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    Everytime you get hit by zombies, not only you lose hitpoints but there is also a chance of getting an ailment.
    Ailments can slow you down or cause losing HP over time.
    You can view in-game aliments count via -ac command.
    Certain amount of aliments which You can't cross is one of the criteria for achieveing medal points for service medals.

    Poison (venom, AV)
    Lasts around 4 minutes.
    There are 3 types of poison you can get:

    -Hydroxanic - chance to acquire on bit by any zombie, slows you down
    -Oxalic - acquired on hit by parasites, damages you over time (2HP/sec per level), can kill you
    -Veratrum - chance to miss shots


    Lasts around 4 minutes.
    Acquired if too close to flesh composite.
    Damages you over time (1.5HP/sec) but cannot kill you.

    Open wound (OW)

    Lasts 10 minutes.
    Acquired if hit by blinks, high chance to acquire on hit by Tartarus, low chance otherwise.
    Damages you over time (2HP/sec, 4HP/sec when sprinting), can kill you.


    Lasts 10 minutes.
    Damages you over time, can kill you.
    If killed while infected, a Supersite is spawned.


    Lasts several seconds.
    You will hear heartbeat, then the soldier "explodes" causing AOE damage.
    This can kill you if you don't have enough hitpoints.
    Can be healed by Medic's Anti-Venom.


    Lasts 10 minutes.
    Low chance of aquiring on hit by any zombie.
    Slows you down.
    Damages you and permanently slows you down whenever you jump or sprint, this can kill you.

    Short circuit

    Rare ailment, lasts several seconds.
    Very low chance of acquiring on hit by any zombie.
    Removes all your mana and disables your movement.

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