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  1. brizingr5

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    Throwing my 2 cents out about the whole lives thing:
    Personally, when I got 1900 rating, I rejoiced so much that I no longer had lives. They would remove one in the most inconvenient of situations, completely destroy your orientation/train of thought when focusing the camera, and, as scorp said, just about any other stat will probably save you more often than an extra life will. In fact, for my play style, I'd go so far as to say that the extra lives are a "nerf" or negative aspect of the whole Luck stat because I absolutely despise lives...

    Also, as scorp said, anybody playing in games where they already have no lives normally isn't dieing to begin with. Regardless of difficulty, the rating system has actually mastered the fact that they are good at what they do and do not need lives. If they did, they would lose their rating and get more lives. One part of the rating system that actually works; imagine that.

    Regarding DT:
    A lot of classes have absolutely no need for more than the talent points that they already get (rofl, medic, assault, recon, fo, demo, ce, pf, mando, po) oh wait... I only left out 2 classes (mm, engi). All of the classes in the first list might have the POSSIBILITY to be more helpful with more points, but rofl doesn't NEED to go down both trees for any reason, nor does medic. Recon is equally useless after getting supply station to most games (useless after reaper in ecnm, but can be circumvented). I've never been taught how to play mobcon in 2400+ sq games, so I can't say anything about him. FO can already whore more than enough, and since most pros despise mini's, for reasons discussed in other threads, FO does not NEED to go down both trees (in fact, it is often frowned upon). Demo trees just do not compute. I have only heard rumors of some hybrid demo build for getting fire vuln then tanking, but have never seen it in action, had it explained, and lets face it, it's not NECESSARY. CE just burns too much energy going down both trees. PF trees are just incompatible. You sacrifice gs energy if you start jumping, or you sacrifice jumping at all if you opt to stay at range and use gs. Mando burns too much energy using both trees, which would in turn burn energy from the medic, who should be paying attention to the tank. PO is either there because the player wanted to have fun with an un-used/hard to access class or because they're using specific utilities of the class (utilities that EU players have learned to deal without, proving that they're not necessary). Either way, using both trees rarely gets you very far.

    So, as you can see, DT is not needed by all but 2 classes (an average leveled player smm and an engi for faster mc's). It's just something to have fun with, to boost the game. As Lulz's put it, to make that "legendary game." Other than that, they don't have a huge effect on gameplay since most classes don't profit from it all that much.

    That being said, the obvious counter to this argument is: "Sure, it's not 'needed' for those classes, but it certainly opens many doors and makes life a whole lot easier." To which I strongly agree. This will most definitely make life much easier for the early game, since you'll be getting your talents faster, but as far as the end game goes, most classes aren't strongly effected by just one talent point. If you're playing 2400+ sq nm games, you're already getting your t9 by the 2nd to 3rd major event in the story line, so that just leaves behind the idea of the classes that can actually profit from more talent points. But even so, that one talent point isn't going to be game changing. It may seem that way, but it most certainly won't break the game.

    With the promised updates of the increased difficulty of AC and SEC, DT might seem a little OP at first, but given some time, I think it might balance out.
  2. Scorpione

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    Mobcon 2400 sq games? Why? I've proven that an MM with either tree is much better than a mob con. With a bit of brain power you have more survivability and you do dps. Yes that includes EC NM with huggers at start. You can solo the whole map with osok/sub.

    Also you wrong. The classes that need the DT are mainly tanks+medic. Supports GS/MC engi can use this. However not necessary. A zoo engi in ec is only used at like the end for queen, but demo/assa can tank her np..
    Prioritizing engi is actually bad.
    DPS classes don't need DTS due to being dps and being able to whore if they want so.
    As a demo tank a DT can make a huge difference.

    Also if you made DT a DL(double level) then it would look even less attractive. Due to not actually getting a DT but a DL. Which means if you were to get a DL at level 2-3 you gonna be mad about it. Since leveling at low levels is ez.
  3. Arturia

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    brinzingr, You forgot about Technician and Flamethrower.

    The main advantage in DT's is that you get a boost in power early on. Its not about maxing your skill tree, its about having access to your T3 earlier than you would. Nuclear Strike, March of the Machines, Time to Die, Safeguard and Faith make a worlds of difference between having them, and not having them. Having them earlier is a huge benefit, and is the primary reason why DT's are potent.

    Its not that it will let you get one more point into the next tree, but the fact that it accelerates the speed at which you obtain your T3, which is the power jump it provides.

    There's a huge difference between having your T3 at Tart/Eil, compared to having them at Erebos.

    Nobody is going to get Luck for the lives, its for the DT's.
  4. brizingr5

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    Lol oops... I did miss those 2 >.> my bad. Either way, it's not like those 2 have game breaking mechanics that completely undermine my point.

    A moderately skilled player who buys weapons can easily whore their way to whatever level they want before a certain point. With stat lock, you can't even abuse it because you're force to gamble a certain amount of points in order to get the DT. Yes, it might make some games easier than others, but it's just as game breaking as randoming a class outside of the current story line. You might get lucky and get a fo in sec and wipe the floor with every boss. You might get unlucky and get recon in surv. All this does is add another level of luck for people to entertain themselves with and possibly get that super cool "legendary game."
  5. Niktos

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    You dont need to buy weapons to nuke tart, it needs lot of skill and close to zero team awareness but is doable. Weapon mods do play a major role there but again mm with 3mono going full asshat mode can get t3 on tart not having anything except for maybe stats in INT for extra mono spam. It is terribad for teamplay and some of the hosts will tk you midway or vk. Oh and it requires sq in 2200+ range so there is stuff to whore.
  6. Scorpione

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    ^ +1 In everymode a class can get a T3 before 1st boss. If they truly want and are trying to get it.
  7. brizingr5

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    Proving my point of DT isn't OP, it just creates a random occurrence of an anomaly to twist up the game, same as random.

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