Night of the Dead Development Team

Daren Yoong (Ability)


I'm the designer of NOTD. I enjoy working on mods and have been playing Blizzard games since WarCraft back in the mid-1990s. I feel the mod community has more to offer gamers than just DOTA, and decided that StarCraft 2 is a fresh opportunity to build a quality mod.

I'm passionate about outdoors, travel and reading. I've worked at IBM and Procter & Gamble in Malaysia and Thailand before relocating back to Singapore where I now work as a Consultant at Michael Page.

I'm also a member of Mensa and Toastmasters International. I've been paddling with the Canadian Dragonboat team here in Singapore since 2008.



Richard Lim (Xavi)


From the football pitch to the more prosaic setting of a newsroom, life often revolves around one element – cooperation. Having played some competitive Warcraft III, and subsequently, leading guilds in World of Warcraft, my gaming experience has led me to believe that cooperation in its ideal form, is a balance of individualism within teamwork.

A journalist by trade, I believe that if life is likened to a game, then everyone can be a winner. So together, let’s win and have some fun in the process.





Tan Yik Boon (Earendil)


Some of you will undoubtedly recall StarCraft’s precursor real-time strategy game, WarCraft 2. These imaginary green-skinned Orcs in that game had something to do with who I came to be today. 

It led me to where I am, studying a course on software engineering in Multimedia University, Malaysia. I don’t know why I’d condemn myself for a lifetime of hard labor to develop the best game there ever is. It’s great to be in a team, making something that I hope you’d enjoy. For that, I feel grateful being a part of NOTD.

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