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Night of the Dead Quick Start Guide

NOTD is a cooperative survival game. You have to work closely with your teammates to complete objectives and win the game. There is significant amount of content and mechanics in NOTD to learn over your months of gameplay. You unlock new gameplay mechanics and options as you play with more seasoned teams. This guide is meant to act as a guide for new players.

NOTD Class Selection

You start NOTD as a Private and will have 3 classes unlocked:
Rifleman - All-round combat infantry
Medic - Healer
Assault - Heavy DPS or Tank

If it's your first time playing NOTD, you should select the Rifleman to get a hang of the game. The Rifleman has good DPS with self-healing capabilities (Saline IV) to keep you self sustaining.

As you gain ranks through continued play, you will unlock new classes such as the Recon and Marksman. Your progress is saved automatically at the end of each game, and you can also manually type '-save' to store your progress.

NOTD User Interface

NOTD has a distinct UI from regular StarCraft 2. At your right, you'll see your Team UI which displays the vitals of your entire squad (HP, class, ailments, and many more). At the top of your unit UI you'll see your Ammo and Inventory displays. Most weapons in NOTD use ammunition and you will deplete rounds as you fire. Magazines are used to reload your rounds and you will find fresh ammo scattered throughout Apollo. When you run out of ammo, your weapon stops firing.

NOTD Assign Talents

Each of the 12 classes in NOTD has a deep talent pool with up to 10 talents. You have to make a choice to develop your Marine to specialize in either one of the two talent trees. Some veterans use a hybrid build but we won't recommend that for new players.

To access your Talent Tree, press B to open the Talent UI. There, you'll see your unused talents and you can assign them. If you've picked a Rifleman in your first game of NOTD, we recommend that you specialize in the Combat Talent Tree. Once all your points as assigned there, you can also place several points in Saline IV to gain self-healing.

Objective Hexes

You will find Objective Hexes throughout Apollo. These are mission markers. Blue Hexes are optional missions, and Green Hexes are main story missions. You should always sound out to your team before activating missions so that everyone's in a ready state for the horrors you may unleash.

NOTD Bosses

NOTD has a wide range of bosses and you require coordinated team effort to take them down. The first boss you'll encounter in Easy Company Storyline is Tartarus. He is a fearsome creature with a powerful close range attack and tough carapace. You should always avoid getting hit by bosses. Use Sprint (Hotkey Z) when needed for evasive maneuvers.

NOTD Bosses

NOTD has an extensive story with 3 storylines. Each has 3 chapters and altogether offers up to 5 hours of unique storyline gameplay. Throughout your multiple play throughs, you will uncover many new enemies, features, missions and learn more about the events in NOTD.

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