[AI] - Ere Part 2 does not unburrow

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    Erebos starts the second fight with him burrowed instead of unburrowed. Since the team did not have thermals or any form of detection, we could not target him and had to use ground targeted aoe abilities on his predicted locations. (Note that he was completely undetectable during actual play, it was as if nothing was there but ground). Health bar for the boss fight and boss icon were present and in correct places.

    Erebos continued to summon his blackholes and use his regenerative carapace, but did not surface or attack at any point during the fight.

    I do not remember any specific features of this game that differed from other games, apart from the presence of an explosives demo and pathfinder.

    (Ere 2 fight starts at around 45:00).

    Looking through the replay, it appears that he had some pathing issues walking through the mines placed in the doorway. But this shouldn't interfere with the beginning of the fight, which started normally in all ways except he didn't unburrow.

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