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    Name - Rumbler
    Class - Dps Support
    Model - Murauder (dominion kill squad)

    Outlaws by birth, they went against every single law that was set in the modern day. It was their down fall, put in captivity for years, they signed a contract and were enlisted to a high priority mission, one they were told nothing about. Their reward? Freedom.
    Health - 180
    Sheild - 30
    Energy - 85
    Armor - 1
    Health Regen - .25/s
    Energy Regen - 1/s
    M/s - 2.121
    starting weapon - GPR UA 12
    Starting Abiilty - Tinker
    Allows Rumbler to adjust his weapon to increase fire rate, but also allows for the weapon to malfunction to the point of uselessness for 2 minutes. (Can switch weapon to get rid of it, but malfunctioned weapon cannot be dropped until timer is up)
    Fail rate per shot 3%
    Attack speed +15%
    Consumes 1 energy per-shot while active.
    Toggle off/on
    Skill Tree: Outlaw
    Improved Tinker: Tier 1 skill
    All levels Reduces chance of fail rate by .75%
    All levels Increases Attack speed by 2% (reduces Contract reduction by 3% as well)
    Adds +1 damage per level if UA GPR-12 is equipped
    Increases another 1% attack speed if UA GPR-12 is Equipped

    Danger Awareness : Tier 1 skill
    When more than 5 units surround Rumbler he gains speed in all categories except cool down times and energy regain. (for balance reasons)
    Reduces amount of units required by 2 each level.
    Attack speed per level +5% (For 3 seconds after units are gone, +1 second each level)
    Movement speed per level 5% (for 3 seconds after units are gone, +1 second each level)

    Rumble Type A Ammo - Tier 2 skill (cannot have type B)
    Every shot has a chance of 1.5% to stun the target for .25 seconds(does not effect massive units)
    Increases to 8%, changes from stun to slow by 10% of units speed
    Cannot have ammo modifiers. Will render this ability NULL
    Rumble Type B Ammo - Tier 2 Skill (cannot have type A)
    Every shot has a chance of 4% to slow the target for 2 seconds by 20% of units speed
    Increases to 5%, changes from slow to stun, Stuns for 2 second (does not effect massive units)
    Cannot have ammo modifiers. Will render this ability NULL
    Contract(passive aura) - Tier 3 skill
    Rumbler signs a contract with the rest of the company to modify all their weapons.
    Aura Range 5
    Stops everyones attack that enters range for .5 seconds per player in range.
    Pros increases everyones attack speed by 15%
    Cons Decreases Rumbler's attack speed by 35% (Balance issues)
    Displays a red aura (if possible, I haven't checked)
    Able to toggle off and on. Cool down 10 secs.(would get annoying when ur running and shooting right?)
    Skill Tree: Brothers
    Analyse - Tier 1 Skill
    Scans the area for items(Range 10, 20, 30)
    Scans area for monster type (displays to whole team, Name and number of units, does not scan for bosses)
    Blood Brothers - Tier 1 Skill
    Links two units together
    Reduces the effect of cripple and venom by 10%,20%,30%
    Adds cripple to Rumbler with reduces effects(when blood brother is crippled, (65% of cripples effect on effected player, 50%,35%) Perm buff, cannot remove once given Player must accept it to have it applied.
    Reversed effects when rumbler is crippled.

    When two Rumblers are linked gain additional 30HP, 5 Shield, 1 armor.
    Adds +1 Damage per level to UA GPR-12 when equipped (for both brothers)
    Tinker Master - Tier 2 skill
    Reduces Tinkers Energy Consumtion by .5 per level
    Increases Tinkers Attack speed by 5% per level

    Brothers gains 2% attack speed per level(if Blood brother is enabled)
    If two Rumblers are linked, reduces malfunction by .5% each level
    Blood Pact - Tier 2 Skill
    When the brothers are close to each other they gain 15% movement speed
    When brothers are far apart they lose 20% movement speed
    8 range for first level, 16 range for second
    Unto Death Due us Part - Tier 3 Skill
    Brothers gain 15% attack speed but consume 2 ammo each shot.
    Brothers can load 15 more bullets into their weapon. (perk is rendered NULL if HCM is equipped)
    Brothers gain ability to heal each other for 50hp, 1 minute cooldown
    Brothers gain additional +1 damage when GPR UA-12 is equipped
    Brothers do 1.25x damage to massive units when GPR UA-12 is equipped
    When a brother dies remaining brother gains buff called "mourning" Reduces attack speed by 20%
    Consumes .5 ammo each shot (GPR UA12 only, With mourning)
    Gains +3 damage (GPR UA12 only, With mourning)

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  2. Zeriathyr

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    Is this a class suggestion or a fanfic of your own character?
  3. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    This entire sub-forum is for class suggestion.

    Almost none of the ones will be implemented, but a person can dream.

    For the most part, you could see this as a method to keep class idea's organized, because there was at one point in time, a frenzy of people suggesting classes, hence why this forum is here.
  4. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I recall that frenzy. Was some good times. Heavy Ordinance is still the lulziest thing I've ever read. "Start game with Chaingun."

    And yes, this forum is for suggesting new classes. Even if the classes don't get chosen, it's entirely possible that we could use aspects of the design to make new abilities for existing classes, or call attention to the issues that the proposal is attempting to fix.

    That said... wow. This is pretty underpowered. You might want to make some more interesting effects, especially on the Brothers tree.
  5. AlaskanStew

    AlaskanStew New Member

    I know it is underpowered, that's where the map makers come in and put in their own tributes to it, to make it unique to their map.

    I will add more/change as it comes. Glad for the feedback, and yes its a fantasy of mine to have a char share the same effects of another unit with + and - to both.
  6. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Nah, man. You gotta make us want it. Make the class attractive and fun to play, but not overpowered. I'm not gonna do your job for you, and I guarantee you everyone else isn't going to either.
  7. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    I will for the right amount of $$$$ :D:D:D:D (Hint there's 4 $ sign for a reason ;o)
  8. AlaskanStew

    AlaskanStew New Member

    Who said you were doing my job? Its not my job to begin with, I would rather say its community service to your map. So were actually doing your job. No offense intended.
  9. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    He didn't ask anyone to do it at this point in time. You chose to do it. Therefore making "We're doing your job" an invalid statement.
    Also its not his "job" either.
  10. AlaskanStew

    AlaskanStew New Member

    Nor did I. I said it was community service.

    ~Edit~ Lets stop this here, before it continues
  11. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    What I meant was in regards to your comment of "that's where the map makers come in and put in their own tributes to it". I'm not going to tell you what to do with your concept to make it fit into NOTD. YOU have to make it fit, YOU have to balance it, YOU have to make it viable. Otherwise, it's not gonna happen.

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