A few Rip words for all players in Notd

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by bacana, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. bacana

    bacana New Member

    the term "provide sufficient evidence showing why you're legitimate" the question is how i can prove that ??
  2. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    Just reset ur bank and play puns forever my friend. That seems to be all u can do if they let u.
    Pubs* not puns
  3. CooL

    CooL Member

    Take an oath upon the Holy Bible? Because only God knows :angel:
    It's just your words against theirs. Both side can't prove anything!
    But they have hammered you down. Just wait & see, move on.
    Justice maybe blind, but they can see in the dark :D
    Consider this as one of your bad luck moment. You've been playin NOTD with some punk ass that don't know how to play for fun, which have a "PrnScr+Rpt" button in their keyboard. Or in your case, "Rpt Only" button.
  4. Shooz
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    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

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