A House Divided Cannot Stand

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    ...actually, I am the OP of this thread. What ya gonna do now?


    [align=center]An Open Appeal to the NOTD Community[/align]


    For one year now, I have watched the community, largely in silence. Over time, I've come to watch the growing dissatisfaction towards game progression, and the animosity that has grown out of it. I have observed members come and go as shadows at sunset and the rise and fall of many hallowed names. I've seen changes in both gameplay and community from the smallest of additions to revolutionary. Few are the constants and myriad are the variables in every aspect of NOTD. However, one blight that has always writhed beneath the skin of NOTD is division, a parasite lodged deep in our gullet that robs us of the value of this game's potential. It ails us at every moment, and unless we seek to bridge the divide and cleanse the community of this worm then we are dooming ourselves and the game.

    Many times are we divided and in such a way as to form layers as in Hell. The topmost level of division is Elitism. By this, I mean far greater than simply players who feel they are better. *I* am better than most players and there are many here who are superior to me. Elitism in this case refers to the ever shrinking pool of players whose requests for invitations to a private game are heeded. Few and far in between are the players willing to take the time to educate a new generation and far fewer are the players from this new generation who are capable of becoming "elite" on their own. Unless we (and yes I include myself) get off our pedestal of unearned glory and make the effort to begin a new era of NOTD, then the game will continue to stagnate until all that's left is an ever dwindling circle of malcontent Elitists. Woe will befall us all should that day ever come.

    The second level of division is Prejudice. I believe this is an apt word to describe the collective divisions that arise from a single, misguided source. It is easy to make assumptions and stigma from the simplest and most mundane of factors. I will start by addressing the division among regions. In the words of Zerthimon, from the Planescape campaign setting in D&D, "there cannot be two skies". This statement is relevant here as there is only one sky for our people to share, just as there is only one NOTD. Long have I seen SEA and NA (others as well, just not as often) lash at each other regarding superiority at NOTD. The utter nonsense that your country of origin (not counting South Korea, of course) has any bearing on how well you play is utter wash and those who believe their region is superior are clearly lacking any form of cognitive faculty. Beyond regional prejudice is a curse whose hand is held by Elitists. Far too many will judge a player after only a handful of games together. How often have you been in a game with someone, watched them facetank Tartarus to their death, and then form an opinion of how they lack any skill? I've done it. I have also been the one to facetank Tartarus because I was drinking coffee. The community has become unforgiving to a dangerous degree, and unless mercy and forgiveness is restored, then we shall doom ourselves to the same death elitism threatens.

    The final level of division is Desire. This is a broad-spectrum layer from where the bulk of our animosity and anger are spawned. Every one of us has a desire we wish NOTD to fulfill. All of us want to see NOTD flourish, but many of us have ideas and opinions of how to make that happen that more than likely will never be used. This chafes away at those who regularly see their ideas mocked or ridiculed by Elitists or Prejudiced. With the entropic and atrophic nature of animosity and anger, bred from the ridicule of players by those divided, we corrode the community and the game until it reaches a point where it is so caustic that no one will be able to enjoy it. That point is fast approaching and unless we undo the damage caused by our division, we risk destroying the thing we've all toiled so hard to build.

    Heed my words NOTD, a house divided cannot stand on even the strongest of foundations, and with SC2 being as stagnant as it already is, we *cannot* afford to be divided. Stand together, brothers and sisters, players and developers, and build a NOTD worthy of the name and worthy of playing. Or... remain divided and fall.
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    I'll say hello, and ask what the [/hr] tag the end is for.

    Its rather good to see this though, it drives home a few points about how Elistism has a negative impact on our community.
    ^the [h r] tag makes that long line, it was probably there because of you had a signature at the time or something.
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    The [/hr] is a mystery to me as well. No idea how it got there. xD
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    You play D&D too? Awesome, we should get together sometime.

    On a related note, I agree with you, but significant errors do impede the progress you attempt to make. One of the first problems is that while these concepts do separate us, sometimes it is not because of any desire for them to exist. I have attempted to teach many new people (and some not so new ones) how to play NOTD, how to not die in NOTD, and how to level up in NOTD, just to have them start hexes early, die really stupid deaths, and hybrid. The truth is, one of the problems with NOTD is that it takes a will of iron to continue playing, the exp system is very harsh in some aspects, it takes a lot of time to play until you unlock classes, and sometimes, most of the time, people cannot afford to do that repeatedly on a single map with 3 modes. Therefore, even with the best efforts of vets, the player base is barely maintaining its current size, although the new influx of new people into the NA channel shows promise.

    I have not seen much undeserved prejudice within the games that I play, but maybe that's because I'm lucky, most of the time I come from a successful game to see a raging channel over a failed one. The truth is, tensions are high in games, and in a game where the misplay of one person can doom the entire team, these "prejudices" as you refer them to as (I don't really use the word prejudice in the same way as you) spring up very easily. This is only exasperated by the fact that most of the time it is true. If someone does face tank zombies, chances are that they really don't know what they are doing. Will you trust your life to someone who you saw do that? Will you take the chance that they are just drinking coffee at the time? Thus another barrier springs up between players, and for each other own safety it is justified.

    But the final level of division I agree with. NOTD development is relatively open compared to others, and the nature of the game itself means that everyone is on the same side. In other games, often a buff to one side means a nerf to the other, but in NOTD, buffs and nerfs are the same because everyone is on the same side. You only have to look at battlenet to see how many people demand differences in the game, but the nature of vanilla SC II means that everyone has their own agenda to make their race the best possible. This also means the reverse for NOTD, that only by uniting can we indeed make it the best possible. Reduce the animosity is required, but it is one thing to say it, one must act to see the truth behind the matter.

    So yeah, good point.
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    I feel where your coming from and I agree that the NOTD community has plenty of obvious flaws (not proclaiming sainthood here). SEA server is pretty much dead (not my fault honest!!!) and people that enjoy critiqueing playstyles really makes me feel like quiting. It was only a few months ago I remember SEA server used to be fun with all the semi impossible alphas, pub vets, medal runs, survivals, apollo runs.....but now all that is almost gone now its really sad to see =/
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    I think with all the divisiveness going on in the A Warning and the Stat Healing threads this thread is in desperate need of a bump.

    People are talking about team killing and labeling each other as the equivalent of hackers over things that the community is very evenly divided on. The poll on stat healing is 13-12 and in the A Warning thread some of the oldest and most respected players admit using the bug. This is getting nowhere and is only making people mad at each other. Let's step back and cool off. The community is small enough we can't afford to split like this. Come on guys.
  7. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    In regards to the 35 talent bug, some of the older players did admit to using it, but I doubt they use it again from the response from the community.

    However, it should be noted that something like that gives a highly unfair advantage and can literally break the balance of the game. At least for the stat healing, it can be said that the stats lock after 15 mins, which doesn't give much of an advantage for mid/end game.

    I personally agree with Ozy that players should not be knowingly using an exploit because that gives a highly unfair advantage. Although it may not be something permanent such as xp hacking,credit hacking,wepmod hacking, ect, it is still cheating never the less which should never be tolerated by anyone true to this community.

    Anyways, I'm not going to involve myself in any regard to community division in general because I can say that I play with anyone and everyone in the community. However, its unfortunate that I like all NOTD players have met some rotten apples and tend to avoid playing with those players to avoid conflict.
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    Agreed on this. As much as using exploits may be aggravating, where do we draw the line? Some like the talent bug are blatantly obvious but some others are not. For instance, there are a few old players who have level 3 every medal, and did not have to hack it to get it, because they utilized the lack of balance in apollo sec at the time. I'm "exploiting" the poor low level scaling for 2 player in order to defeat survival, as evidenced that no one (to my knowledge) has defeated survival with full team. Most I've seen managed is 5 man. I do respect the integrity of the game, and for talent bug, its obvious game was not intended for that to occur, but any exploit should be reported. People may abuse it, but that is to be expected, just as any IMBA aspect of any game is utilized to make games easier, at the possible expense of the fun and challenge of the game. ANother instane of where does gameplay end and exploit begin: I used the knowledge that mines are burrowed units to block the pathing of burrowed ere2 and set up insta kills. Hardly what Ability intended for a boss fight. Hence he balanced it to prevent that. Exploits are unintended consequences of gameplay mechanics interacting, bugs are issues with functionality and balance is issues with difficulty. All will be fixed in time, the main job of better/older players is to make sure these things are brough to the attention of the Devs, beyond that, we can encourage player not to use bugs/glitches/exploits, but we have no control over them, and playing vigilante is not the solution. If you don't like someones actions, leave the game and don't play with/invite them.
  9. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I stand by my actions and statements, but I am willing to let the matter drop for now.
  10. pipeDreams

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    Beautifully put Blaqk. Huge respect.
  11. Zuriel

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    Regarding who's right and who's wrong, there is no easy way to resolve this issue.

    I can see both sides, from a neutral perspective.

    Ozy wants all abusers/glitches/hackers killed on sight, while others are more tolerant of this behavior.

    How about we come to a compromise?

    Hackers, definitely forfeit their right to play the game, and should be noted, reported and vk-ed if possible. Killing on sight is up to the players.

    Exploiters/abusers are subjective. if we agree to use stat healing only in dire situations, I think its okay. Anything beyond that is up to discussion.

    Let's agree that such issues should not tear apart the community into two factions, but let's come out of this stronger.

    Empathise with each other and try to understand where others are coming from.

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