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Aug 14, 2016
Feb 5, 2012
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Feb 6, 1984 (Age: 34)
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NOTD Creator, Male, 34, from Singapore

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Aug 14, 2016
    1. SunCloud
      Dear Ability,

      Are there currently any developers still working on NOTD?
      If so, there are a few broken features that have not been fixed yet for quite some time.
      For example:
      - The engineer still has some problems with boom headshot.
      - Recon cloak breaks permanently when upgrading matrix while cloaked.
      - Are huggers supposed to be able to see and hug cloaked recons/mm's even if undetected?

    2. mentalwiz
      I know this is a longshot.
      I lost my bank due to a crash.
      I recall using a program someone made to backup but it wasn't on an external.
      I've rebuilt a new PC from scratch and I no longer have a bank.
      Hoped to meet you ingame sometime to talk but I don't see you on anymore.
      By any chance can I get a 15k bank back?
      I don't play all that much.
      Would be brutal to restart from scratch and farm that again.
    3. wurenquan
      hi ability,i may need some help from you
      i got baned 4 years ago.
      unbaned 2 yeas ago
      but i still cant join the notd channel.
      every time i try to join notd channel. i always said " you do not have permission to creat or join that channel"
      because i sometimes i need to join the notd channel so i can play alpha company
      Id RedSquare 1-S2-1-3953190 Server north america

      ty very much
    4. frozensolid
      when will u fix NA bug?
    5. RoboMonkey
      Hey Abi, do you and Blueberry Productions have any problems if I post any upcoming conceptual/official artwork for NOTD2 on my deviant-art page? If so, i can wait till the game comes out.
      1. Ability
        Robo, no issues. Go ahead!
        Aug 1, 2014
    6. 野蛮残风
    7. 野蛮残风
      Why do not you come early?
    8. renzy
      Hi, Ability. I use to play NOTD as Recon about years, but aft like 2 years for some reason....... I recent join the game and find my old save bank can't be read. Is there a way you can help me update the save bank? or I have to rebuild one ToT
      1. Ability
        He renzy, you'll have to rebuild one unfortunately. Target to save your bank regularly in a 3rd party location like your email or a spare folder.
        May 27, 2014
    9. Akira Takeshi
      Akira Takeshi
      Can I ask if you can add the hotkeys for Assault because it is the only unit missing in the hotkeys. If you try to change the hotkey for assault like swap hotkeys for hold weapon (example), there isn't that option because assault's hotkey is not in the hotkey option. (Try if for yourself if you're not understand what I mean).
      1. Ability
        Am not sure what's wrong with Assault hotkeys. Can you elaborate further? Looks fine in Editor.
        May 10, 2014
    10. RoboMonkey
      Hey Ability... question about Sym's new role... when you mean "In-Game Art Assets", we talking about "regular" art or programming stuff, cuz if Sym needs help, I'm willing to offer it (in terms of drawing up stuff).
      1. Ability
        He will be working on 'regular' art. Good to have your help on that too - good work so far on the faction insignias!
        Apr 2, 2014
    11. spartanhija
      Hi it's been a while, quite some time back you said you and your team might be developing apps on the iPhone, I was wondering if you had developed anything like NOTD on the iPhone? Anyways hope your doig we'll.
    12. EdAWACSdenyY
    13. EdAWACSdenyY
      I'm working on a big project in Universe called The world of NOTD after Unification. this will give people a closer view of what the world would look like. Here's the problem. I'm going to divide the world into different sectors and I want your opinion on how they should be distributed etc. As I want this thread also to add onto the UGC universe section in the NOTD wiki
    14. EdAWACSdenyY
      Yahh you have a Canadian Flag!!! are you visiting Canada right now?
    15. EdAWACSdenyY
    16. EdAWACSdenyY
      BioDtect salutes you Ability! keep up the good work!
      1. Ability likes this.
      2. EdAWACSdenyY
        awwww I feel shy now
        Aug 26, 2013
    17. mlandau312
      Hey Ability! Glad to see NOTD is still going strong! Feels good to be back in the game.
      1. Ability likes this.
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    Feb 6, 1984 (Age: 34)
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