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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Stereowned, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Stereowned

    Stereowned New Member

    So, I play medic a lot, and I just now decided to check out the forums. And I realized there is still probably a lot I could learn...

    For one, is this tech point order viable for Tank Healing/General Healing?

    T1-Healing I
    T2-Surgical Laser I
    T3-Healing II
    T4-Healing III
    T5-Nano-Shield I
    T6-Nano-Weave I
    T7-Nano-Shield II
    T8-Nano-Weave II

    Secondly, what tips for keeping alive during the end fight while healing/shielding the tank? Many of my defeats result in my getting killed during the Queen fight, and dying while I am healing the tank from dying.

    Third, what is the most recommended weapon for heal medic?

    Fourth, is it viable to keep all hit point bars at 100%? Because that is all I do and it works fine. Only asking because I would like to know if this can result in negatives. I mostly do this after major fights, and rarely to anyone else but people who fall below 50%.

    Fifth and final question, I saw on a medic guide that SL should have all 3 slots put into it, instead of heal. While I did do this in my early medical-days, somebody eventually pointed out that T3 SL was pretty useless, and that Heal III benefited more. So which should I stick to for healing??
  2. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    Most recommended weapon for FA Medic is the Gauss Rifle or M45, depending on what you're shooting at. You don't need anything else.
  3. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    First? Tier 1 is pretty much up to you. Lately fooling around I've preferred 3 in Surgical Laser over Heal. Heal is a bit more efficient in its way and better if your team has a lot of people getting chewed up all the time. But surgical has the instant hit bonus. Also you should always max out your tier 2 based on what your tanks are. If you have shield based tanks, go right to 2 in Nanoshield first. If you have HP based Tanks, hit Nanoweave first. If you lack any tanks I prefer Shield.

    Second: Dont' bother to shield the tank for Shrieks. Tanks typically don't need it anyway. Shield yourself so you won't be stunned, and shield your highest DPS class (Commando, Engineer, Arms Assault, Combat Rifle in that order). Should be easy to maintain. Just throw a weave on the tank when she shrieks, that can take care of Assault Tanks perfectly fine.

    Third: Standard Holy Weapon Trinity. Carry a Gauss Rifle, M45, and Mk-3 Flamethrower.

    Fourth: No, in fact in the Strategy section I have a "Know your Role" topic. One of the post is about the Field Aid medic and talks specifically about this point.

    Fifth: Pretty much the point I brought up at first. Surgical Laser III is seen as useless because it doesn't cure more ailments and on the Energy to HP conversion rate it's not as effective as the Heal-o-beam. The Heal-o-beam however takes you out of the fight while you are using it, reducing your firepower and, sure, FA medics don't have DPS skills but this is still important during hold outs like at Mine Site Epsilon. Whereas the Surgical Beam is less versatile as far as HP healing goes but is an instant shot and allows you to keep kicking ass.
  4. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    FieldAid Medics generally follow a build of that type yes.

    A different method of doing it is choosing whether to prioritize maxing nano shield or nano weave immediately
    depending on team composition and objectives.

    For example:

    1. Going for the Distinguished Service Medal (no one gets a baneling hit that damages Health Points)

    Because bane hits can be tanked by shields and not count as a "hit", you may want to max out nano shield 1st in this instance.

    2. Having a friend aiming for the Silver Star Medal (play as rifleman, finish game with 10 hits or less).

    Nano Shield helps a lot with this.

    3. Tank type

    If your team has a Fortitude Demolitions for its main tank, get Nano Shield maxed 1st before getting Nano Weave.
    This is because the
    "DemoTank" is a shield dependent tank unlike the
    AssTank/Protection Assault which is an HP + Armor dependenttank and thus will benefit more from Nano Weave.


    As for the weapon(s) of choice

    The NOTD exp gain system has a peculiar property. Whenever an ally kills a target that gives (for example) 5 exp, everyone beside it gains a bonus of 1 exp.

    It is not a "SHARE" (CLICK ME) LINK (CLICK ME) as the original killer does not lose any exp and gives it to teammates,
    everyone else beside him gains a bonus from the kill (if close enough to the person who scored the kill).

    Medics and Recons enjoy a higher EXP bonus rating from team kills. If I remember correctly, they gain double what others gain from bonus. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    This means that the medic does not in fact need a high damage weapon in order to gain levels as much as most other classes as long as the team sticks together.

    This plays a huge factor in higher difficulties where ammo is always scarce, it is not unusual for a team to all be out of ammo when the whole team uses rapid fire weapons the whole game.

    Because of this, weapons like the M45 Sniper will be your best friend. Your DPS classes who will require metric tons of ammo will be grateful for it.

    Flamers are good too but there is also the Medic's small inventory space to consider and the fact that flamers are in high demand (especially for the tanks and DPS classes)


    3 SL vs 3 Heal is an argument that comes here and there.

    Builds are people's own and the more you play, the more you'll see that each person has their own beliefs for every class and every tree.

    Take for example Shooz who swears by Heal and uses a unique hybrid build that allows him to use Heal for an extended duration by going into the Nanites Tree and getting the talent which gives increased energy pools to medics. The build, while unorthodox is quite effective as he always plays on NM and the team he regularly plays with has a very high success rate.
  5. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    One thing to remember about nanoshield is that it also fully restores whatever shields the target already had, meaning that a level one nanoshield on an assault tank with empty shields is basically an instant heal of 80, or 100 with the bonus shields from cp. I've taken to getting one level of nanoshield before nanoweave even with an assault tank primarily because early in the game he won't have much armor and the shield is much more efficient, effective, and also prevents additional ailments from accruing. I then max out weave as his life armor count will continue to rise throughout the game and it becomes much more useful to focus on his health and let his shields stay at zero. This is also partially because on NA at least, much of our dps comes from the operations commando spamming surgical strike and adrenaline whenever necessary, and to do this highly energy intensive plan he will cut himself for more energy. So basically getting weave means he can cut more often, use more energy, and kill more stuff. Killing stuff means it doesn't attack people, and you don't have to heal them.

    In a perfect game (using the classic NA style) you should only need to nanoweave the assault tank and the commando, only need to shield the assault tank during erebos, whenever parasites attack him, and yourself and the primary dps classes during the queen's shrieks. You should then be spamming restoration whenever your energy is full or close to full, as it gives a lot of extra energy to the team.
  6. Stereowned

    Stereowned New Member

    Oh, I see. Much of this information is entirely new for me, especially shield tank and HP tank.

    One final question that just occured to me, what stat points would be best to put into? I've had people nag me about my stats and thus I switched my stats into Intellegance and Perception to appease them.
  7. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Intelligence is always good for a Caster Centric class, which either tree of the Medic is. Beyond that it's more or less a matter of preference. Some will say Strength for extra HP and removing the ability for Troll Spawns/Hits to wreck your day. Some say Agility for Speed. Some say Perception for sight range and detection... really it's a matter of personal playstyle and preference.
  8. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Personally, when I play with stat points, I use maxed intelligence for the extra energy pool meaning you can keep your abilities going for longer during the fighting times and will still have time to fill back up during lulls, 3 perception for detecting burrowed infestors to shoot them while knifing and chasing them, and the rest into agility for the movespeed. The crit chance from perception really isn't enough to be worth it and extra health is really not necessary at all. The only person who should ever take hits is the tank, and agility helps you keep from taking hits. Even tanks don't really need tons of health, as the whole purpose of tanking is to keep the hits from doing any real damage.

    Just keep in mind that stat points are entirely unnecessary, and a lot of the time I will play with all of my stat points unused just because I disagree with farming giving bonuses on principle.
  9. Miracle
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    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    Personally, I think intelligence is the best, followed by agility or perception, then maybe strength because extra health is usually better than extra lives.

    But above all, don't be bothered by other people's opinion of how you should add the stat points, add them according to how you think you would perform best. If you find the extra health from strength or endurance help you win games more often, by all means add them, as a Medic your main priority is keeping yourself alive so you can save other people.
  10. Stereowned

    Stereowned New Member

    Thanks all. This has really helped me learn a lot. :D
  11. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

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