ACNM +50% ambient spawns reduction

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Revert AC spawns to pre +50% levels?

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. stanK

    stanK Member

    Recently, I reworked the ambient ac spawns to make them more stable in relation to spawn factor. After that I buffed them by 50%, which made the game slightly more fun.

    The obvious consequence of that is the higher lag in ac, which was already an issue before that.

    I don't like the fact that more enemies means less games for players on modern laptops.

    Hence, need to pick -- more enemies or less lag.
  2. stanK

    stanK Member

    need moar votes plox.
  3. Collshocker

    Collshocker New Member

    more fun or more players
  4. raraa

    raraa New Member

    more fun! more mobs!
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  5. HalfAmazing

    HalfAmazing New Member

    I do not see any point of nerfing AC. Following that logic, just make AC like it was 4 years ago and all pub heroes will flood AC and play it without learning shit and gaining any skills what so ever. Engi and FO will have a place in their builds once again.
    Leave your gun at home, do not shoot kids at school and stay away from AC. There is always a possibility for more advanced players to invite new players into the lobby and carry them thru AC.
    It gives pleasure to play some quality AC games for players who know their way around.

    What else could be done for AC is the improved reward system. But I can guess the replay for my last comment regarding improvements :D
  6. JohnyM

    JohnyM Member

    Then vote yes. Makes me wanna rethink democracy...
  7. HalfAmazing

    HalfAmazing New Member

    What actually surprises me that Niktos voted for the reduction of the spawns. Others I can understand, they do need more skill to play AC
  8. stanK

    stanK Member

    The change will have consequences on fun killing many enemies. It will have consequences on leveling, no more 2x refresher cons with 4 ss.

    However, lets focus on the topic. Lag vs enemy numbers.

    For me personally, its a hard question to answer, cos i'm obviously biased. I'm the one who pushed for more enemies, and I pushed for outbreak for similar reasons. But I will not cling to keeping enemy numbers high at all costs, especially if that makes the game unplayable, or annoyingly laggy for someone. My position is keep high numbers in outbreak only, and other modes it is debatable.
  9. HalfAmazing

    HalfAmazing New Member

    So who can define the right amount of spawns? There will always pop-up players with lower skill level and worst hardware. And I see it coming, then the critical amount of them noob players will accumulate there will another poll to reduce spawns cuz it will be unplayable, the lag will be too great and spawns will be just unbearable.
    And the tendency is clear, noobs are the majority.
  10. stanK

    stanK Member

    Whoever has the willpower to make the changes to the code, and ask these sorts of questions. :D

    I don't think it will be catastrophic if we revert the spawns. Its not *that* big of a change after all, ac will remain ac - the least popular mode due to difficulty.
  11. VickHead
    • Donator

    VickHead Mercenary

    We had cons with refresher and 2 ss well before the change, it just wasn't guaranteed.

    The increase in mobs isn't very substantial, however, it limits how many people are able to play it due to the lag they experience (people that have played the game for years).

    If you want more mobs, play outbreak mode. Don't make the standard mode unplayable for part of the community. Thanks
  12. ArchaicHonor

    ArchaicHonor New Member

    Until pathing is fixed, unwise to further reduce our limited player base with bad experience/lag. If you want spawns, OB is always there.

    I can't tell if AC end game being centered around nuke grav nades/traps and refresher SS is power creep or intended.
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  13. rockz
    • Donator

    rockz Well-Known Member

    If you want easy, Veteran is always there.
  14. stanK

    stanK Member

    The spawn trigger is same in vet as in nm. It will be slightly less cos vet has max spawnfactor 8 (i think). But it will still lag.
  15. VickHead
    • Donator

    VickHead Mercenary

    It's not about hard vs easy, it's about an almost 8-year old game being made unplayable for some folks that have been playing it for years. It's playable either way for me, but that doesn't make me think others should need to upgrade their hardware to run a game as old as this is. If the extra spawns can be implemented without the lag this change created, then I'm all for it. Thanks
  16. JohnyM

    JohnyM Member

    Hate to bring it to you Vick, but over the years ,sc2 as a game and its specs are changing (so is NOTD, which never would run properly on minimal requirements anyway) and to give you an idea:

    As you can see, current minimum is exceeding launch optimal hardware specs...
    So time to get your old friends an new (or new-old) hardware or go back to sc1 (tho not remastered, required specs skyrocketed).

    So in short: Yes, others should need to upgrade their hardware to run a game as old as this.
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  17. rockz
    • Donator

    rockz Well-Known Member

    Who can't play alpha due to lag is a better question.
  18. stanK

    stanK Member

    Modern business class laptops (and economy class as well) prefer battery life and mobility over speed.

    While their hardware is capable of running sc2, NOTD design "many enemies + collissions + complicated terrain with chokes" fucks up performance. This is strictly on notd, not sc2.
  19. rockz
    • Donator

    rockz Well-Known Member

    I meant who are these people that the lag affects. A bunch of people seem to have voted either incorrectly or for ease of play rather than because it's laggy for them.
  20. tomazkid

    tomazkid Member

    not so much in ac, but somewhat still this seems to be valid:

    less spawns = less levels, thus harder.
    More valid for sec though.
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