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    RE: [ATTN Kithrixx] About the early game tips

    Agreed that recruit and its rewards need serious examination at some point. As it stands, some people do not like vets "farming" EC recruit, because vets conditioned to NM games find the spawns and lack of charging almost a joke in recruit, whereas new players are too busy figuring out basic game mechanics while battling (from their point of view) overwhelming mobs, with little or no direction (especially post airlock wave). Consequently recruit grants decent rewards (Medals, moderate XP, CP, token credits), and vets end up carrying teams all the time, using high power classes (Demotank, Opcomms, Engies), which are balanced appropriately for NM and thus obliterate recruit almost alone (mainly demotank, he can solo the entire game on recruit).

    So currently recruit either needs to better guidance (tips, more stuff clearly identified). Possibly more of the level up effect square things to mark important things (like shooting tart in the ass, where mobs come from at mining co and mil base).
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    Random thought inspired during another Topic:

    Now, when I play NoobCon in a Recruit Game, one of the things I get used to doing is Laser Designating almost everything on the ground. Magazines, weapons, armor, consumables, etc, while I add in comments like "Pick up magazines and equip them until you have between 40-50" or "Grab up a Flamethrower or a M45, do not drop your Gauss Rifle", etc.

    It seems to help, somewhat.

    Thus can it be possible that when a Newbie enters the Starport and activates it, the items inside it, ammo, kits, armor, M45s, Flamethrowers, AP Ammo, etc, get a Laser Designator over them automatically (To their view only if possible?). Combining that with a Tip about Equipment pick ups and such should mean that seeing the guy running his Gauss Rifle all game and begging for Ammo around Erebos Mark I should at least be a little less likely. It also highlights for them just what items/equipment looks like in the game so they can recognize it.

    ... Though ideally we would also get rid of the random map clutter that looks exactly like items, but isn't. Like the clutter around the Southeast Airlock/Factory gate, or up by the Northern Civilian Transport.
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    What if there was a Marine Action that designated items?

    No effect, just the designation/vision. Lasts for, idk, 5-10 seconds. No cost, 1 sec cooldown. And before you ask, yes, you could limit it to only work on Items, as they (should be) a specific type of unit. Otherwise you could just use validators to make sure the "item ld" only worked on certain "units" (items).
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    I think we should ask newbies for help. Most of the people who are active on the forum are vets, and when we play (or pretend to play) as a newbie with a zeroed out bank, our previous experiences still guide us in game play, therefore, we don't see the game the same way as someone who is literally seeing the game for the first time, and some of the perhaps badly needed improvements are not noticed because we are too familiar with the game.

    I had an interesting experiences in pub with zeroed out bank:
    Played as assault tank and pretty much led the game with pings/directions and it was an easy win because most of the team members had no clue where to go, so they all followed my pings. At the end, someone said "That's it? Wow, that was easy."

    This is why I think we need "fresher" sets of eyes.

    BTW, some of the things I think is missing from the tips are: "Press Z to sprint" and for medic "Use Marin Action Ability (X) and Anti-Venom (V) to help your teammates)"
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    Z to sprint is displayed after the the wave at the gate is killed. D to knife is the first tip which shouldn't be. It should say "Press B to use talents. Stick to either the left or right tree and you'll become much powerful!". Though that talent tip is displayed each time you level up but isn't when you start.

    There should be a mention of stats at the ep mining colony. It should either be before the Items tip or during the download sequence. It can say "Click the Stats tab to improve specific qualities of your character"
  6. Ramses II
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    Additional tips to add: something about stat points, something about asking any questions you have of the higher xp players in the game (if there are any), something about holding fire to move faster, something about item weight. I played a pub with a 0 bank and lost a few lives to zeus/leto because I was trying to kite with ~90 mags, not holding fire, and no points in agility. I spammed sprint though because there was a tip telling me to do so.
  7. Banshee

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    Would have helped out in the early stages of my NOTD game play.
    Most of what I've learnt is from asking or someone giving advise.
  8. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I'm fairly certain there's a tip about pressing B before the gate opens. I'll play another one today to check.
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    One of the things I want to avoid is that term "Helmet Fire".

    "Helmet fire is a mental state characterized by unnaturally high stress and task-saturation and loss of situational awareness. The term originates in the military where pilots wear helmets to protect their head and to muffle noise.

    Pilots most frequently get task-saturated when flying instrument approaches, especially in actual instrument meteorological conditions. A complex procedure must be followed while making radio calls, changing the speed and configuration of the aircraft, and maintaining assigned altitudes, all while flying by reference to instruments. When the sum of these tasks exceeds the pilot's capability to deal with them effectively, he becomes task saturated and unable to perform any one of the tasks proficiently. The pilot may lose situational awareness, become confused, disoriented, may stammer on the radio, may forget how to fly the approach or what the last clearance was. This can rapidly develop into an unsafe situation, in some cases leading to a mid-air collision or crash."

    Overloading on tips, particularly at a point like the Epsilon Mine Site (The first point where they may be seriously tasked in game), or bombarding them with a huge pile of information at start can lead to this. Space them out so they are at necessary intervals.

    So you got a spacing like: Talent Menu mentioned at start. Knife mentioned at opening wave (First point where it's likely be handy as 8 guys knifing can prevent ghouls from overrunning a team). Team Cohesion mentioned on the way to Epsilon. Shared XP mentioned after the Download finishes. Existence of Items and Other Weapons mentioned on the way to Starport.

    Etc, etc, etc.
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    I agree NotD has many mechanics and it is practically overwhelming for newer players to under stand all these mechanics, however if they don't know these mechanics then how will they survive in the mid game if they don't spend their talents, don't eat ammo or eat too much, that is the leading cause of newer player deaths to me, we won't help them and sometimes they are too shy to ask for help, I admit when I was new to notd I was afraid to ask the veterans about the game because I was afraid to be looked down at and called a noob, let's face it, no one likes that, the only reason I haven't quit when I was new to notd was because of the small tips and because I experimented, I discovered, I suffered from my actions sometime, I really think one of the tips should say " don't be afraid to ask older players on how to play" because I have seen many new players stay silent for the whole game, I chat with them later and they say they don't want to be called noobs and such. After that I've always tried to encourage newer players to ask me questions and don't be shy
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    A military facility can be a starport, base, bunker etc., it makes sense some player's may be confused especially if there newbs, but if thats the case, there going to be sprinting to epsilon w everyone else and following them west, probably confused by the massive amt of dialogue from the hex downloads. In reality that one sentance probably shouldnt be any more confusing than anything else thats being thrown at a newb. A newb that lives past tart is a newb thats following vets anyways.
    I realize it says military base not facility but point is shouldnt make much diff to a newb
  12. Ryan III

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    can't you make the text from the DL appear on the side like for surg+adren / He-3 recovered etc so it don't "spam" the directions from older players off the screen.
  13. spartanhija

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    This is actually a great idea, or have a command to disable un-important text?
  14. Ability
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    Sounds like a good idea. Will implement in next patch by next week.

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