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Discussion in 'Game Bugs' started by Machaque, Dec 30, 2015.

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    While in stealth with the recon and with the stealth matrix, the invisibility will suddenly stop working. The abbility button for escape (W) will dissapear from the command pannel and the recon can't use it , which means that he will be pretty much useless for the rest of the game.

    I've experienced this bug 3 times so far, all of them in chapter one of Easy Company recruit mode. I'm not sure of what causing it. The first time it happened during the airlock first holdout as soon as tartarus died.

    The next one was while I was activating one of the seccurity cams. I kited the agrons and survived the rest of the game, but escape didn't work at all.

    The third one was also during the Airlock first houldout. This time I was knifing some creep tumors while in stealth matrix. All the sudden, it just stopped working. I've uploaded the replay of the third game so you can see. It happens around the 13 minute mark.

    I know that you are all probably incredibly bussy with NOTD 2 (which is looking pretty neat btw), and working on issues of NOTD is no longer a number one priority. However, this bug can make a mobcon's job impossible during a game (already pretty hard to play like that in recruit, I cannot imagine how bad it will be in nm).
    PS: I play on EU

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    it was a bug if u up a skill while cloaked or out of mana
    while cloaked dont up any skills, uncloak and then u can up it
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    good to know, thanks for the info

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