anyway).
    The thing with KA/RA and faith is as LaLo said. For RA you need lower hp and shield of course to make it deal 25 only.

    I suppose you could add a trigger to ra/ka (trigger based anyway) to not affect faith.
  6. Ability
    • Development Team
    • NOTD Creator

    Ability NOTD Creator

    - Faith self-damage damage type changed from Spell to Melee. This fixes an issue where Kinetic Armor was negating the self damage. (Arturia)
  7. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    Doesn't that make the Reactive Armor negate the self damage?
  8. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    To do that, the damage would need to be under 100, i.e. no shields, current HP of 200.
    This would mean 25 instead of 100 meaning 175HP vs 100HP remaining.

    Btw speaking of Faith (and i'll add it to buglist) it only heals allied heroic.
  9. Reaper

    Reaper Moderator/The Crimsonrine

    After the colonists are rescued and sent off to the airlock and just before the arrival of IVAX, should the airlock and all of its gates close? (Suggestion)
  10. Ability
    • Development Team
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Any other inputs on Alpha? It's too easy at the moment and we need to revise the difficulty upwards more. It doesn't need to be less rewarding, but the challenge/skill required should at least go up.
  11. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    My thoughts:

    -Up Cerberus base HP a little bit
    -Add maybe 1 hugger per spine group (theres 3)
    -1st Sheng holdout needs maybe 1-2 Agrons near end
    -Give team more time to kill Hephaestus when he spawns (30 seconds) and make him spawn with the last batch of beastlings
    -Post cerb ambient spawns could use a few extra normal zombies and ghouls (yes I like light zombies because they add ambience and stack up if the team doesn't kill them as they often walk past) A few blindlings too. The medium and heavy spawns are fine
    -Make IVAX plant a few more satchels than he currently does but reduce damage of individual satchels. Maybe even a lone red dot once in a while
    -Perses needs to stop being hostile to zombies unless that's intended
    -Perses needs to continue attacking after first firewave but his hit damage needs to go down a little bit because his attack cannot be disabled

    Fix firewave taunt bug (you can click the firewave and it forces you to run at perses)
    Fix shields spawning outside map etc
    Fix cronus lasering on the move

    Create ambient music for AC. After armory or so there's literally no ambient music
  12. Miracle
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    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    Unless it was made that way, I think it's because Perses and zombies are not in the same team and the zombies see Perses as a bigger threat than the actual player characters, same way how you need to manually click Parasites to kill them as long as there are other zombies in range.
  13. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Can we get clarification on the IVAX change please
  14. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    would suggest a strangler instead for their aerial sight which will benefit the spines

    or add a few infested marines here and there, more so during the post armory holdout since that holdout's difficulty is
    reduced the most by the fact that teams hold a high ground position for the wave

    seekers always make things interesting.

    or maybe the odd strangler here and there. i suggest stranglers as they are less likely to get stuck on terrain than huggers. maybe at the rate that blind/bane trains appear.

    also suggest that stranglers, since they are flying units, get a shorter hug range

    I support the red dot suggestion alone.

    no idea if that truly is intended either. but it makes things a little interesting. if anything though, i would rather that the BO attack zombies, but that would make for a logistic nightmare as the BO will be stuck around the map attempting to kill all things.

    i am wondering if the fire wave is the cause of this, it being thought necessary to make the firewave (and its origin) belong to a different team from everything so that it affects everything except Perses himself.

    the boss stopping his attacks after the first firewave is a bug. that should be fixed for sure. the damage he deals/attackspeed has long been a balance issue as i'm sure you would remember.

    a tad unavoidable as it usually occurs only when a stun is dealt to the boss at the 'right time'. apparently, it ends his hold position order when he is 'firin his lazor'


    If you will notice, the balance changes we are making consist only of, as before, simple quick fixes (adding enemies here and there that already exist in the game), as such I propose a further change to Cerberus

    Why this boss? Because I think he looks the most badass of the lot and for some inexplicable reason reminds me of Erebos who is probably the face of Easy Company and perhaps Alpha's face can be Cerberus

    This one will be the most ambitious of my ideas for Alpha. Rarely do I make these elaborate suggestions, but please hear me out.

    As it stands, I would argue that Cerberus is a simple Tank and Spank boss who only manages to last a little longer due to his invulnerability.

    I therefore suggest that we have Cerberus
    act as a gigantic perpetual Immortal
    with 1/10th his usual HP,
    with charge in NM
    and without invulnerability phases
    to chase after the team during most of Alpha,
    only ending after lab is started,
    coming back after doc is prevented from escaping to resume his regular role in the current version of Alpha.

    If accepted, remove all else that were suggested to be changed/added to the spawns along with Hephaestus itself completely from the storyline,
    replacing him withCerberus spawning at the start and initiating the long chase, disappearing completely only when Cronus is triggered.

    Resurrection time of 30 seconds maybe. Its invulnerability should only come into play during the gas sequence fight.

    Fluff: Cerb can only be killed in the dream/gas sequence.

    *Implementation suggestion*

    1. Change Hephaestus spawning at start of Alpha's skin to Cerberus.
    2. Apply the Immortal's trigger/ability (not sure if it's a simple ability added or a complete trigger) modified to have no limits and a longer grace period.
    3. Add a trigger to the lab that removes Hephaestus/now with Cerb's face, from the game.


    Alternatively, keep things as they are but

    add an extension to his current existence by creating a further Cerberus centric sequence after the team kills him and ends the vomit cam.

    by that I mean an actual objective that needs to be done in order to end Cerberus itself by having the boss respawn after it is 1st killed during the gas sequence.

    Boss spawns again after his regular death
    But in the same way that Erebos gets an evolution, tweak Cerberus

    Have the boss constantly respawn from its starting point each time it is killed until the sequence is ended. This serves as the motivation to do the mission.

    Balance: but reduce his HP to 1/4th of his base

    Deactivation trigger would have to be chosen in such a way that the team cannot just hold at the event ending trigger area right after rescuing the doc.

    Addressed by

    1. Game's Mandate aka. Rail Roading = Force players to start at a certain point and have them go to another to finish the task (start at antivenom rewarding NPC's location/lower left most part of the map, end at the armory)


    2. Players' Choice and Tactics due to a Chance factor = Player starting point does not matter on account of the trigger area being assigned randomly (one of the doc's other evac points which he did not choose probably). If done this way, I foresee teams holding the central square for the fight so that they are closest to all possible trigger points.

    *Implementation suggestion*
    None. This will be complex as fuck.

    In both suggestions, his preference for Medic meat should be removed of course.

    I prefer the 1st, simpler version because it is, well, simpler. He's still a "tank and spank" boss, but he's always there and will have to be considered as a factor during the whole game's early phase much like how Menoetes can become a constant nuisance for the whole of EC's late game if not dealt with.
  15. ArcanePariah
    • Development Team
    • Map Developer

    ArcanePariah Miracle Worker

    The time it takes him to go through and select an action (Switch weapons/Cloak/lay satchels) was lowered, and also other delays (like to EMP and his Rage) were also lowered. This is to Ghost post, before Lyanden dropped a skittle text wall on me :p
    Interesting idea Lyanden, and I'm assuming you got some of this idea from Resident Evil, one of them has a specfic Tyrant chasing you most of the game.

    The issue with such a spawn is that once you hole up in Fort, you're dead. You will not be able to stop Cerb from marching forward, dying, resurrecting and repeating this till he reaches the team. Also he would serve as a great distraction for the other mobs, leading them to overwhelm the team.

    I would modify the idea that he chases you from Mil base to armory, then after demeter and slashers spawn, chase you to lab.
  16. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, I remember what you refer to now. Nemesis was it?

    Having him disappear for the duration of the fort hold is a good idea. Thank you for the input.
  17. Thermidor

    Thermidor Well-Known Member

    Geez that's a large wall of text there Lyanden!

    Would adding a Strangler that early in the game be a good idea though? It's got something like 20 armor (according to wiki) and the team likely wouldn't have done Seth yet or fully scouted the map, meaning they would still have basic weapons.

    That being said, it is only 1 strangler. It should still go down if team focuses it, right?
  18. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    That is what I assume, yes.

    Also, a hugger would fall a little too quickly. Adding more than 1 hugger however means 2 players unable to use talents and their damage which may be a tad much at the early points of the game.
  19. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Part of my crazy ideas back on page 1 (which I don't think are all that bad still), that I think might want to be considered is an aggressive segment for Alpha Company. Alpha Company is, as I see it, the one Storyline team MOST suited to push against a target. You have all the high power, DPS, spike, etc, damage sources on the team. Almost no tanking to speak of (Other than DPS style tanking ala Flamethrowers). And a lack of reliance on Gimmick Abilities like Apollo Security means they have the best chance of pushing on a goal.

    ... and that's something no other storyline really does. The closest we have is the Dome Sealing in Apollo Security Team. And that tends to be less pushing aggressively and more Running.

    If we DID come up with an Aggressive Objective, and people decided to camp and have a runner, it would at least change the Alpha Company Dynamic as we currently have no runners in it (Unless maybe you count a Nano Medic?) forcing a reevaluation period in the player community. Which is fine by me.
  20. MSluiter

    MSluiter Member

    I actually think Alpha NM is pretty much ok. It’s more that rewards of EC NM are too weak. I have composed a list of possible changes for Alpha NM to make it slightly more difficult.

    1. Reduce number of armory minis for NM. This is the easiest way to make Alpha a little harder.

    2. More Immortals during initial holdout.

    3. Bring back Agrons during gas

    4. Cerberus – Cerb is a must tank. Anyone w/out RA gets obliterated due to insane speed and attack stun during nightmare form.
    I propose some possible new abilities that make things harder for the team but not the tank.
    - Terrify – Random players are inflicted with Madness for 15 seconds and have their sight radius reduced to 3.
    - Scatter – When Cerberus enters NM form he will transport a player away from the team to a random point on the map. 3 players closest to Cerberus are immune to this.

    5. IVAX
    - EMPs at the very beginning of battle. This will make the battle significantly harder due to lack of spells and disabled minimap.
    - Armor Piercing Rounds. IVAX short range cannons cause -3 armor per hit, last for 10 seconds. I never felt IVAX should be a strait face-tankable boss. Short range cannons you should stay out of range, long range get in close. This will make him basically untankable and force teams to fight him like I’ve felt he should be fought. (Slow of cannons should possibly be removed due to changes + IVAX can charge. Keep Rage slow though.)

    6. Perses is fine IMO a mess of high HP agrons, huggers, and late to the party titans can make this battle a real pain on high SR, especially if a few players have died. I don’t support making this battle any harder unless huggers are removed from it. Number of minis could be reduced on NM for a slight increase in difficulty.

    Side Note. Delta 2 civs need to be rescueable at delta 1 at any point in Alpha (obviously after airlock is openable)

    *also Demeter has a trait called all seeing eyes yet somehow she can still be blinded?

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